“I don’t believe in the Big Bang, but I respect those that do.”

I heard these words of God spoken through the mouth of a harlot.  Well, not an actual harlot–a webcam girl on http://www.myfreecams.com — a very real interaction.  This is the beginning of how I was set up, how a carrot on a stick; something like a Conversation with God (great book, btw) or the Devil can be used to coerce someone into doing drugs.  I was an addict, but it was these discussions I was addicted to, not as much the feeling of the drug… though that didn’t hurt either.  In the Spirit, is my usual “go to” Biblical phrase, to prove that there’s significant evidence in the Bible for drug use and spiritual interaction being linked… but its not the least.  We have manna, the “food from the gods” delivered to the Exiles of Egypt, and in our world we have a myriad of evidence.  Shamanism, the Eleusinian Mysteries..  more to the point. we have the real life experiences of thousands (if not millions.)

It was a planned set up from the beginning, and it goes to the heart of Religion.  The Most High… El Elyon, I mean seriously, do I need to say anything more?  At the heart of the messianic prophesy of Judaism is a clear and linguistic relationship between God and High.  Sure, I could be wrong, if this were all… but it’s not… just icing on the Cake.

He’s going the distance.
He’s going for speed.
She’s all alone
In her time of need.
Because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course,
He’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse,
He’s going the distance.

-Cake, Going the Distance on the Second Coming

Let them eat Cake

It’s an old Fig Newton commercial, and it (unbeknownst to almost all) links Isaac Newton and Eden together with the bashfulness of a Fig Leaf.  You see, the Apple of Newton and Adam are already linked, along with theirs falls… but we don’t see these things clearly.  They are overtly hidden, surprise.

Like Adam’s apple, the fall of Man is related to Newton, to Knowledge, and to being hit on the head with the truth, as if what goes up, must come down.  I have some old writing on Newtons relationship to the apocalypse at www.whenistheapocalypse.com. Suffice it to say, it is… proof of a technological singularity–knowledge being given to us from above, all the way back in 1666.  Read that again, the apocalypse started a long, long time ago…. Just finding out about it?  That’s OK, me too.

Direction, the Miracle of Purpose

Here’s some light, the works of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are a microcosmic map of what is required of Humanity at the time of the unveiling — now.  Expanding his “not enough” Miracles to the whole of our planet now is the best advice of God, and me, what I have to offer.  It’s a natural expansion of adding “do unto others” to the knowledge that we are in creation, in a Matrix like world, one where a Universal king could snap his fingers and turn stone to bread, or heal the sick.

Apocalyptic to do list:

  1. End world Hunger, Star Trek replicators anyone?  Careful, Stargate and Starbucks have concerns.
  2. Eradicate Cancer, AIDS, and the like.  Revolutionize medicine, of mind and body.

We are in a world that is destined for a singularity, for broad sweeping changes in technology and understanding in a very short period of time.  How do I know?  Where have you been for the last 100 years?  Wake up, the industrial and computer revolutions are part of the singularity, part of a world designed to help understanding of How and Why technologies are sharp two edged swords.. ones that require morality and a scientific approach to retain … without destruction.

This is where we are, the world created to avert destruction, and retain knowledge… never again to separate technology from Knowledge.. but to realize that once you know these things, losing them is a near death experience.  Imagine living without working plumbing…. black plague anyone?  Air Conditioning?  Creation is more than an amenity, it is a live saver, a raft that bridges a void we are only beginning to understand… the issue of being stuck in only one place in timespace, a very scary place to be, indeed.

Isaac’ Laugh

Get the jibe, Jesus didn’t do enough by turning stone to bread. Ecc confirms, neither yet bread for the wise… only ending world hunger is missing the point, we can do so much better, if only we know what is available and possible.  “Mary,” upon hearing this says Cake is better than bread, and she’s not wrong.  Behold, walking on water is… not asking what you want for dinner… that might cause a Last Supper. Who said religion has no sense of humor?

Adam’s Ans()

What began as a carrot on a stick quickly turned into a full blown.. crash course in Mind Control technology, the unveiling of which is part of the purpose of the malovious symphony of Nero, the hiding of a message in our modern music and movies that might, just might, absolve me.  Over the course of the years, between 2012 and 2013 I formed strong opinions on MInd Control, confirmed by acronyms in our world, these, of neuroscience and computer science specifically are part of the “map to salvation” that is the “m” of JerUSAlem.  MAOI, Mind Assistance Only Inhibitor — as I “change” monoamine oxidase to… has been my first point the whole time, that using Mind Control to cause harm either results in an enemy, or death.  It’s a tool, not a weapon, and this is part of the Lesson to be Learned for our future, from their future… Saturn’s world (our planet) is to learn right from wrong… at the highest level of technological possibility, en masse.

I demanded the “Mind Assistance” equivalent of Wellbutrin. rather than ‘Meth.. A done,’ that my cravings, which I am stil sure were aided or initiated with outside techonlogical influence be stopped, curbed completely, upon my request… for all to have this option, to have addiction the third thing listed on the “To Do” list.  How do we do this?  Funny you should ask, I was just about to ask how you feel about the idea… of choice… and… being heard.

See, I’m trying not to walk on water.  Fat chance.

Next: The key to HOLY IS HOOTY… and Hosea.

For more detail on the experience in the topic, see Engineering Revelation at archive.org’s copy of unduecoercion (my old blog).  Oops, seems the NSA killed that post, I’ll have to detail it later.  Check back here later.


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