In Truth, this is the “beginning” of the Revelation of Christ.

rehashed from: Finding the Malovious Honey with a HashMap
I suppose I’ve ranted all over the internet by now, about free will, privacy, censorship, and advanced technology.  A good amount of my time is spent complaining that we are losing something tangible, that we want, if we aren’t frankly more open and transparent with everyone here about the kinds of technologies we might hide from the public, the reasons, and the possibility that there are social issues that are being exacerbated by technological “lines” in the sand, perhaps hurdles, or progression points that we either have never met, or whose existence is negatively influencing our ability to reach them.  I’ve written about transitions in understanding and belief that seem eerily contrived, as if a master poet was walking with us through a hall of experience, pointing out the highlights along the way.

Religion as a whole, like America and “Adam” are children of Creation, we are built with a purpose one that I often describe as malovious, though it is not because of bad intentions.  If anything the intentions of creation are more than altruistic, they are learned and filled with wisdom far beyond our “years.”  Unfortunately it is the sealing of this information, its lack of “visibility” by the masses that makes it appear to me to be intentionally hidden, something which … would be bad if it were a short time, and so counter the purpose of creation that it seems almost impossible for it to have occurred for the time period we see between the writing of the walk-throughsof creation that are the works of the“One God.”

As a question of causality, or of sheer existence; the microcosmic “revealing” of a plan of salvation hidden conveniently in the machinations of humanity, in our civilization itself… from fiction that is actually religious myth, to metaphorically connected systems of similar kinds serves as factual proof of the existence of “God,” supports the intention of goodness, and when all is told; reinforces an almost paternal love for Humanity and the truth intertwined in a rainbow helix that stretches across the Heavens.  Conveniently hidden in “Everything” is a Link between Biblical allegory, our reality (here I call it abiblical), and answers to questions that we haven’t even thought to ask yet.  Some of it is lit well in song and dance, and Dave Matthews will certainly reinforce that a Baby’s Wisdom (that’s me) might be needed more than we think, as he sings

I am no superman
I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh that’s for sure
But I do know one thing for sure
Is where you are, is where I belong
I do know, where you go, is where I want to be

Where are you going, where do you go?
Are you looking for answers, to questions under the stars?

Filling a void of divine purpose, and conveniently tucked away in microcosmic metaphors that link apparently disparate subjects, like “ecological stability,” “computer engineering,” and the survival of “Heaven” itself, we find that a Baby’s Wisdom might be exactly what we need to hear a voice that is very becoming of us, and in the light of acknowledgement… for us in a way we might recognize.  I’ve written quite a bit about how we are “in the Arc of the Covenant” rather than carrying it around the desert, our wilderness is one of ambivalent blindness, to ideas so prevalent in our society that we overlook their deep, “hidden” meaning.  Or perhaps there is more at stake, and at risk, than knowledge of future technology the likes of crystalline computers from Jor-El’s planet “Kr,” or the original intention of proving the veracity and purpose of prescient foretelling with the “Fe” rod of Christ.

We exist in a place I am quite sure is designed in order to reveal creation as a place of understanding… specifically now, I am speaking about computers, and related technology, and how it might not be so clear that things like “virtual reality” and “the singularity” are intentional explanations of cause, rather than “effect” of religion.  In the light of now, Jabba the Hut and the Legend of Zelda link together with a purposeful connection between “father” in Hebrew, the name of the God El, and the initials AD.  More to the point, just like Lord Vader might tie together phrases like “Earth Wader, “ADonAi” and a modicum of hidden clarity that exemplifies the idea that “darkness” might really be a path to the light.


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