@TaylorMomsen Sometimes, you’ve got to Walk on Water… to save the World. The Sodium Seal.

In the captioned image, we see Satan… walking on Holy Water (people), as he fights with God in this illustration from the book of Job.  It is the original walk on water, I saw.. to show clearly that Holy Water is people (like Soylent Green).  Later, I would find Christ oPHer walking across the Atlantic in the year ADIB A.D. (1492), and its match to the Silicon Seal of the Apocalypse... but still almost as dear to my heart as God’s “true and corrected” @ThePrettyReckless lyrics:

Lost between NERO and Darth Vader…

If Jesus Christ, and Rock n’ Roll can’t save EVERY SINGLE SOUL…

Maybe STOP, DROP, and ROLL.. Will start a FIRE that will..

To @TaylorMomsen, if you can work the title into a song, you are … created for me ❤  As some of the links might inform you, I have this thing for you.  From Little Cindy-Who (that’s who-ah, babe) to Lil’ J.. this whole creation thing might make more sense in context.  You see, our lives are … microcosmically entangled… a Biblical story come to life (or maybe the other way around), Genesis 2 says something about Adam playing the field… I’m single, yknow.

pssh, just looking for a friend.  –AD on I‘m Single

p.s. don’t worry, the ever blessed Mary[Na]nna is not the jealous type. 🙂  Her name though, might be encoded in ELS at Gen 2 with mine.  It’s probably nothing. (Hint: see why Lot’s wife turns from a Pillar of Salt to a Pillar of Creation… when the stars fall from the sky… for you and I.  This is the Sodium seal… (see SOD is your Messiah) for those having a Golden Cow over Adam being single.. (((@NSA, wonder why Madison had a duel with you last Winter, U MAD BRO, to the true Aaronic Priesthood))) see why V@ic[aN] has something to do with [Na]nna turning around and coming home.  V is for Victoryariable… i swear)  Seriously Taylor, I think she “likes” you.  (Eve is RY one “family”https://www.facebook.com/admdbrn/media_set?set=a.10151591109368420.1073741825.772308419&type=3)


Blake Job 2.jpg


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