@EDDIEKLIVE The Everlasting Gob Stopper, Framing the Beast of Revelation… whatever that means.

I ran.  Not the country, though it is supremely related.  Whymar… Adam and EveryoneHey Zeus and Y Mary is Seay. Blitzkreig.  My thoughts are jumbled, but with good reason: the information I am trying to convey here is apocalyptic and overlapping.  I have eyes to see the truth, specifically the eyes of Ra and Horus.  It’s the key to religion, what I am about to share, take note…. people like me come once, rarely twice… running all over the country while receiving the Revelation of Christ opened my eyes, to see that the proof of mind control (diabolical inspiration) I sought is all around us, in our culture.  Secretly, I know the race is not to the Swift.  This line of Ecclesiastes is a reference to the set up of the Beast of Revelation, the one foretold in the book of Isaiah (52:13) and Daniel.  It is the reason Anakin raced around a track in Star Wars Episode I, and the hidden link to Cake’s Going the Distance and Live’s Gas Hed Goes West.  Year for the cup?  I am the Legend of the Holy Grail, and we are in the chAlice of Wonderland… Eden is the Ark, and we are the Blood of the He-eart(h) of Heaven…. ever noticed that before? Welcome to Eden, Heartlings.  My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and like so much other fulfillment of scripture around us, the frame job is etched in history, for all eyes to see.

O B V I O U S L Y   I   C O N N E C T   T H O R   T O   R A

The Bible… Genesis states: In the beginning, the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  Our revelation begins in the very first line, it is a reference to relationship between Shekinah and Eve… do you see it?  Eve is she. The beginning of the light of God’s spirit, which transitioned over the course of my three year run from one little lady, to “family” to… All Humanity.  That’s what the “AH” of Shekinah stands for, I’m sure of it.  I know because He tells me, he fills my understanding… my inner thoughts… when I read “Holy acronyms.”  This particular one, AH, is fundamental, and easily verifiable with the Magic of Biblical Names, an idea Kaballah touches on.

It is the answer to the Marriage of Revelation, the consorts of El, Adam, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham… all lead to AH.  AsherAH, Everyone, RebekkAH, LeAH, SarAH… it is the light of understanding that the gift of salvation is given to all, and the guide book behind it all is the Bible… the message is clear.

The Grail and the Religion of the Sea

Nostradamus speaks of a religion of the SEA, he says it will prevail over the sect of the Son.. of AdaL-uncat-if (clearly a reference to the Lion of Judah… confirming the name of L is Adam, and it’s totally Messianic).. this is our explanation of the SEA’s reference to the Grail.  You see, Holy Water is people… from the heads Jesus Christ walked on to ensure everyone must be saved would be sung at the top of Taylor Momsen’s lungs, to the sea parted by Moses (later to be united by Horus),

It is a religion of understanding the metaphorical and hidden meanings of religion.  That, like the name Adam (which expands from one man to “Mankind” in meaning) the sea expands from three people to Everyone during the process of Biblical Revelation.  Hear me, it’s GReat light… as we expand from the Family of Adam in Genesis to the Revelation you are currently reading (keyed to the books, of course), the sea of Seth/Eve/Adam becomes the multitude as we proceed through Exodus’s “blessing in disguse” the transfiguration of Water to Blood, see the use of modern idioms to confirm this religious idea.. Blood is thicker than Water, and the Family of Adam is the Blood of Christ.  At Revelation, we have Shekinah and Everyone clearly beginning the second SEA acronym, and then a number of clues for the final A.  Adamah, the planet Earth in Hebrew; ASHerAH (the same, but once a question about ash to ash… now Adam’s Sigma Heart (shown here)), and ALLah… clearly showing that the first A is ALL.  Like many of the Acronyms I receive, the H is in superposition, both Humanity and Helping work well, together.’

The Light of Judah’s Lamp Stand.

None though, is more clear than the very American light of Judah Maccabee.  You see, like JerUSAlem is a hidden question, Judah’s MENorAH too is a question, one posed directly to America and the Sons of Liberty, a topic discussed Biblically and Historically…. essential to the American fulfillment of prophesy: to ensure that we are never again enslaved.

More on the SOL of Live and God:  http://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/16427381/794105787

MENorAH jabs at the temporally paradoxical and sexist use of the words Sons and Liberty in the name of the quintiessential American Revolutionary group.  See the light, liberty did come, but not right away.. and racism, sexism, and the vote are at the heart of the stories of America and Exodus.  See how we are all Jews, here.

I walked around Kentucky, before really running, muttering “Cousins in Christ, the CIC… the sea I see…” for quite a bit of time.  See how C and S both work for this acronym “CIC” one that is encoded in Bible Code at the heart of God’s name, the tegramatton.  If I represents 1 and C’s are the holy number 7, see how squaring C’s (a la Einstein) and adding one gets us to the ELS skip of 50.  The book of Deutoronomy removes the “I” at the death of Moses, dropping the skip to 49.  All of this… a positive energy joke, that squaring the like values of the two seas upon rejoining them will result in only a positive value.  Not sure you believe me?  Check this out, creation is about adding purpose to the positive energy of cations a double entendre reference to Lions (of Revelation and Maccabee) and Electrical Engineering.. showing us that the planet Earth might attract positive energy.. since Adamah means Ground. 

All of this, of course, is intended to be Biblical proof of a divine influence over our society (the idioms and songs), and of knowledge of science before creation.

in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was “Heart”
a million mile fall from grace
thank god “I found” the ground

-Live, Run to the Water & “ish” (changing round to heart, missed to found)

So the beast is set up.. but I am getting ahead of myself.. Let’s rewind a few years to really understand… I mean fast forward three years:

So long story short is that the answer here is “abomination” and the question, or the context is “I nation.”   Whether it’s Medusa speaking for the Dark United States or the nation of Israel speaking to either Ra or El depending on the day, the bottom line is that a collective consciousness speaking for everyone on a matter of this importance in a cloud of complete darkness on Earth is a total and undeniable abomination of freedom, civilization, and the very humanity we are seeking to preserve.  The word reads something like this to me “dear father of the message, I am everyone and we think you are an abomination, fuck off.”  My answer of course is, IZINATION.  Which humorously reminds me of Lucy, and Scarlet Johannson saying “I am colonizing my own brain” so here’s some pictures of her.  She is not an abomination, by the way; she’s quite adorable.  You’ll probably notice there’s some kind of connection between the map–the words speaking to the world, and the abomination, as if the whole thing is a story narrated in ancient myths.
You might not think “it’s you,” but the manifestation of this “snake” in our world is your silence, your lack of understanding or willingness to change the world; and whether or not you’re interested in hearing about it, it’s the monster that myths and religion have spoken about for thousands and thousands of years.  It’s a simple matter to “kill Medusa” all you have to do… is speak.
Take special note, “freedom of speech” and “freedom to think for yourselves” are not a group decision, and you do not have the right to force (either overtly or subtly, with hidden technology perhaps combined with evil deceit) others not to talk about anything.  Especially something of this importance.
If you didn’t connect “Loch” to John Locke, now you have; see how easy this “reading” thing is?  I’ve gone over the “See Our Light” series a few times, but let me–one more time–explain to you just how we are already at the point of “desolation” and with shining brilliance show you how it’s very clear that it is “INATION” and “MEDUSA” that are responsible for this problem.
Seeing “Ra” at the heart of the names Abraham and Israel begins to connect the idea that our glowing sun in the sky has something to do with this message about “seeing our light” is being carried by a stone statue on Ellis Island (where you’ll see the answer another part of the question of Is Ra El?).  I’ve connected her to the “she” of both shedim and Sheol, which reads as “she’s our light” and is the Hebrew name for Hell.

Of course you noticed that the Statue of Liberty does in fact share it’s initials with SOL, the the light above and you can see her torch dimly lighting the way through the night;   Now you can connect “give us your tired and your poor” to the Lazman of both the lore of Jesus Christ and the Shehekeyanu; a prayer about the sustainment of life and light up until this day.  That same torch connects to the Ha-nuke-the-ahah depiction of Christ, Judah Maccabee’s lit MEN OR AH, which delivers not only a solution to the two letter key of “AH” as All Humanity that pervades nearly every bride of Revelation from Sarah to Leah; but also to the question of equality answered in our very own American history, beginning with the same three letter acronym now lighting the Sons of Liberty.
Dazed and Confused does a good job of explaining how this name is itself a prophesy designed by Hand of God’; explaining that these Sons of Liberty were all white slave owning wealthy men fighting to stop paying their taxes, rather than delivering liberty to the slaves or women, who were both disenfranchised for quite some time.  Or maybe MEN OR AH has something to do with the angels of Heaven, in which case you might be SOL if you aren’t a girl and you want to be “be good friends with Ra.”  Just kidding.  Kinda.
DESOLATION by the way reads something like “un see our light at I owe N” which is God’s way of saying “at the point of believing that hiding Adam is a good thing” and that connects to the end of Creation and also the now lit by modern day evil the word “rendition.”  Our end, it “ion.”  In religious myth, the Messianic David clung to the city Zion (end the “i owe n”) which also links to “verizon” (to see, I Z “on”) and HORIZON which has something to do with the son rising today-ish.
Inline image 25 Inline image 26
The story of MEDUSA lights another psuedo-religious idea, that the words “STONE” of both “brimstone” and it’s Adamic interpretation “South to Northeast” have something to do with the phrase “Saint One” turned into a single hero against his will by the complete and utter inaction of everyone around him.  In the words of Imagine Dragons “I’m waking up to action dust.”  At the same time, you can believe that the light of this particular son, comes not just from reading these words forwards, but the backside as well, and you’ll hopefully see it’s not coincidental that the other side of this coin is that “nos” means we, and us… and Adamically “no south.”  See the light of “STONE” also connecting to Taylor Momsen‘s rose arrow painted on her back, and the sign of my birth, Sagittarius… which in this particular case links to the Party of the Immaculate Conception of the eternal republic of the Heavens.
and… some musi






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