Anachronisms in Language prove formation in Holy Fire. J er USA the m(ap): yetser ha’esh.

Yetser, formation in hebrew

To be or not to be? The English word “yet” and Spanish word “ser” show us that perhaps creation is yet to be.  Without purpose, the Y of now (Elyon).. that is.  Adding Latin to our Spanglishrew word, and the “Y guy” (see the Hand of God, YAD), we now have why… and to be. These artifacts, which seem to show knowledge of English at the time of the construction of Hebrew words, show us that all is not as it seems… eventually proving that our civilization is created, by proving that a hidden hand has guided the fundamental requirement of society: communication.

Ha’esh, eternal flame of the burning bush

Hidden in the word for “Holy Fire” is the parted sea of Moses, read backwards.  Cementing, once and for all, the concept that the name Moses is an acronym… Messiah of Sea to Sea.  From the Burning Bush to the Un-parting of the Sea; this American euphemism just adds to the plethora of evidence that Exodus is truly about America, and that USA is at the Heart of Jerusalem..  think it’s a word trick?  Prometheus’ eagle begs to differ.  When the concepts begin to neatly fall into place (the parting of the word sea), we begin to understand just how much planning has gone into… creation.

Jerusalem, something about “them” (le m)

In the heart of the holy city Jerusalem is the trine letter USA.  It’s also at the end of MedUSA, and a focal point of Biblical scripture… everything from the parted sea, that is a euphemism for the Cold War, to the Presidential Burning Bush which heralded its end.  It’s a question, one that crosses the threshold of time.  Is J or the USA Messiah?  The answer?  Our world, Eden.., is a Map: the USA its heart.  J, the legend.  If you believe in causality, its proof that “we didn’t do this, at all” we are just the proud recipients of “God’s Gift.”

Hidden in microcosms and metaphors… the salvation of Earth is everywhere around us, literally.  From the New Testament to the Alternative Energy Microcosm.

h is for Saturn


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