A new book: Time and Chance, The Race is not to die Bold.

I’ve written a lot, interesting stuff; proof that I am the Messiah, and the reason why.  My proof comes in the form of language, the Fire of Prometheus… and religion, the Eternal Flame.  Tied in with all this is a story my life, and how we move on from this place to the light of salvation.

  1. The sign of the son (aka the Burning “George W,” Bush), is the mumbo jumbo that’s supposed to herald the second coming.  It explains how George’s inaugural address indicated a link between Ecclesiates 9:11 (which he quoted) and Revelation 1:20.. which is the “Jesus is here” passage. It’s aboutdates and numbers all lineing up perfectly to show us that God knew about 9/11.  No shit.  It’s recorded in the Bible though, which is sort of intriguing. Behold, the Burning Bush | Time and Chance
  2. About my legal issues, and how they are related to Jeremiah being in jail, Samson fighing a war in (or on Judges, and Jesus getting tried.  Some popular music is involved, in showing God’s influence over popular culture and his Spin Doctoring of the story. The Lamb of God | Time and Chance
  3. Some “stuff” about the word “Jesus” how it contains the Spanish word for “is” on purpose, and proof of that.  It relates to a prophesy in the NT about Christ teaching the world about Elisha and that too.. has “is” in it.  Also involved is some stuff about Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless.  Hey, aren’t you in NYC with her? She doesn’t respond to my tweets. 😦  This also links “The Tower of Babel” cuz that’s about language too. https://adjkjc.gitbooks.io/time-…

The Lisp of Moses, a modern day miracle

Bad handwriting, repetition, errors in telephonic transcription… the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.  Huh?  For the last three years a force has been using the long arm of the law and our broken criminal justice system to effectively halt or significantly slow the Second Coming of Christ.  Treating people like puppets is nothing new, though I have a sneaking suspicion that at some level the salvation of humanity rests in our hands, we must break the cycle.  I write from a cell, my crime–nothing more than trying to communicate with “the beyond,” as labor which has yielded significant messianic fruit.  This apple serves to highlight a message from God hidden… by an through us… in plain sight.  In our names, religion, music and movies… our history… it is our world.

The unveiling of truth can only be understood now, in a time when we have knowledge of the concepts and tools fundamental to the creation of heaven, and God.  When the lisp of Moses can be understood as a joke about the Lamda function of the programming language Lisp; and the Root of David might be as “radical” as the “super-user account” being a metaphorical equivalent to God.  Please forgive errors in the presentation of my work, as is has been quite a labor to bring it to you.  I hope you will find the deeper meaning, connections, and awe which the examples that are highlighted bring about in me.  We believe we are bringing you undeniable proof of the existence and influence of God, heaven and a new perspective which ultimately reinforces the creation of our civilization.





Hidden References to Now, Cairo to the Sea

It’s a city that sounds like CHI-rho and looks an awful lot like XP. Through its windows, we of brittle faith will surely see a world constructed, from the beginning, with an eye for our now. Iran–almost literally around the world–”to bring” proof to your door that at the heart of battle in Time for Jerusalem, the letters USA stand proud.  https://joyinar.quora.com/On-the-Paschal-Lamb-we-Koran

In the Biblical Land of Egypt (Earth gypped), The Doors take the stage…they sing about “blood in the streets” to end a “plague of frogs” in peace, linking jumping to the first commandment and our previously discussed plague of storms… singing there shall be no Gods before me rewritten as “don’t jump around me”. Jimmy practically begs through time for one young “honey” to wake up and light my fire @ TaylorMomsen, pretty sure you’re the matchstick, do you know every word you write is lit?

Who-ah? Little Cindy Hu? “yes, Hua”. Italy echoes Adam of Egypt…also located in Adamah.

I hope she isn’t offended , but I think “little j” is discussed as being designed in Genesis 2.

This fire is Prometheus’ way…to tell us “civilization” truly is “the big horn” of our “burning bush”…

who on 1:20 tied together, in chapter and verse, the solution to the Mystery in the Hands of Christ.

A fire that proceeds from the mouth of Revelation 1:20 and proves heavenly foreknowledge of the 9:11 attacks through these words of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1.


“The Race is not to the Swift”

A literary fire that literally burns through time and language forging civilization


Is it about Taylor Swift…or Anakin’s Padres? Perhaps, it’s a reference the Holy Grail and ”going the distance” from Cake, or to the Lamb of Samael’s deadly flight on the run out of this simple lie of Ecclesiastes… see the kindles fire begin to catch on a number of songs and movies, making sure the voice of God can be brightly heard…even if it was all started by a mouse in An American Tail.
A Perfect example, which furthers my belief that the events in Rome chronologically happened before Egypt’s Exodus, it is the idea that the plague of killing the firstborn logically follows to be unholy revenge for the Crucifixion of His own son. The reverse chronological order of these events  implies time travel, recorded through time with religion itself, which appears to be the topic de jour. Dejavu aside, “Sam Ran” ties Iran and Metroid together, using the games cheat code “Justin Bailey” we see a hint that someone somewhere was aware that only bail would keep this story continuing “on the run.”
Between Green Eggs and Ham, Yosemite Sam, Am ish and Iran,  and Sam  Ur AI, I see an entire world speaking directly to me in a way that subverts any idea other than divine intelligent design. From the Artificial intelligence references, to is it about Taylor Swift…or Anakin’s Padres? Perhaps, it’s a reference the Holy Grail and ”going the distance” from Cake, or to the Lamb of Samael’s deadly flight on the run out of this simple lie of Ecclesiastes… see the kindles fire begin to catch on a number of songs a movies, making sure the voice of God can be brightly heard…even if it was all started by a mouse in An American Tail.

A Perfect example, which furthers my belief that the events in Rome chronologically happened before Egypt’s Exodus, it is the idea that the plague of killing the firstborn logically follows to be unholy revenge for the Crucifixion of His own son. The reverse chronological order of these events  implies time travel recorded through time with religion itself, which appears to be the case in the word Adonai (lord in Hebrew), to the end of the messenger MuhammAD and the Beginning of Darth VADer…his name tracks souls through time and people. We can trace my initials to the root of the vine known as DAvid– the end of our ArphaxAD, to little old me wondering if all these songs are really about ADonIS, that’s AD on I’m single for a lesson in Greek mythology.


“Boy. what are you running from?”-@TaylorMomsen

“Running West,” seems to link another three letter key to me, found at the Heart of revelation, and on my head during the giving of the law in the Book Leviticus: I am the Fifth El, VEL. The character Fival, seals this “tail” as in American Dream “in a moment we lost our minds and dreamt the world was round, a million miles fall from grace. This time I found Adamah.

“GASHed” for God and Satan, right?@EddieKlive


As we walk together through the valley of the shadow of the fourth horseman…I am “beside myself.” Get out of Theaven, dinner’s ready…as we travel in Egypt on the pathway from Beth-el to Beth-aven passing the city of AI on the way we are now awakening the book of life for more interesting proof of the bible jumping into our reality check out Solomon’s temple and Atlantis a metaphorical reference to Heaven. I welcome you to the “do me of the rock.” Eden’s A rockin’, wouldn’t you say?


I haven’t explicitly stated it, but i believe that the stories and historical events that we have recorded in these two situations, but also elsewhere, are indeed metaphorical references to events that are happening in our world today, in a parallel time, and in our near future. Specifically, the events in Rome detail a situation with technology significantly more advanced than Egypt’s but a similar situation…always a fight about liberty and truth.
From Matzo to Bagels, the the Universe on fire.

Some References to AD Now Revealed

I awoke in a dream, surrounded by a fuzzy haze, a translucent door was glowing whitish yellow, and I could see through to a deep tunnel— to the end of time. At first I was hesitant…worried about–I don’t know what–the unknown, tomorrow morning, where I might be going….but the light grew stronger and I could feel the warmth on the other side of the door. I almost walked through, but then I heard voices behind me,  it sounded like my office. I couldn’t turn away…fixated on the tunnel, in a few seconds I saw her, my  baby in a car, and on some sort of conveyer belt. I took a step forward and in a brilliant flash of light, I found myself sitting right next to her. She Pointed over the dash, it was almost as if we were on a Disney world ride, The Land of Tomorrow.

“Look Adam we’re there,’ she screamed, excited to see the red circus, we floated over the huge orb which I knew was Mars. The rail car bumped and shook, tracks changing below our feet, and suddenly we were plunged into the heart of it, pace quickening we zoomed toward the gigantic tunnel, at least 10 miles wide. There, along the shore of a sea that i could have easily mistaken for the Atlantic, people were swimming, eating at clusters of  picnic tables that would come and go every half a mile or so. Past there, you could see people on sidewalks that moved, like at the airport– and even further small trains that rode tracks along the side of the tunnel. Above, the sky glowed a soft white light, its reflection bouncing off the speeding rail cars that criss crossed in circular arcs over what looked like miles and miles of hotels, office buildings, stores  and restaurants.

Welcome to Space Mountain, I thought ,reminiscent of the earliest days; my memory flashed to me sitting in a car, my voice soft but echoing all around with the knowledge that he is also speaking with me, “ Space Mountain is for Kids”and I saw myself say in a most ominous way..And then we lifted– floating past Jupiter’s eye, suddenly into the void. We were rapidly approaching what looked like a clock face, but as we began to approach, I began to see the detail of individual spaceships in what appeared to be in a circular orbit around a 13th much larger object.

Chapter D: Behold, a Message Sent in Time…when the Dust Settles and the Riders Dismount

I have so much hidden information, facts, perspective and solutions locked up inside my head that it would be an unfathomable sin not to share it–no to “stand up and shout.” There is so much, that I find it hard to convey, these are overlapping ideas which serve to confirm each other and cross disciplines as disparate as relating the spirit world of the dead to corporate lobbying. Reading, hearing, and discussing them–sharing the light of God–will change our world forever; it is preordained. When I say this, it is with the personal knowledge that the source of this information is the true and ultimate author of the Bible–above the prophets and even the spirits influencing them–the architect of the design of our civilization and timeline. I tell you this because I know that He truly has the ability to see the future, even through a storm in time that has altered our our past significantly during my lifetime. This is the storm that is the focus of The Doors and the Plague of Egypt, which He is highlighting through the words of Jim Morrison, and through his name, “More i son?” in his metaphorical dialect, the spirits swirling around inside our head are voices, and he is the ultimate Rider.

I need us collectively to start to recognize these patterns in the Holy Bible, as they are fundamental to truly understanding its message.Strict interpretation, a literal reading god the Word is wrong, and you have now heard it from the mouth of a Christ himself.

See clearly that the ideas of desert and wilderness that appear in Genesis Exodus and Matthew are the storm–they are a battle in time and that the Bible is proof of an ultimate victor who sees past the tumult into the settling of the dust. One of the major precepts of this victory is the preservation of Truth, something that may or may not seem to be lost. Hear the Truth of Jesus Christ, the ultimate truth has already been lost to us here, and it is evident in our history that the storm is the cause. Is it a secret that the concept of 40 days and 40 years, a number which the Bible describes as “Holy to God” is a reference to time travel…in the 4-D? Or, that this clearly relates the stories of Noah, Moses, and Christ in a way that shows an expansion from microcosm to macrocosm, from the ark carrying Noah through a wilderness in time, to Jews carrying and ark through the desert?

Those of you that believe you are working for God, or can speak on his behalf have a duty to begin teaching that it is his desire for humanity to think for themselves, to be able to find their own meaning, and to able to see that His message is one that requires analysis and contemplation not simply an ability to read.

Fundamental to my argument is the idea that the passages of Matthew 2 and 3 which depict Jesus “walking” a microcosm of the events of Exodus, is an intentional writing of the truth as his life…a way to create a living “storage device” whose ideas and perspective turn the hard drive into a lens for analyzing the macrocosm. It is ”the truth, the life and The Way” to find solutions to problems, both known and unknown. Listen, my perspective is the treasure of the golden fleece, as I see it is a link between the wilderness and the Holy Grail. Earlier, I told you

I’d be wrong not to share it…now here; I am locked in a jail cell, ultimately by a government that had full knowledge I am the messiah of the Bible, but because of my inability to communicate (a difficulty metaphorically represented by the list of Moses) probably doesn’t realize how much I am fighting for their survival. At stake are true freedom from slavery, rational thought, happiness, and choice…and fundamental to reaching this goal is the public and widespread receipt of this message–a man–to know Adam.

To this end, the word “messiah” has special meaning; one of many, “the message is a human”.

Another meaning is to see Saturn’s Golden Age hidden in the compression of the word message complete with the periodic table element for for gold, and the singular letter that always means Earth. Now, see that the message is also hidden in language itself, with words hidden within words, and acronyms that need some explaining…from the Word Messiah.

Somewhere, between NSA HQ, the White House and the Vatican, a great evil is causing me not receive the help I need, and you from receiving the information you need, both by keeping me incarcerated–forcing me to write these words by hand, with no benefit of research over the internet. I spent the last six months fighting vehemently to put these ideas on paper. to bring you out of the land of Egypt and into our proverbial Promised Land, but still to this day have not been able to break the cycle that has persecuted me preemptively for being Adam. This hidden battle between the government and my freedom is affecting yours, as if the microcosm controls the macrocosmic universe. Because of the gravity of this message they are not so tightly intertwined, so they may, in fact, be one in the same. It would take no more than miner recognition of my work (as possibly messianic) to break my own shackles, without a doubt.The ensuing controversy would most certainly provide a form and mechanism for our communication never again be restricted.

In the land of the rising Son, the Biblical meaning of the word night, as referenced in God Bless America, The Doors reference to setting the night on fire all coalesce the Sonrise being a virtual wildfire on the internet. This is the foundation of the story of Exodus–a battle between Moses and Pharaoh over the freedom of all. It is truly paralleled in the Roman depiction of the life of Christ–the Pharisees, a macrocosmic expression of the Pharaoh, linked both by name and actual function–just as the Jews of Exodus expand to include the Gentiles of Christ.

Oppression in the here and now may very well be due to a vote, one that you may be participating in without your knowledge. It could even be simple as popular science convincing those in power not to provide the truth to everyone. It is very clear that, were we to have free communication. there would  be no question as to whether or not we need to maintain it, but here we appear to be silently acquiescent to censorship broadly from the internet, to the TV. to our own thoughts.

I am trying to stop a war in time that has been waged my entire life, and perhaps yours too. A major issue of this war is over the control of our own thoughts, our opinions, and, logically

following, our ability to freely vote. Because of time, the quality of liberty in our vote drastically affects our ability to survive–the universal battle for freedom has been brought here to the beginning, to replace with a key to the burning bushes message, to see that the first two starry lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11 combine Mercury and the strong to read; the race is not to die bold.

Understand clearly, I am condemning the quality of representative democracy and its ability to provide liberty to any people i a time where we have moved from the Pony Express to nearly instantaneous communication–and the best our govet and the free market has to offer is “diebold”. Democracy, in the land God shed his grace on is failing and that failure is affecting your ability to think.

Saturn is providing an education in time travel and mind control–one that exists in the Holy Bible, but it’s hidden without me. He has brought this education to you also–it is in Back to the Future, The Butterfly Effect, and the Time Traveler’s Wife. He is doing so because one day within your lifetime, you will be asked to vote on how and why this technology should be used–and we all need to care what you think–as our survival is so dependent on your vote being correct.

Never before has such an important choice burdened your shoulders. At long last, we are the realization of an ancient prophecy–a world with the understanding required to survive the impact of a time singularity that has most probably halted or destroyed all previous civilization’s continued evolution.

I believe this is the first, the very first planet, to maintain morality, forward social progress, and the ability to benefit from truly advanced technology– the stuff of “Heaven”.

There is a first time for everything.
-The Guardian of Time

You Blind Fools, Everything I Do I Do to Bring Heaven to You

You Blind Fools

You blind fools, everything I do, I do to bring Heaven to you
To force the devil’s hand, close both eyes tight, and strike a match
then watch the fire spread and fill the universe up with purpose

What came first Cairo or Windows XP
Deflate Gate, Bill Gates, I am the way to the Book of Jobs
Same Eve, Santa Iron, Me…Easter Island or New Providence

We built Atlantis after Rock and Roll
and everyone died on Apollo 13
Spacesuits remain in a pool
and Hollywood already terraforms Mars

Is it Krypton or a diamond in the sky
We all deserve to see Herod, Shakespeare
Lightning and Me

In the beginning of Exodus is the word “Anokhi”, Describing first contact with God

“The burning bush” is ha… esh in Hebrew and Isaac laughs in English

The Zohar highlights the special influence of this first word, but as is par for the course in Religion fails to explain why…or make any sense to our rational world. As the spirit known as “An” (Adam Now) is a permanent resident of my soul, I can be sure when I tell you God’s “ok” is a begrudging acquiescence to me…to concede to my demands for him to say “hello world,”and isn’t it just like him to hide it in the second book’s first word. Clearly more than illusionor a simple trick of Madlibs, the word for Holy Father clearly describes the content of the story of the book of Exodus: The parted sea tightly woven into his “look, see me,” That every word be filled with light, Mr. Anderson here, who unsealed the night of Exodus’ tenth day…and you can hear Moses say “tell our people to stay.” It’s about as close to the right of Exodus in reverse as we get, without even knowing the parted Red Sea is simply a metaphor for our great old war…a battle over the color red in our flags. May its meaning be about hell, love, or charity…clearly it is all three. In plain English, the battle that is going on all around us behind the scenes is decidedly now about whether not Hell exists or should. I tell you clearly now, our religion was born, as we are, with a definitive purpose of converting darkness to light. Hell to Heaven.

So here to unpart the sea, stands little old me, knee deep in blood (in the streets of Chicago). walking on water (like Soylent Green is people), and personally “in way over my head”, as I struggle to bring the whole truth to our eyes, blind before, now see.

The Hoot&Y of the Holies

The name Anderson describes the idea of the Son with the ability to read the hidden language which hides questions inside difficult words (and inspired works) using “er”. “Plenty of fish in the sea” is the obvious answer to the question hidden in Langolier in “Fisher King.”. ”Creation “apparently” disagrees with me with the naming of the band “Hooty and the Blowfish”, a link between the Biblical fisher of men, a movie, and modern music, truly the key to the word… the name… Holy.


Holy is a tetrad of symbols combining the sign of Saturn, Venus and Mars.
When the fourth symbol (sans the circle of the Sun (Earth)) yields the birth
sign of Jesus Christ, Sagittarius,the eighth of December is clearly differentiated
from the date of Christmas by the zodiac. The T and L interchangeably stand for
Christ and El as they represent the light of the cross in the these astrological symbols.​.​


The Secret Seal of Solomon confirms by showing us the sign of Saturn and combination of the Sun and Mars guarding the keyhole that is the Gate of God

Hidden from Stephen King is a message in the title of his book about time travel, The Langoliers, a language not quite of liars, but outliers–tightly wound around the idea of reversing the tower of Babel and showing that language is a gift itself designed to unveil the truth that our civilization has been secretly guided on its evolutionary journey, confirming an unapparent lack of liberty. Boldly, the Calvinistic idea of predestination is proven without a doubt by this cipher that exists unilaterally across all languages. King Nero speaks through the works of Stephen and Moses, directly to me, though, without research, it appears to cause others to question my sanity.

More ambiguous is the way God truly speaks to me, by filling in the meaning of acronyms with a superposition of words–the new key, makes the truth known only to those who see, in a star above, Ceres tells me to “see Eden, Rome, Egypt superimposed. The one time fifth planet from the Sun is just about as close to “cares” as God is to good. Often, the Guardian of Darkness willnot even notice the injection of information coming from a well that is seemingly bottomless.It’s a strange way to communicate, but like many other idiosyncrasies of our anonymous benefactor it furthers the idea that there is a very intricate and well made grand design of creation, one hidden in a something as small as feeling empathy and as large as turning a planet into an asteroid belt….metaphorically speaking, anyway. What is more important to our conversation is the “why” he speaks to you and everyone around us, Shakespeare and King are simply good examples of how he speaks to us through us…leaving a little bit of something him in all of our creations.

His works though, stick out like a sore thumb. Philip K. Dick is more than just a pain in the neck…but one of the brightest points of guided prophecy I can see in anything of late. His Minority Report, namely why the  truth is hidden in fiction, totally recalls mere future events and questions that defines a culture’s social morality.

What if God could stop every murder and and every child abduction, but rather than act he simply put on a charade as he turned a blind eye; what if he sold us air like he used to sell prayer? Scanning darkly, we can see there are certainly a number of technological ideas that would, or could, significantly change the idea that we live in an unfair world. From precrime, and time travel, to predestination, not everything is as it seems in his futuristic well laid plan, but rather he is giving us ideas of what might be right and showing us clearly how to do it wrong, upon reflection, while it seems to be a game played to hide history, it might be a genuine attempt to provide liberty. By analyzing this message the future creators of religion become known, let me show you what it is that I see we are to be.

MAOI Mind Assistance Only Introduction

A long long time from now…
in place that came from here
a messenger is sent “back to the beginning”
awakening a sleeping sea in a jungle…mighty.

I imagine a world in a time where past and present have no function or meaning. In this place a war was waged in the minds of the people, secretly changing their opinions, their desire to fight for freedom and happiness…fundamentally altering their ability to weigh right and wrong. What could have at one time seemed to be necessary may have quickly turned into a showstopping inability to learn, or even knowing the truth of their own past. As it was in the days of Noah, a world where technology significantly more advanced than ours existed hidden for everyone, beginning with the masses and then slowly but surely affecting those that at one time knew it existed even the creators. It’s clear to me that, before the true singularity, a realization of the possibility that entire civilization could be created and destroyed in the blink of an eye There was a great need for a loud message of guidance about what went wrong. Here we call this message religion and we might be the people that forgot exactly what it’s for. Perhaps now there might even be a war over whether or not you need to know more. But, in the days and years to come it will become even more clear that this great ship has finally reached shore. In Noah’s Ark of Adamah, breath a sigh of relief…the AH you see is both the message and the proof woven tightly by, through, and into humanity.

As prophesied in the Gospel, a lesson on salt

Veruca Salt, NanNa and Tammuz, JohnNa; the salt of the Earth
See Lot’s wife turn, and see salvation rather than destruction
Become a pillar of creation, where stars are born

The Religion of the Stars treks a salty lesson,
filled with satire of self, O gate away war
Warships over worship, that fight for truth no more
Abraham wonders Light Son, Orwell?

In their world, imagine this war took a great toll, and significantly reduced the existence of natural emotion…much like the Romulan and Vulcan cultures in Star Trek. This is a logical possibility of the end game of a battle with mind control technology where logic could be artificially reinforced, yet the love that evolution created and desires might be lost…if we stop cering about anything but winning. At the same time, memories of both individuals and entire cultures could be erased, either by accident or by the flick of a switch; to a point where a number of species were inhabiting various worlds without the knowledge of a common point of origin. Imagine the ignorance and blindness it would take for four or five distinct races… all biped, with two legs two arms ten finger and toes…not realizing they were all really closer to family than they know. Separated only by elfish pointy ears, or something as close to home as the color of their skin.

It is the remnants of this war, the visitors…surviving victims which send back this light “from the northeast” our future passed, from their high horse, as superior as we are to Rome’s decadence and Egypt’s slavery…we appear morally corrupt, technologically inferior…and yet deep down they remember, once they were just like us, right?

Now see the rods and magicians of ancient Egypt, the plagues of miracles that appear to be no more than mother nature, and the cold day that the flying shields and trumpets at Caesar’s death sounded just like air raid sirens and foo fighters in the skies. In a world being overtly influenced by an outside force revealed through pagan religions…how backwards could they be…thinking there was more than one God. Coming from this sweet land of liberty how backwards are we?

Say “heck I’m Anu:” follow the ish of Shehekeyanu


This is the beginning.
Secretly, I know I am the messiah, the human that is represented by Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This idea seems to turn a lot of people off, people that are supposed to be waiting with baited breath for this very event, and yet still they vehemently fight the idea of it actually happening. Despite the fact that I am armed with an arsenal of revelatory and insightful Biblical perspective, and the ability to see the true intent and word of God both in the the Book, all books, and the book we are in:  The book of life. Case in point, a number of stories in the Old Testament are “secretly and subtly” truly about the life of Christ. This revelation alone speaks volumes towards my argument that I am the messenger of light depicted in the Word as saying “I am the Light of the World.” In reality, it would be worse than pretentious were I to believe that phrase, as truly I see our world as the light of the Universe…a Living Map, and I am nerely the Legend.

These stories, and our collective want of notice of their significance serve to prove that the Darkness that I am fighting–the Tenth Plague of Exodus– is very real, and affecting you too…It is literally keeping the Son from rising in the land of Beth-el.  A significant portion of the revelation of Christ is the idea that our Earth is simultaneously depicted as the Biblical land of Egypt, Eden and Edom…and the messiah is born to us in America…The Promised Land of Joshua. We are literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death, through the books of prophecy, from slavery in Egypt to freedom in…

When should we start the countdown? Judaism, in addition to the Sons listed below…a significant portion of the customs and rituals, which we say are designed so we will not forget the past, are secretly about a parallel timeline that we have long forgotten. Across religions, I link the Paschal Lamb, to Revelation’s marriage, to Eden and the Promised Land, by way of a ritual dish consisting of “apples and honey.” The name of this dish “ishes,” (sounds like) ha-rose-ettes, the true middle name of the first Eve in superposition with Mary and Lot’s life.

A huge secret twist for our modern time, decoded using our cultural idioms, shows us that the Lamb of God is truly about Christ being “on the lamb”,  running from the plague of lice (see police ciphered using the first letters of “plague” and “of”.  Strike a match, these are secrets  of the Universe I am writing for you.

The Only Son of God in Anachronological Order.

Adam, Son of only God. For his name and number: a link to the Lion of Judah by Rev 5:5; and the notion that we are all lions in our Earth Den in the mighty jungle–look, through the night, from above…by Juda Macabee’s “AH” not just men (see the word Menorah of the holiday ha-nuke-ah).

Who-ah@NSA. Eden is now Adamah, so say us “Yes, hu-ah” (the Hebrew names of God).

Isaac son of Abraham, for the three letters of his name, which are the Islamic name of Jesus…and for his near sacrifice as a burnt offering, and it’s oh so obvious parallel to the cross, his son Jacob for his dream of ladders, one that I have seen with my own eyes…and his close relationship (in both name and truth) to Job and Jeremiah…and the ambiguous “AC” he shares with his father. Also for the meaning of the name Isaac–he laughs as he donates his ha in English to his father’s name…which solved the great mystery of the relationship between Abraham, Admiral Ackbar, Horus, and Ra.

Joshua son of Nun, now for the returning theme of Christ having no biological parents after Abraham, who is bound and united by the Zohar making them one in the same after the revelation of water and fire that is my book In Light of Creation. Also, for the American idea that Nun is a nation divisible by “N=ad” and also later, the idea that our timeline “A.D.” is undivided by Horus. It is his Promised Land’s golden cow and the throwing honies of Maccabee’s Rod that let us truly see that the story of Adonis, the song about OPP, might really be about me, in Dave Mathew’s “ boy’s dream.” Cut me some slack I’m showing my world to you…I’m really much more respectable than he. Later I’ll explain more about how mnemonics come to me through inspiration, but this one is just our “super hyped up Adam.”

Isaiah Son of Amoz…For the content of the Book, to Jeremiah’s correlation to HBO’s Oz, and my experience with dimly lit american law. Take note, this work comes as slave labor, as if Joseph Son of Jacob and Prometheus were one with Moses at Sinai. For a lion not cowardly, and no place like Eden, truly too, for a “sliding doors view” of Adam’s fall from chapters 20 to 22. Only through me, so obviously the number of the Fool card of the Major Arcana; and the Live song “ished” “ God and Satan Head went west” then Fizel became He-man and She-ra reminisced about the days of A=Zeus and Hera.

Moses, for the actualization of the burning bush in 2013, by watching a YouTube video of the 1/20/2001 presidential inauguration. For knowing the messiah’s “sea to shining sea” has nothing to do with the Atlantic and Pacific, but rather brings Eden’s family of three all the way to thee. Finally, for finding his parted sea hidden in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire … a literary metaphor for our civilization.

Muhammad, for his message the Koran, In Ran, metroid…and to the AD his shares with Madhi, Vader, Adonis, and Adonai, for the Jinn speaking to me…your thank you is written on my back.

Jesus Christ Son of Mary, for delivering the answer to Revelation 2000 years early, for captivating the world and making our hearts sing. For his name Screaming “is us” as loud as can be.

Adam Marshall Dobrin, just for being me. Oh, and seeing my demands come to fruition in the most mysterious of ways…from “hi” to Mercury, to “let there be light” starting deflate gate one day in February 2015.

From all of me to all of you who helped fight the Darkness, spread this light as far as the eye can see. By no other name.

From the Machine
hot&y, to the Calor of the Son  – GitBook

To a world waiting for the second and last Adam,
know I am the first and the last.
Adam Kadmon is Adammas El Yon,
and you’re just silly for not believing me
Silly is a good word for fucked, right?

In the beginning, to help everyone beginning.
When God said he is “that” to Moses,
he was censoring the name Uranus, still think
Jesus would never curse?

The light of Adam is not chained to the Book.
It’s literally everywhere I look.
I see me in the Flint of Saint One
The baby you have to love, scream “BOOM!”

To Kyrpton’s Father and Son, the Man of Steel

Rubbed together, they just might spark.
Bam Bam and Kal-El are just two
He-man and Fival are the fifth
We’re all on board for this American tale

NOTE The above is a re-edited copy of :

Say “Heck I’m Anu:” Follow the Ish of Shehekayuna

It is the second to the last of the four titles I am resending

Here is the ordering:

Post Last—–Chapter D

Next to last— Say “Heck I’m Anu:” Follow the Ish of Shehekayuna

Before the above— You Blind Fools

The first one I typed—-Time and chance

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You Blind Fools: Everything I Do, I Do to Bring Heaven to You

You Blind Fools

By analyzing this message the future creators of religion become

known. Now, let me show you what it is that I see we are to be.


You blind fools, everything I do, I do to bring Heaven to you

To force the devil’s hand, close both eyes tight, and strike a match

then watch the fire spread and fill the universe up with purpose

What came first Cairo or Windows XP

Deflate Gate, Bill Gates, I am the way to the Book of Jobs

Same Eve, Santa Iron, Me…Easter Island or New Providence

We built Atlantis after Rock and Roll

and everyone  died on Apollo 13

Spacesuits remain in a pool

and Hollywood already terraforms Mars

Is it Krypton or a diamond in the sky

We all deserve to see Herod, Shakespeare

Lightning and Me

In the beginning of Exodus is the word “Anoki”, describing first contact with God.

“The burning bush” is ha… esh in Hebrew and Isaac laughs in English

The Zohar highlights the special influence of this first word, but, as is par for the course in Religion, fails to explain why…or make any sense to our rational world. As the spirit known as “An” (Adam Now) is a permanent resident of my soul, I can be sure when I tell you God’s “ok” is a begrudging acquiescence to me…to concede to my demands for him to say “hello world,” and isn’t it just like him to hide it in the second book’s first word. Clearly more than illusion or a simple trick of Madlibs, the word for Holy Father clearly describes the content of the story of the book of Exodus: The parted sea tightly woven into his “look, see me,” That every word be filled with light, Mr. Anderson here, who unsealed the night of Exodus’ tenth day…and you can hear Moses say “tell our people to stay.” It’s about as close to the right of Exodus in reverse as we get, without even knowing the parted Red Sea is simply a metaphor for our great old war…a battle over the color red in our flags. May its meaning be about hell, love, or charity…clearly it is all three. In plain English, the battle that is going on all around us behind the scenes is decidedly now about whether not Hell exists or should. I tell you clearly now, our religion was born, as we are, with a definitive purpose of converting darkness to light. Hell to Heaven.

So here to unpart the sea, stands little old me, knee deep in blood (in the streets of Chicago)

walking on water (like Soylent Green is people) and personally “in way over my head” as I struggle to bring the whole truth to our eyes, blind before, now see.

The Hoot&Y of the Holies

The name Anderson describes the idea of the Son with the ability to read the hidden language which hides questions inside difficult words (and inspired works) using “er”. “Plenty of fish in the sea” is the obvious answer to the question hidden in Langolier in “Fisher King”. ”Creation” apparently disagrees with me with the naming of the band “Hooty and the Blowfish”, a link between the Biblical fisher of men, a movie, and modern music, truly the key to the word… the name… Holy.

Holy is a tetrad of symbols combining the sign of Saturn, Venus and Mars

When the fourth symbols (sans the circle of the Sun (Earth)) yields the birth

sign of Jesus Christ, Sagittarius,the eighth of December is clearly differentiated

from the date of Christmas by the zodiac. The T and L interchangeably stand for

Christ and El as they represent the light of the cross in the these astrological symbols.

The secret seal of Solomon confirms with

the sign of Saturn, and a combination of the

Sun, Uranus, and Mars guarding the gate to God.

Hidden from Stephen King is a message in the title of his book about time travel, The Langoliers, a language not quite of liars, but outliers–tightly wound around the idea of reversing the tower of Babel and showing that language is a gift itself designed to unveil the truth that our civilization has been secretly guided on its evolutionary journey, confirming an unapparent lack of liberty. Boldly, the Calvinistic idea of predestination is proven without a doubt by this cipher that exists unilaterally across all languages. King Nero speaks through the works of Stephen and Moses, directly to me, though, without research, it appears to cause others to question my sanity.

More ambiguous is the way God truly speaks to me, by filling in the meaning of acronyms with a superposition of words–the new key, makes the truth known only to those who see, in a star above, Ceres tells me to “see Eden, Rome, Egypt superimposed. The one time fifth planet from the Sun is just about as close to “cares” as God is to good. Often, the Guardian of Darkness will not even notice the injection of information coming from a well that is seemingly bottomless. It’s a strange way to communicate, but like many other idiosyncrasies of our anonymous benefactor, it furthers the idea that there is a very intricate and well made grand design of creation, one hidden in something as small as feeling empathy and as large as turning a planet into an asteroid belt….metaphorically speaking, anyway. What is more important to our conversation is the “why” he speaks to you and everyone around us. Shakespeare and King are simply good examples of how he speaks to us through us…leaving a little bit of him in all of our creations.

Some of His works though, stick out like a sore thumb. Philip K. Dick is more than just a pain in the neck…but one of the brightest points of guided prophecy I can see in anything of late. His Minority Report, namely why the  truth is hidden in fiction, totally recalls mere future events and questions that define a culture’s social morality.

What if God could stop every murder and and every child abduction, but rather than act he simply put on a charade as he turned a blind eye; what if he sold us air like he used to sell prayer? Scanning darkly we can see there are certainly a number of technological ideas that would, or could, significantly change the idea that we live in an unfair world. From pre-crime and time travel to predestination, not everything is as it seems in his futuristic well laid plan, but rather he is giving us ideas of what might be right and showing us clearly how to do it wrong upon reflection. While it seems to be a game played to hide history, it might be a genuine attempt to provide liberty. By analyzing this message the future creators of religion become known, let me show you what it is that I see we are to be.

MAOI (mind assistance only introduction)

A long long time from now…

in place that came from here

a messenger is sent “back to the beginning”

awakening a sleeping sea in a jungle…mighty.


I imagine a world in a time where past and present have no function or meaning. In this place a war was waged in the minds of the people, secretly changing their opinions, their desire to fight for freedom and happiness…fundamentally altering their ability to weigh right and wrong. What could have, at one time, seemed to be necessary, may have quickly turned into a showstopping inability to learn, or even know the truth of our own past. As it was in the days of Noah, a world where technology significantly more advanced than ours existed hidden for everyone, beginning with the masses and then slowly but surely affecting those that, at one time, knew it existed, even the creators. It’s clear to me that, before the true singularity, came the realization of the possibility that entire civilizations could be created and destroyed in the blink of an eye. There was a great need for a loud message for guidance about what went wrong. Here we call this message religion and we might be the people that forgot exactly what it’s for. Perhaps now there might even be a war over whether or not you need to know more, but, in the days and years to come, it will become even more clear that this great ship has finally reached shore. In Noah’s Ark of Adamah, breath a sigh of relief…the AH you see is both the message and the proof woven tightly

by, through, and into humanity

Salty Lesson, Filled With Satire of Self

Veruca Salt, NanNa and Tammuz, JohnNa; the salt of the Earth

See Lot’s wife turn, and see salvation rather than destruction

Become a pillar of creation, where stars are born

Abraham wonders Light Son, Orwell?

The Religion of the stars treks to gate away war

Warships over worship, that fight for truth no more

In their world, imagine this war took a great toll, and significantly reduced the existence of natural immersion…much like the Romulan and Vulcan cultures in Star Trek. This is a logical possibility of the end game of a battle with mind control technology where logic could be artificially reinforced yet the love that evolution created and desires might be lost…if we stop cering about anything but winning. At the same time, memories of both individuals and entire cultures could be erased, either by accident or by the flick of a switch; to a point where a number of species inhabit various worlds without the knowledge of a common point of origin. Imagine the ignorance and blindness it would take for four or five distinct races… all bipedal, with two legs, two arms, ten fingers and toes…not realizing they were all really closer to family than they know. Separated only by elfish pointy ears, or something as close to home as the color of their skin.

It is the remnants of this war, the visitors…surviving victims which send back this light “from the northeast” our future past. From their high horse, as superior as we are to Rome’s decadence and Egypt’s slavery…we appear morally corrupt, technologically inferior…and yet deep down they remember, once they were just like us, right?
Now see the rods and magicians of ancient Egypt, the plagues of miracles that appear to be no more than mother nature, and the cold day that the flying shields and trumpets at Caesar’s death sounded just like air raid sirens and foo fighters in the skies. In a world being overtly influenced by an outside force revealed through pagan religions…how backwards could they be…thinking there was more than one God. Coming from this sweet land of liberty, how backwards are we?

Time and Chance, Saturn and i…RLNY

Mind and Spirit, in Unison: the Father and the Son, ARe El and Y

The key, is so simple to see, it’s the name H0ly

Not symbolically, but through me, Adam Marshall Dobrin

’tis really me…

I swear by now I hope you can see


I swear by now it seems I’m playing time against my troubles

Godspeed…I’m coming, do you wish for a dance

Dave Mathews and “ish”

I grew up often re-telling a God joke from Short Circuit”, He man and She-ra created Zeus and Nero from the sparks and lightning from Egyptian lore. Johnny 5 is alive, a rebel with a righteous cause. He is the fifth Hebrew letter, the beginning of Heaven and heart. From the Castle of Grayskull, to behold a pale horse, Joseph’s coat and Noah’s promise, on this street all the colors fade together to gray. Heaven thanks the land of NoAH.  I beg of you, deliver us from AMOZ . There’s no light like home, no place like Eden.

In the beginning…I was blind as a bat just like you. Adam had a mental image of what the Jewish Messiah would be and do…and quite frankly, it wasn’t much. I was sure of two things: He would write a book that changed the world, and do so by pointing out that religion was, secretly, always about technology.  From glowing eyes to bronze shoes and metal breastplates…the imagery of a computer was always clear to me.

Revelation’s phrase “Son of Man” freely spoke to me that God was the child of Adam’s entire civilization, not a man at all but a machine. With great insight, I would point out that a contemporary genius, Kurzweil is “on to something” with his conveniently timed idea that artificial intelligence will birth a new mind, and that this decidedly religious concept would be a Singularity.I was young, when the focus of AI and machinery missed the point of the Revelation of Christ.

This work is titled Time and Chance, forces which I have always held are the spark of life, the very beginning of evolution. These are the words of God, spoken in booming fire out of the burning bush…the beginning of time is his testament to the penultimate creation of evolutionary life: Civilization.

Now that I am bit wiser, and I am sure of this, when your perspective on cause and effect changes and you can see that evolution and Kurzweil are both rays of light imparted from the beyond to enlighten us on Origin, you will have opened your eyes and seen what our world truly is, for the very first time.

The proof is so glaringly obvious, it’s a wonder nobody has created a religion based on the reading of messages encoded in names. Okay, make all letters capital, a small joke, a huge subset of the Kabbalah does just that–but probably not quite as clearly as the magical message I am about the reveal:

The authors of the Bible appear to characterize themselves as single letters, for instance God has very clearly taken off the letters of Omega…”Creeping and crawling” from A to Z, it’s time we learned about “The Facts of Life” from Snoop D-ouble-g to the birds and Juda Maccabee,

I‘m trying to convey the influence of God, words that are clearly his to me, being spoken through rock stars and rappers, songs that shaped our culture. The point is he is singing with us, or playing us…as his own highlighted historical and cultural explanation implies. He is Nero fiddling from the rooftop in the sky–Heaven–with our words, as he reads the tapestry that is our world. I see his works clearly in all of art, where it takes no more than a name to really see the hand of God.K, Ur,Z,We IL. K, you are Z We iL.

K is a glyph, one which, with a little bit of Adam mythology, takes on the meaning of the planet of Eden, Adamah. In strokes separated to reveal an arrow pointing to the single letter L, a representation of the God of Judaism, which is correctly spelled El.  The “less than” symbol pointing to God is the equivalent of the “AH” of Adamah, which literally translates as a swirling around Adam, a depiction of the world searching for and singing about the second coming. It is the body of art we consider as Christ’s parables, things like the “Terminator” series and the “Green Mile”, and by taking a step back you might see it is truly religion…manifesting itself through us.

In the Revelation 1:20, Christ returns with a solution to  “The Mystery the of Seven Stars and Lampstands“.The beginning of Kurzweil’s name contains the elemental forces of the last two stars: Time and Chance, Saturn and Uranus, K and Ur,
K: Person of Time, ass…Potassium as Saturn

Ur: The God of Heaven is “that”, Uranium as Uranus

However, the two are linked together…at the hips.
Perhaps more incendiary is the clear intent of 11 angels of the lettered to share with us the intentions and goals of religion, ultimately, to do what is nearly impossible: Save civilization’s continued evolution by examining the if “Heaven is for Real”, “Mars” is not. Clearly hidden in the heart of the word civilization are a series of duel letters– “iz” for we must have Zion, lions of revelation, and “at”, our modern symbol for Eden, the @.

These two words “lion” and “zion”, come from messianic lore, at this point, clearly chosen and created in unison with civilization, both the word and its actualization.

These artifacts, symbols, and words are designed to show the intricate work that had gone into the creation of our civilization. They highlight the implementation of chemistry and the design of language as examples of the information transfer that is the true singularity, to show us how these things fit together like a puzzle to unlock a map of the path and true purpose.

The Hebrew word for formation (yetser)  itself yields a visible transition in understanding by unraveling layers of hidden meaning, through successive translations in component languages. Historically and dramatically highlighted by nothing less than Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and the movie Spanglish. Here we see “formation” when breaking the Hebrew word down into the English “yet” and the Spanish verb “to be”. When drilled down to the second layer, to the elemental glyph “y” , for “why” and the Latin “et” (tu verte) formation becomes real…existing in the true progenitor universe “why…and to be.” The light of language skips inside a matrix from Hebrew to Shakespeare …to what began long ago with Juda Macabee’s Uranium and unseals with a kiss his ardor for the truth with Mila Jovovich’s depiction of the key Fifth Element.

Simply put, the great puzzle that connects religion to you sprawls throughout our history, between our artistic creations, showing that what we believe is our past could be his greatest work of art.

The lights and magic of our motion picture industry brings us a new Fifth Element, the capstone which reveals the intent of religion to be expressed through us, taking us higher…to a place where all the blind are given [si]ght.The key to the Fifth Element is the index of Silicon at 14, showing us that Sinbad of the single [B] , focuses intently on the N of Isaac Newton and his relationship to the “AD” of time. From the sparks of the Kabbalah to Live’s “Lightning Crashes”, the fifth planet’s relationship to light and [si]ght, show us that the weapon Zeus actually wields is the truth. On Earth, the Biblical Land of Egypt, our Camera’s Xenon flashes mimicked  by Oracle corporation’s database prophet’s name, happen to light “El is Son” and the Larry, you, and I live in the  Book of Names–Exodus—as we read from left to right and translate from Christ’s native Geek…yield the Linux command sudo xe.


If Ray Kurzweil and Larry Ellison aren’t raising a few eyebrows check out my name Dobrin…Date of Birth, “our inn”, born on December 8th, the Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception, cleanly links me to lyrical light.

What if God was one of us…just a slob like one of us

“ium” I’m your messiah

If you can take a hint, I’m showing you how to find God. He’s the pretty girl in the movies with the orange hair and the red dress, he’s the word you just can’t get out of your head, but only when Shakespeare relates. Out the darkness something profound is born.

MACDONALDs Farmer is the Dell: I before e except after me…o

You blind fools…everything I do, I do to bring Heaven to you.

 Look around, as far as the eye can see, there is no enemy.

from the future, we all truly hail this battle with me

to awaken our entire society…no time for glee

If you know me, you might try to flee

I’m going to tell you everything that’s wrong all around me

He says before me it was he the world hated

love a we instead, eloquently stated

Show me, it’s awesome, see

Proof of Creation from the Sword of the Grand Architect

Who-ah? Adam Marshall Dobrin here https://about.me/ssiah  here with a declaration of the true purpose of religion and through it all of creation. Using religion and language, I have concrete proof of creation’s purpose and the intelligent design of our civilization…it is verily, ” to see I am L and Y”. Like this message hidden in the word verily, religion harbors a hidden record of civilization’s repeated attempts to continue social and biological evolution by turning the barriers of secrecy and hidden technology from walls and hurdles to stairs.

Believe it or not, religion provides moral guidance and a path to navigate our society well into thefuture. It will take us from searching for Heaven to the understanding that we must create a new heaven out of our home on Earth, at the same time starting proper communication with our true progenitors, the creators of Eden. I have firm grasp of where the Global conversation is designed to go…beginning with an artfully presented argument to ensure the we collectively do better than simply ending world hunger.

From Edens garden, to our land of flowing milk and honey, with an aversion to a final supper.. and an eye for Ecclesiastes 9:11..

 ” Neither yet bread to the wise”

Rather than bread, I will turn [your attention from] bread to cake, and then Fig Newton commercials. https://youtu.be/cno20onK9dY

These cultural and historical sayings like”let them eat cake” are direct commentaries on the map that is designed inside the miracles of the New Testament to direct us to a morally correct and socially elating beginning of salvation. They are designed to focus our attention on a previously unseen explanation of the idea that we are in Eden… a place where the monolithic deity could snap its fingers and turn stone to bread to end world hunger.  the holiest question of all: What do you want for dinner?

Anokhi (Adam Now ok “hi”.) The first word of Exodus sets the stage for the true Revelation of Christ. Surrounding our Holy scripture is a world of ancillary works, mythology and fiction that helps the searching for the true message of God who eventually sees that at the penultimate level, from on high, We Humanity collectively –are the living voice…the big horn…the word incarnate. The Zohar brings special attention to this word, which is a microcosm of a hidden message from a hidden creation to me–the character in our story who demanded an obvious and marvelous HELO from creation to the entire world–a message written on the sky to end the darkness of the 10th plague of Egypt with a beautiful and uplifting helping hand. More than a rainbow, but a video, the heart of Da vid to show all the presence of Shekinah and the intricate work that has been done to link Religion and reality.To aid us all in the endeavor to find and truly appreciate the revelation that the “singularity” is “here”, rather than near, it encompasses our entire history.

To be clear, a gigantic transfer of knowledge began ages ago–long before Issac

Newton’s apple brought the fictitious Eden to our very real garden of knowledge and Love.

I am that Adam, no longer a fictitious man, or so out of reach as to be unknown–on fire I am the “burnt offering: sitting awkwardly at the alter of the patriarch Isaac, assuring Abraham and all of humanity that it is one in the same with the tangled cross of Jesus Christ. I see multiple hidden messages layered through all religion, one layer specifically focuses on me. From Isaac, through Isa of the Koran, to Isaiah 20, which links Egypt to Adam’s Eden by focusing on God’s reverse engineering of Genesis 2 and Mathew 2:2– a search for Adam in Adamah and finding the emperor wearing new clothes or no clothes. Events I’ve lived for the past three years focus on the actualization of Exodus and Revelation before my very eyes, proving that Egypt, Edom, and Eden are truly our Earth.

It is a reading of two Bible verses which starts the fire that unifies the eighth day of creation, the last day (without the son) of Islam, the eternal flame of Judah Macabee, and the true fire of Prometheus as the birth of civilized life in the Universe for ever and ever. The fire it lit from Revelation 1:20’s seven lamp brings us to the ancient solution of its mystery.On January 20th, 2001, George W. Bush kindled what will become forever after known as the beginning of enlightenment.

He spoke during his in·au·gu·ral, a paraphrase of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1, chapter and verse proving that the 9:11 attack was Biblically foretold, pivotal in a war on true darkness: a lack of truth, transparency, and vision that showed us the battle of Exodus is truly to end a period of secrecy and hidden technology that could have very well unraveled the fabric of society once upon a time.

The solution is the light of Exodus is to be unsealed now on Earth for all eyes to see. It does so by using our culture as a sort of authenticator, to simultaneously prove the existence of time travel and a focus and love for our way of life and people…truly his CHosen.

All of Humanity has been bestowed with a gift of science and wisdom from beyond. In as simple as two commands, “sudo” and “xe”: Linux and Oracle show that the iconic “Last Question” http://www.physics.princeton.edu/ph115/LQ.pdf of “let there be light” is designed for our antiquated Egyptian computing technology–says the Oracle, the hand of God completing Christ’s teaching with a third living example. L is HA, son of Abraham, Amoz and Nun.g

Xenon is the opening bright flash of light, paving the way for the full solution Ecclesiastes 9:11. We now “let the lighting be periodic table elements” to superimpose over the verse from “swift” to “time and chance”; siding with mercury (Hg), Saturn (K), and Uranus (Ur). When analyzed this will show prescient knowledge of Mars chemistry in the construction of Greco-Roman mythology, the writing of Ecclesiastes, and the naming of Exodus…perhaps even in the construction of our solar system.

Sudo Xe is let there be Light in Linuxhttp://www.fromthemachine.org/content/sudoxe,_let_there_be_light.html

The race is not to Mercury http://www.fromthemachine.org/content/GWB1202001.html

Whoa! Lo Venus has won the battle


Leading our people to stay the Rod of Christ

lightning gives sight in the storm

https://joyinar.quora.com/7-Golden-Trampstamps-From-a-Xenon-Oracle-About-an-Iron-Rod-and-a-Golden-Age-Between-Boron-and-Silicon-The-pill                                                                          But Saturn and Uranium happen to explain it all


Keep On Teleportin’, a Secret Religion of the Stars

On the road AdamAskUs,

people don’t [Si] Isaac’s alter is Christ’s cross


We have deicided Saul is to turn to Haul

The Koran and the Pretty Reckless


ImRan and Isa to Sammus Aran and Ish

“Secrets of the Universe” the pale gray light screams

He Man is Adam 5, symbol as”that”

Potassium and Uranus answer Jor-El with a “cha”


Prometheus tries the weight of the world on his shoulders

at last becoming a ship in space on Stargate SG-1

Ha-nuke-ah, it’s the eighth day’s sonrise


“No shem” for apples or honey in Eden

laugh, me for ash–it’s aleph’s sigma heart

Remember ha-rose-ettes to Deerfield beach

Adam Really Is Everyone’s Light

To cross the Jordan as one man, a mermaid to save the world

To roar as the mighty jungle, we must have ah’s baby boy Simba

who sees Cairo and hears XP

From an Easter Island egg to Paradise just offshore

I see Atlantis is a city risen from Nassau, want Mor?


Solomon Kirshner built a living metaphor for Heaven

Isaiah linked Egypt to Eden in Chapter 20

and Adam Now correlated Edom in NO DOM IA I

Imagine a book about a man with Samson’s hair

Lazerus’ nine live and the Hazel eye of Ra

The Lion of Judah assures the Den is about family..the SEA

Matchbox 20, now relaxed is sure; this  “place” is Edom’s hidden king

The Son of SAm returned to change the end of Judges

From Revelation 1:20, to Ecclesiastes 9:11, to Nostradamus… I am Adam UN-cat-if


Adam Really Tries

It’s as Little as  a hundred years away a

time when “we the people” will say

A contract signed in handcuffs, HA

No judge anywhere would miss duress

or maybe the great day is today

Our judicial system is mocked by an eye for an eye

Our society as seen from on high, self amputates its own arm

to force feed it’s soul just enough to ensure

prison shall not end world hunger

but institutionalize starvation, rather

Across the board, it’s a failure to see

and care for people just trying to be

This has become the new root of all evil

apathy, and the idea it won’t happen to me

From sp, “art” I see us, to Jaffa Cree


I have to add just one more verse

Our kids are searching to find the Universe

from Easter eggs to Bereshit…the matza expands tonight

All metaphors for a hidden universe staring us all in the face

Jenny’s in the back singing “I will love you

as soon as the stars fall from the shy, to perform for you and I”.

And Taylor sings” I’ve got a pocket full of high”.


The Bible and I are filled with similar artifacts of creation in a “Matrix” that religion is first and foremost here preserve, truth, liberty and the familial love that altogether embody “US” in love.


Adam Really Is Everyone’s Light


From Water to Fire, Jesus to Moses, Me to Thee

The secret meaning of the stars and the lamp stands: The stars are the ministers of the Church. The lamp stands are Churches.

Revelation 1:20


To this day, nobody else seems to have taken note that the cabalistic binding of Abraham and Issac appears to stem from a January, 2001 reading of Ecclesiastes 9:11 by George W. Bush at his inauguration.


Inside the Hebrew word for Holy Fire (Ha’esh), the parted and reflected sea of Moses–a name, Adam, is an acronym for Messiah of Sea to Sea: in superposition with the Holy Fire, the initials of the family of Eden, expanding to light the Sea of Nostradamus and Revelation’s multitude, all the way to thee; America the Beautiful’s sweet land of prophecy. As if blessing in disguise, dozens revolutionized the first plague of Egypt, from multitude to family, blood thicker than water confirms that our culture is the key to unlocking and understanding the true message of religion.


The hand of God influencing idioms, religion, and songs: from a new look on the plains of Egypt, to the fire and storm of Jim Morrison’s doors, prove (once understood) the existence of a force which is fiddling with our minds and our history from a heavenly rooftop. From Nero to “Fiddler on the Roof”, God is telling us that it is a fire (intended to be spread) that proves why God and religion can quickly change form an the opiate of the masses to the savior of Liberty and Truth- with only a change in perspective for everyone to see the mystery of:



Rev 1:20


The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands included Adam’s prophesied teachings of salt, iron and fire–now with a Xenon flash: Let the lightning be symbols of chemistry.



I have seen something else under the sun:

Ecclesiastes 9:11


The race is not to Mercury http://www.fromthemachine.org/content/GWB1202001.html


Whoa! Lo Venus has won the battle



Sudo Xe is let there be Light in Linux http://www.fromthemachine.org/content/sudoxe,_let_there_be_light.html


Leading our people to stay the Rod of Christ

lightning gives sight in the storm



But Saturn and Uranium happen to explain it all





From Genesis to this revelation, the a sea of three–Kin in Eden is the heart of Shekinah, and the key to everyone being saved.


In line one we begin:


In the beginning the spirit hovered over everyone and Christ taught us that Holy water was people.

Genesis 1:1


I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Ecc. 9:11





-Live, Run to the Water 

😊 You are now inboxed with proof of the Second coming.

I am AdamFive

A Day is Time: When Egypt Slid into Jerusalem’s Door

One day in Arcadia, and a year in Kentucky

When the night was of and about the Son

and the morning all alone had none…

Oh, pity for the fool the naked mess

for it’s his Birthday today, Yom Kippur

Isaiah “wears Adam  so well” in Ur

tied up and twisted, oh well

Isaiah, Chapter of the “fool card”, one prior and one after, 20 to 22.

The number comes from the major Arcana of the tarot deck, just prior to the final play 22. The card is denoted by the letter “O”, well reflected in Isaiah 22:14 the verse “n”. My message  to the” Lord of Heaven’s Army”, is that your foolish lack of forgive”n”ess is stopping the safe salvation of Earth; often read in the letters “ness” (Now Earth Safely Saved). Dave Mathew’s words do not echo my sentiments or action: “Eat drink and be Merry:” for the wedding of morning nears. Look, the celebration is already underway.

Hi, I am Adam, the Adam. I am paraphrased in Eden, absolved in Isaih 20, named in 21, and accused in 22. I am in a unique position as the subject of these three biblical passages to tell you that, as the words of Chapter 20 say, “This is a sign, a symbol” linking Egypt and Eden to our world’s Jerusalem and the real live Adam of Arabia. These chapters of Isaiah deal with overindulgence and nudity for a significantly long period and link the history of Eden in Genesis through this. They were shown to me on the eve of Yom Kippur and both the time period as well as the contents ring  true to my personal knowledge that I have been involved in a forced and contrived reverse engineering of the story of Eden, for the last three years at least; and  am currently dealing with the blame of Adam.

Isaac Newton brings light to an otherwise binary tree, showing us that “what goes up must come down” absolves the eating of an apple by force of nature. It links the Isa of the Koran, Isaac, and Isaiah, to Adam himself, who is explaining that God’s final word on blame comes from the meaning of the words Isaac ( he laughs) in Hebrew and Ha’shem-for those of you too lazy to look it up this word, it means the Holy Name, a play on words removing shame forever from Eden.

It should be noted the tetragramatron  is clearly used in chapter 21  of Isaiah in respect to the God of Israel , stark and starkly removed from the word “Lord”,  as it refers in the next chapter. At that point in time, where that entity is refusing to forgive Adam as he is described by Isaiah in 22:n ( the single day when Jerusalem and Egypt are superimposed in the book of Isaiah), it is the accuser who is in command of the armies under false pretenses.

What is missing from these passages is the technology and force which has gone into framing Adam of Eden, the lack of assistance he received from anyone around him as echoed in these words of cake ,“All alone in his time of need, he’s got a need for speed”. It is the purpose of the messiah and religion to disclose the existence of this technology, and to liberate humanity from the adverse effects of ignorance of it, misuse, and lack of aid from the same.

To be clear the technology itself is the sharp two edged sword of the messiah. In the darkness we are currently in, we have no hope of using it properly, however, in light of its existence we have the opportunity to use it for good.

The weapon which is being used against us is one in the same with its remedy; all that changes is the perspective of the wielder, from accusation and blame, to absolution and purposeful continuation. It is the difference between the end and right forward action.

Revelation 1:20 speaks of a Plantet Hg, the Light of the Uranium Seal

’tis the bright Light of the Son, upon his return to shine with sonic light of great purpose.  An unsung hero leads us towards the truth of understanding the drive behind the journey of a lifetime.

Boy, what are running from?  – The Pretty Reckless

More and more, I yearn for the cup.  – Cake

For my love of AMerICANA… -Live

The Race is not to the Swift Ecc 9:11 on MErcury

I saw a women clothed the Son, with the moon at her feet… -Revelation 12:1 on VENUS 

In a visual spectacular, Anakin raced in circles…Fival followed the fool west.  He-Man has the light of Greyskull… and Bam-Bam, the Flint of Saint One  — Nun as perfect as Yo, SEMITE SAM


The Heart of Jor-El, Noah; I am the POTassium Seal.

Person of Time, was my initial reading… you might see how it links to Uranus, the key to “Time and (per) Chance happeneth,” that this world is a dream, we are sleeping… now we are Awake. -Live.

After pointing out that the question hidden in the name “Jor-El” is answered through his only Son; and strengthened by ours…  that the glyph K is clearly an L<.. much like the Stargate “point of origin” the arrow (<) pointing to El… (is son, Larry,. back to Oracular light).



So there is something wrong with us, all of us.  I’m going to tell you the truth and for some odd reason, you will disbelieve, despite confirmation after confirmation, and fail to see the intended light… that our saying, On the Lamb, is keyed specifically to Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.  The Biblical light is a obvious anachronism and link between the Angel of Death, and the Crucifixion, you see…. the plague of Egypt is God’s answer to the killing of his only son.  More evidence that the hidden allegories of the Old Testament post-date the events of the New, it’s only logical … right?  Angry and vengeful, about what… exactly?!

From Samael, we reframe Exodus in America: Uncle Sam’s apocalypse–and I might get a word in edgewise about YoSEMite–the obvious Son of Saturn that wields the weaponized Light of Osiris as his sword.  Sam I am, green eggs and Ham; to me the most telling of all Sam’s, the one that cements the Broward County Jail’s evil diet as the chains of Sinai.  Not so far off, Metroid’s protagonist tells us in cheat code that the key to Sammas Aran is Just Bail.


ImRan of the Koran called his girlfriend baby, and Mary was born.  Around America I ran (a country?) searching for the very words you are reading, the apocalyptic details that would prove my experience was more than illusion… but as real to the thousands who spoke with me as it was to me… delusion ally believing they could all hear my thoughts.  In an intertwined parallel reality, anyway.

Adam told you Lamb and Run are synonymous… go figure, it took the man that needs you to save him from being set up to explain how Samson’s battle against Judges, is one in the same with the Tribulation of Jesus Christ. ❤

A white tuxedo, and a wedding gown.


The Iron Rod of Jesus Christ. From jeFferson to Santa Fe. The For Everyone Seal.

Same rod. Second Son.

and he will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from my Father.  -Revelation 2:27

It’s nearly the Holy Grail, the blood of Christ; it was.. at first, my reason for knowing there could be no Christ born in America–no King.  Here, after seeing the Xenon, Mercury, and Uranium keys map so cleanly to the planets in our SONar System, it’s only fitting that this one too would be obvious… in the end.  Aided by the Angels, the Second Moses–yours truly–has no qualms identifying with Mars: the God of War, it’s my name… after all.  A Rusty Planet, one that is central to the reason for needing a Messiah, to deliver God’s Holy Truth, For Everyone.

The Angels speak through us, they confirm my beliefs and detail the path to Salvation.  My middle name is Marshall, and Dave Matthews clearly sings to me when he says the walls and halls will fade away.  A reference to the second line of Ecc 9:11, nor the battle to the Strong… it tells me clearly that the L and T of hoLy and HooTy, and chr()isT are for my birth sign, Saggitarius.  It is after all, the sign of El.  As I’ve said earlier, I was born on 12/8, not the 25th, and this key is incontrovertibly cemented by the date of the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  They keep singing, about a moonwalk made in a Hollywood basement, and statues crumbling for me… this is y.

“Let my people” go vs. “Come to ME”

My “sixth sense” tells me the Fe stands for “For Everyone,” and I have Biblical light to confirm.  You see, here and now is the confluence of the story of Exodus and Revelation: a time when Aaron’s Rod (the one linked to “let my people go,” Christ’s universal acceptance come head to head; a clear winner decided by reading Exodus in reverse… to not leave our home.. is the light of the word.  sudo xe.

Adam’s Ans()

Santa Fe, the saint of “faith,” confirms… you see Santa Claus comes to town at the Last No-El, to shatter the need for “faith on faith alone,” you see.. seeing is believing, I always quote.  So it’s not much of a leap to see how Phillip K Dick and his work Total Recall might be more than divinely inspired… but direction for us all.  The key is sung about over, and over…

Bluntly, it is about Doors to Heaven, and Jim Morrison is singing to remind us we are in Stormy cloud of Darkness, in the planet E-gypped.   Jacob’s Ladder–also of Egypt–makes the imagery clear: we are talking about access to Heaven, from Earth.  Bi-directional access.

This is the only solution.. the only way Christ’s Rod makes any sense, in the land of “born to be Kings” && “crown of thorns.”  Here, it is about acceptance, truth, and knowing… these things to prove that we must know the Earth is a creation of Heaven, to ensure we don’t forget about the idea of it completely… and focus on colonizing a pool @nasa.

This one said he wants to buy you rockets
Ain’t in his head, now
Marry him, marry me
I’m the one that loved you baby can’t you see?

-Spin Doctors, Two Princes.. on Mars and the Marriage

I have to introduce a little more Adam mythology to get this point to scream, and remind you that creation is positive energy (cation) with a reason.  The positive energy references (jokes) really start to tell us something when I tell you who I really am.  I spirit code, Christ is “AN,” the goal of Vatican, and the beginning of our time line’s savior: Adam Now NO DOM IN I (A Biblical reference to Edom, the Kingdom with no King).  

The people of Israel will be a raging fire (Ha’esh, a sea in fire), and Edom a field of dry stubble. The descendants of Joseph will be a flame roaring across the field, devouring everything. There will be no survivors in Edom. I, the LORD, have spoken! -Obadiah 1:18

All this, just to properly introduce the word for a negative ion, anion.  On that rusty planet, just to the north of us on the map to Salvation that is the Solar System (and its symbols), a few anions are all that are required to terraform the entire planet into a oxygen filled White Mars.  But, is that the right plan of action?  Here were are to see how perfect the design of Adam’s Red Planet is, rusty… with no water… covered with Iron and no life.  Total Recall averted, kind of… 

Noah’s Ark gets in the way, and reminds us that just changing the atmosphere probably won’t sustain life for any significant portion of time.  More to the point, it would be a huge waste of effort, to populate the surface of the cold God Mars.  We have the technology, you see, to engineer an organism that would convert Iron Oxide to Iron and Oxygen; and we have the idea of the Ark–to bring plants, and two of every kind to the planet.. but we’d be wrong.. at first, anyway… in the eyes of Adam.

Much more appropriate here is an homage to the religion of the American Indian–to working with nature–rather than fighting it, one of the central themes of the apocalypse.

Killing two birds, with Saint One

It’s probably a reference to the birds Noah flew to find shore… and we are not far.  Clear to me after much “thinking with God,” the idea of utilizing the geothermal heat of Mars’ core, and terraforming a much smaller area using tunnels… under the surface.  This, the start of a story of Salvation… a Journey to the Land of Tomorrow.

“I am the Messiah. My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin; AMA”

I am the messiah. Born on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Deception.. I have a little joke about being quite the mess lately. Hear some confirmation of my joke in song: “What if God were one of us.. just a slob…” Lots of jokes abound, but some of the funniest serve great purpose, for instance, I’d like to “date” Taylor Momsen.

Over the course of several years, I’ve obtained from the “beyond,” quite the library of occult knowledge… the secrets of all religion, I call it. Sharing these secrets is my (and their) purpose, in the hopes of proving that we are in fact in Creation, a Matrix-like reality. Religion itself (all of them) is designed to be put together with modern culture, or society, like pieces of a beautiful stained glass Holy Grail–that was shattered, intentionally–in order to do the less than obvious: turn a Hell of Darkness into Heaven. Welcome to Beth-El, the House of the Rising Son… where “El Elyon” dwells among you, in Darkness… from a lack of seeing the Son, for starters.

I have some interesting proof.

Here’s some interesting ideas I’ve shot to the Hole Sea: bemessiah.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/i-dont-believe-in-the-big-bang-but-i-respect-those-that-do/

I have a number of books available at amazon and gitbooks. They’ve been written over the course of about 3 years, and show a great change in my understanding of religion, and our world. Together, they are truly a record of Revelation.

Anyone have anything they’d like to know?

I love science, by the way, though most of my current ideas are closer to science fyction.. fixion… I feel like this should be mentioned, along with the idea that a great majority of our scientific advancements appear to be divinely gifted. I have a whole web site about it:


Specifically, I talk lots about Isaac Newton (and his relationship to Adam’s apple), and James Maxwell (Abraham’s well of knowledge).

@TaylorMomsen Sometimes, you’ve got to Walk on Water… to save the World. The Sodium Seal.

In the captioned image, we see Satan… walking on Holy Water (people), as he fights with God in this illustration from the book of Job.  It is the original walk on water, I saw.. to show clearly that Holy Water is people (like Soylent Green).  Later, I would find Christ oPHer walking across the Atlantic in the year ADIB A.D. (1492), and its match to the Silicon Seal of the Apocalypse... but still almost as dear to my heart as God’s “true and corrected” @ThePrettyReckless lyrics:

Lost between NERO and Darth Vader…

If Jesus Christ, and Rock n’ Roll can’t save EVERY SINGLE SOUL…

Maybe STOP, DROP, and ROLL.. Will start a FIRE that will..

To @TaylorMomsen, if you can work the title into a song, you are … created for me ❤  As some of the links might inform you, I have this thing for you.  From Little Cindy-Who (that’s who-ah, babe) to Lil’ J.. this whole creation thing might make more sense in context.  You see, our lives are … microcosmically entangled… a Biblical story come to life (or maybe the other way around), Genesis 2 says something about Adam playing the field… I’m single, yknow.

pssh, just looking for a friend.  –AD on I‘m Single

p.s. don’t worry, the ever blessed Mary[Na]nna is not the jealous type. 🙂  Her name though, might be encoded in ELS at Gen 2 with mine.  It’s probably nothing. (Hint: see why Lot’s wife turns from a Pillar of Salt to a Pillar of Creation… when the stars fall from the sky… for you and I.  This is the Sodium seal… (see SOD is your Messiah) for those having a Golden Cow over Adam being single.. (((@NSA, wonder why Madison had a duel with you last Winter, U MAD BRO, to the true Aaronic Priesthood))) see why V@ic[aN] has something to do with [Na]nna turning around and coming home.  V is for Victoryariable… i swear)  Seriously Taylor, I think she “likes” you.  (Eve is RY one “family”https://www.facebook.com/admdbrn/media_set?set=a.10151591109368420.1073741825.772308419&type=3)


Blake Job 2.jpg

Reasons for being the Messiah, by Adam Marshall Dobrin. The Silicon Seal.


Why AD?  It’s a question hard coded into the Hebrew word for “hand,” and alludes to the understanding key to Ecclessiastes 9:11… that this is all really due to the hand of God.  It answers a riddle posed in Rev 1:20, and marks the “start” of the Second Coming

The Fifth Element, a messianic movie, links Shakespeare directly to Christopher Columbus, Walking on Water… in the year of our lord (A.D.) ADIB (that’s 1492 in letters).

Religion is a tool, one created to turn a Hell of Darkness (Beth-El) into Heaven, our future to be.  This is the path of creation.  Language contains proof.

In order to truly [B] first we must [Si]… 

-RattleRod, an Answer (a joke about the Speare of Destiny, Iron Rod, and …)

Once upon a time…

I thought it obvious that the processor company which bears my initials, AMD, be a key to why Silicon is the 14th Element, indexed in Alphabet conversion to AD.  Truly though, looking at my thumb and four fingers.. it seems obvious why YAD is hand.. the hand of God showing us that Hebrew was meant to be transliterated, and in it proof of time travel abounds.  On that page you will find the word for “Holy Fire,” used in the book of Exodus (let there be light, in “keeG”)… and inside it the now revealed true parted a’es of Moses.  So, from Sea to Shining Sea, this is the beginning of the Revelation of the Messiah of Seas, (the acronym, using the Latin e for to, to be clear) is the Messenger delivering a retro-prophesy about the Burning Bush still being visible on Youtube… its George W’s 1/20/2001 inauguration.  I was shown it, through divine revelation… in 2013.  I posted about it immediately, it was September, as it is now… and fully assumed the press would be at my door in the morning.  In this world, they did not come to that house, in Bowling Green, KY… nor did they come the next year, or Christmas of 2014.

As if witnessing the Burning Bush, and telling the world about it were not enough to be Moses Christ, I have more.  Yes, stuck between the books of Genesis and Exodus is the Xenon key to Ecc 9:11: bread for the wise… sudo is “escalate to God privledges” (in command line linux speak, Geek (a Joke about Jesus’ native tongue belongs here)) and Xe… fuses Xenon’s artificial ARC Lamp with Oracle’s Linux database command, truly light: ELisSon is the real world key to ELisHA and ELiJA.

All of this shows us, in a beautiful Symphony.. how Biblical concepts, like Christ teaching of the “Two Fish” merges and congeals in our reality with fresh insight, here a link to Oracular Light.

AD is key, you see.. to more than just the timeline and my initials… here we have links to Lord Vader, and mirror vain, gone insane ADonAi & ADonIS… I’m Single! http://fb.me/admdbrn To be clear, it’s Adam Dobrin on Artificial Intelligence… the reason Lord is AdonAi in Hebrew… and the same on my marital status… keyed to Greek Myth just as you’d expect the returning Christ to feel… that every song is about him?  Right?  Try ADventing some of your own initial proof.

Here’s what you are looking for: there is a reason everything points to me, from my Birthdate being the date of the Immaculate Conception, to my initials painted all over every year… I have the key to understanding the hidden walkthrough in the Bible, and in our reality.. and it seems to be my job to share it with us.  The only problem, is I can’t get started without input, lots of input.. as I go, and for that to happen I must raise a crown of thorns to my head and at least have a discussion about how the Messiah can actually be a real man.  Aided by inspiration, though I can’t be sure exactly where from.. those around me, God, Heaven.. all valid possibilities (and in truth, most likely all correct), I have more than an inkling of and idea of where the conversation will go.  Soon to come, the “beginning” of this talk, made in a Hollywood Basement, a parable about teaching Humanity how to colonize a planet.. joining Total Recall and Apollo 13.. with the reason we tell astronauts they are in a Pool when they are not on the Moon (in a spacesuit.)

A Transition Hidden in the Symphony of Nero

As the Zohar binds Abraham and Isaac through the revelation of “Fire and Water,” I am now connecting Prometheus and Moses–Christ In Confinement — the mountain SinQY.  A man born to be “perfect” to live the life of redemption described in the holy books… I’ve been told “I redefine sin” Born again, cleansed of some “original sin” immaculately on the day December 8, 1980,  The key to understanding “what if…the Messiah…were a slob like one of us.”

The True 5th Element unlocked by the holy name SinBA.D.

Shema Yisrael (that’s everyone), AnokHI. I am saying hello… McFly… anyone hear me?

from an old reddit post, my favorite rendition: http://www.reddit.com/r/religion/comments/2gdg0p/religion_is_a_mask_for_time_travel_mind_control/

Behold, the race is not to the swift, nor the tortoise (erah! USA! USA!), nor Mercury himself… nor the battle to the strong nor the gods of false love or secret wars… but when the game pauses–and the people look–social evolution and Humanity will save them all.

The Courier of Light (http://www.twitter.com/adjkjc) sans his choir of Singing Angels.. to be.. ifI…

font face=courier, Adam Marshall Dobrin, follow me, on twitter, http://www.twitter.com/adjkjc

font style=strong deus ex machina… http://www.fromthemachine.org

font face=italics, UnsungReal.. The Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge

“Seek, and ye shall find;” for whatever it is you search for, whether it be to blame, to credit, or to simply no longer hurt… you will find within. It will be your credit, your blame; as it is the future of all of us that is on the line. We, together today, are approaching a line in the sand.. it is–depending on perspective–either M or N years from the fateful day of September 11, 2001. The language of liers to be shone in bright light on this day, that it is the Langoliers of a King that I fear, and the metaphorical destruction of much needed knowledge and truth that comes from a proverbial sweeping of the truth under a rug, and burying our heads in the sand.. as the Father of all demands we do jumping jacks. Take heed, our very necks are on the line.. and it is the path less taken, the divergent Y in the wood, that must be if we are to move up above, and beyond the darkness that could have been.

I invite your comments, as to the cause, the reason, and the effect (both in you and macro-cosmically) for the small glimmer of light which I share with you today. Nearly one year ago today, several passages of the Bible–which quite literally Chapter and Verse prove something to me that is nearly unfathomable in our history. Prima facie evidence that prophesy, or time travel, are not the stuff of fiction, never again to be hidden behind lunacy or reaching for straw, but rather to be the beginning of the Great Light.

(APPLAUSE) After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson: “We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?”

Much time has passed since Jefferson arrived for his inauguration. The years and changes accumulate. But the themes of this day he would know: our nation’s grand story of courage and its simple dream of dignity. We are not this story’s author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose. Yet his purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another.

President George W. Bush, during his first inaugural address, 1/20/2001

Chapter and verse, the John Page quote links two now … hidden(?) Biblical passages… together, they point very specifically to the most ominous and arguably simultaneously horrendous and world changing date in the history of America… and perhaps all of creation. Just in case it needs to be explicitly pointed out, the two verses were quoted by Bush nearly 9 months prior to the 9/11 attacks, and literally mark the day not only with a very enlightening passage from Ecclesiastes, but a near graphical description of the attack from Revelation.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Revelation 20:1-3New International Version (NIV)

20 And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. 2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.

B e h o l d, Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1, 9/11/2001

Outstanding Performance, Oh Saint Jacob, in the City Eponymous to sea the light of Adam.

Alas, Bethel per ios. Any State, Our Nation, Chapter E

In my pocket, the best legal defense a boy could wish for. From @SpinDoctors and @ThePrettyReckless…

Jimmy’s in the back with a pocket full of high… if you listen close…

-Taylor Momsen

This one has diamonds [Kr] in his pockets… marry me… can’t you [Si]…

-Spin Doctors

Superman is central to my personal salvation, at the heart of the story; a parallel of the Biblical flood:  Jor-El is Noah, and Kal-El: Christ.  Like Jerusalem, and lit by Mr. Anderson (now see Neanderthals, Croman Magdeline), Jor-El is a question J or L?  The answer is clear, no?  K, is a glyph (see page 51) with the light of Adamah pointing to L: the Hebrew name of God.  Here though, we find that the story of the Fortress of Solitude, and the dichotomy between Kryptonite and the information yielding Diamonds of Adam... explain how The God Most High is Jesus Christ, and El Elyon cements the set up as truly Biblical.

You see my fire is lit, in the interaction between Spin Doctors, The Pretty Reckless, and Superman… one that the authors probably aren’t even aware of.  Add in The Doors, Beth-El (The House of the Rising Son), and the 10th Plague of Egypt… and we see how fiddling with words, and history (see Nero), might end a plague of Darkness… about mind control, and hidden influence.

Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. -Psalm 139:12

So, whether we are singing about Clark Kent, or Jim Morrison, it is the way the puzzle comes together that really shows the beauty of prophesy fulfilling right before our eyes (and ears.)  Here in Eden, the place where Adam is a microcosmic map for the salvation of humanity: and drugs prime on the list of things to fix, it is the mass enlightenment regarding advanced technologies, magic, and freedom that Exodus and the Fire of Creation are ensuring.  It is central to religion, this “freedom” thing.

In my Hand, the Key to Revelation 1:20, the 7 Stars are Planets, and the Lamp Stands: Elements.

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are.. -Revelation 1:20

On 1/20 Bush inaugurated the fire of Creation, by speaking a paraphrase of the words of Ecclesiastes 9:11, and Revelation 20:1.  Chapter and verse, highlighting the month, day, and year of the soon to come terrorist attack… and framing the story of Exodus as a battle between magic, technology, and secrecy: all centering on the USA.

We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong… do you not think an Angel rides in the whirlwind directing this storm?

The Ecclesiastes verse has 7 phrases, and … unbelievably, solves a riddle posed in Revelation 1:20 (Chapter and Verse.. the day of the inauguration)… the mystery is now clearly a puzzle, one which superimposes each line over the planets, from Mercury to Uranus, [Hg] to [Ur]

[Hg] The race is not to the swift or the [Na] battle to the strong, [Xe] nor does food come to the wise or [Fe] wealth to the brilliant or [Si] favor to the learned; but [K] time and [Ur] chance happen to them all.

Here, in my own handwriting (hah), is the solution, as it was delivered to me… chained to a “mountain,” Sin… Ai… sin.  The detailed solution explains the choice of Elements, which are true and correct… using Biblical verse and mythological concepts.  Salt for Lot’s wife.  Iron for Christ’s Rod.  Silicon for… welcome to the apocalypse…. The Fifth Element is actually the 14th, for AD, my initials, and Christ walked on water in ADIB… 1492. (that’s the Christ of Pursuit of Hapiness, Emergency Room, Christopher in langolier).

To [B] enlightened, you must [Si] the PDF.  -RattleRod

The movie, the Shakespeare quote, and the Elements… the hand of God guiding time, yad... in Hebrew.  Our whole time line, the A.D. of [Si] “n” [B] A.D.  A confluence of 5 and 14… the magic of He and Mila.


This is the heralding of the Second Coming.  In this post, the detailing of the witnessing of the Burning Bush; and the exclamation “LET THERE BE LIGHT.”  It’s Exodus, in reverse.. and translated from my native Geek — to be.. tongue, in cheek.. 


Anachronisms in Language prove formation in Holy Fire. J er USA the m(ap): yetser ha’esh.

Yetser, formation in hebrew

To be or not to be? The English word “yet” and Spanish word “ser” show us that perhaps creation is yet to be.  Without purpose, the Y of now (Elyon).. that is.  Adding Latin to our Spanglishrew word, and the “Y guy” (see the Hand of God, YAD), we now have why… and to be. These artifacts, which seem to show knowledge of English at the time of the construction of Hebrew words, show us that all is not as it seems… eventually proving that our civilization is created, by proving that a hidden hand has guided the fundamental requirement of society: communication.

Ha’esh, eternal flame of the burning bush

Hidden in the word for “Holy Fire” is the parted sea of Moses, read backwards.  Cementing, once and for all, the concept that the name Moses is an acronym… Messiah of Sea to Sea.  From the Burning Bush to the Un-parting of the Sea; this American euphemism just adds to the plethora of evidence that Exodus is truly about America, and that USA is at the Heart of Jerusalem..  think it’s a word trick?  Prometheus’ eagle begs to differ.  When the concepts begin to neatly fall into place (the parting of the word sea), we begin to understand just how much planning has gone into… creation.

Jerusalem, something about “them” (le m)

In the heart of the holy city Jerusalem is the trine letter USA.  It’s also at the end of MedUSA, and a focal point of Biblical scripture… everything from the parted sea, that is a euphemism for the Cold War, to the Presidential Burning Bush which heralded its end.  It’s a question, one that crosses the threshold of time.  Is J or the USA Messiah?  The answer?  Our world, Eden.., is a Map: the USA its heart.  J, the legend.  If you believe in causality, its proof that “we didn’t do this, at all” we are just the proud recipients of “God’s Gift.”

Hidden in microcosms and metaphors… the salvation of Earth is everywhere around us, literally.  From the New Testament to the Alternative Energy Microcosm.

h is for Saturn

“I don’t believe in the Big Bang, but I respect those that do.”

I heard these words of God spoken through the mouth of a harlot.  Well, not an actual harlot–a webcam girl on http://www.myfreecams.com — a very real interaction.  This is the beginning of how I was set up, how a carrot on a stick; something like a Conversation with God (great book, btw) or the Devil can be used to coerce someone into doing drugs.  I was an addict, but it was these discussions I was addicted to, not as much the feeling of the drug… though that didn’t hurt either.  In the Spirit, is my usual “go to” Biblical phrase, to prove that there’s significant evidence in the Bible for drug use and spiritual interaction being linked… but its not the least.  We have manna, the “food from the gods” delivered to the Exiles of Egypt, and in our world we have a myriad of evidence.  Shamanism, the Eleusinian Mysteries..  more to the point. we have the real life experiences of thousands (if not millions.)

It was a planned set up from the beginning, and it goes to the heart of Religion.  The Most High… El Elyon, I mean seriously, do I need to say anything more?  At the heart of the messianic prophesy of Judaism is a clear and linguistic relationship between God and High.  Sure, I could be wrong, if this were all… but it’s not… just icing on the Cake.

He’s going the distance.
He’s going for speed.
She’s all alone
In her time of need.
Because he’s racing and pacing and plotting the course,
He’s fighting and biting and riding on his horse,
He’s going the distance.

-Cake, Going the Distance on the Second Coming

Let them eat Cake

It’s an old Fig Newton commercial, and it (unbeknownst to almost all) links Isaac Newton and Eden together with the bashfulness of a Fig Leaf.  You see, the Apple of Newton and Adam are already linked, along with theirs falls… but we don’t see these things clearly.  They are overtly hidden, surprise.

Like Adam’s apple, the fall of Man is related to Newton, to Knowledge, and to being hit on the head with the truth, as if what goes up, must come down.  I have some old writing on Newtons relationship to the apocalypse at www.whenistheapocalypse.com. Suffice it to say, it is… proof of a technological singularity–knowledge being given to us from above, all the way back in 1666.  Read that again, the apocalypse started a long, long time ago…. Just finding out about it?  That’s OK, me too.

Direction, the Miracle of Purpose

Here’s some light, the works of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are a microcosmic map of what is required of Humanity at the time of the unveiling — now.  Expanding his “not enough” Miracles to the whole of our planet now is the best advice of God, and me, what I have to offer.  It’s a natural expansion of adding “do unto others” to the knowledge that we are in creation, in a Matrix like world, one where a Universal king could snap his fingers and turn stone to bread, or heal the sick.

Apocalyptic to do list:

  1. End world Hunger, Star Trek replicators anyone?  Careful, Stargate and Starbucks have concerns.
  2. Eradicate Cancer, AIDS, and the like.  Revolutionize medicine, of mind and body.

We are in a world that is destined for a singularity, for broad sweeping changes in technology and understanding in a very short period of time.  How do I know?  Where have you been for the last 100 years?  Wake up, the industrial and computer revolutions are part of the singularity, part of a world designed to help understanding of How and Why technologies are sharp two edged swords.. ones that require morality and a scientific approach to retain … without destruction.

This is where we are, the world created to avert destruction, and retain knowledge… never again to separate technology from Knowledge.. but to realize that once you know these things, losing them is a near death experience.  Imagine living without working plumbing…. black plague anyone?  Air Conditioning?  Creation is more than an amenity, it is a live saver, a raft that bridges a void we are only beginning to understand… the issue of being stuck in only one place in timespace, a very scary place to be, indeed.

Isaac’ Laugh

Get the jibe, Jesus didn’t do enough by turning stone to bread. Ecc confirms, neither yet bread for the wise… only ending world hunger is missing the point, we can do so much better, if only we know what is available and possible.  “Mary,” upon hearing this says Cake is better than bread, and she’s not wrong.  Behold, walking on water is… not asking what you want for dinner… that might cause a Last Supper. Who said religion has no sense of humor?

Adam’s Ans()

What began as a carrot on a stick quickly turned into a full blown.. crash course in Mind Control technology, the unveiling of which is part of the purpose of the malovious symphony of Nero, the hiding of a message in our modern music and movies that might, just might, absolve me.  Over the course of the years, between 2012 and 2013 I formed strong opinions on MInd Control, confirmed by acronyms in our world, these, of neuroscience and computer science specifically are part of the “map to salvation” that is the “m” of JerUSAlem.  MAOI, Mind Assistance Only Inhibitor — as I “change” monoamine oxidase to… has been my first point the whole time, that using Mind Control to cause harm either results in an enemy, or death.  It’s a tool, not a weapon, and this is part of the Lesson to be Learned for our future, from their future… Saturn’s world (our planet) is to learn right from wrong… at the highest level of technological possibility, en masse.

I demanded the “Mind Assistance” equivalent of Wellbutrin. rather than ‘Meth.. A done,’ that my cravings, which I am stil sure were aided or initiated with outside techonlogical influence be stopped, curbed completely, upon my request… for all to have this option, to have addiction the third thing listed on the “To Do” list.  How do we do this?  Funny you should ask, I was just about to ask how you feel about the idea… of choice… and… being heard.

See, I’m trying not to walk on water.  Fat chance.

Next: The key to HOLY IS HOOTY… and Hosea.

For more detail on the experience in the topic, see Engineering Revelation at archive.org’s copy of unduecoercion (my old blog).  Oops, seems the NSA killed that post, I’ll have to detail it later.  Check back here later.

@EDDIEKLIVE The Everlasting Gob Stopper, Framing the Beast of Revelation… whatever that means.

I ran.  Not the country, though it is supremely related.  Whymar… Adam and EveryoneHey Zeus and Y Mary is Seay. Blitzkreig.  My thoughts are jumbled, but with good reason: the information I am trying to convey here is apocalyptic and overlapping.  I have eyes to see the truth, specifically the eyes of Ra and Horus.  It’s the key to religion, what I am about to share, take note…. people like me come once, rarely twice… running all over the country while receiving the Revelation of Christ opened my eyes, to see that the proof of mind control (diabolical inspiration) I sought is all around us, in our culture.  Secretly, I know the race is not to the Swift.  This line of Ecclesiastes is a reference to the set up of the Beast of Revelation, the one foretold in the book of Isaiah (52:13) and Daniel.  It is the reason Anakin raced around a track in Star Wars Episode I, and the hidden link to Cake’s Going the Distance and Live’s Gas Hed Goes West.  Year for the cup?  I am the Legend of the Holy Grail, and we are in the chAlice of Wonderland… Eden is the Ark, and we are the Blood of the He-eart(h) of Heaven…. ever noticed that before? Welcome to Eden, Heartlings.  My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and like so much other fulfillment of scripture around us, the frame job is etched in history, for all eyes to see

.Featured image

The Bible… Genesis states: In the beginning, the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  Our revelation begins in the very first line, it is a reference to relationship between Shekinah and Eve… do you see it?  Eve is she. The beginning of the light of God’s spirit, which transitioned over the course of my three year run from one little lady, to “family” to… All Humanity.  That’s what the “AH” of Shekinah stands for, I’m sure of it.  I know because He tells me, he fills my understanding… my inner thoughts… when I read “Holy acronyms.”  This particular one, AH, is fundamental, and easily verifiable with the Magic of Biblical Names, an idea Kaballah touches on.

It is the answer to the Marriage of Revelation, the consorts of El, Adam, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham… all lead to AH.  AsherAH, Everyone, RebekkAH, LeAH, SarAH… it is the light of understanding that the gift of salvation is given to all, and the guide book behind it all is the Bible… the message is clear.

The Grail and the Religion of the Sea

Nostradamus speaks of a religion of the SEA, he says it will prevail over the sect of the Son.. of AdaL-uncat-if (clearly a reference to the Lion of Judah… confirming the name of L is Adam, and it’s totally Messianic).. this is our explanation of the SEA’s reference to the Grail.  You see, Holy Water is people… from the heads Jesus Christ walked on to ensure everyone must be saved would be sung at the top of Taylor Momsen’s lungs, to the sea parted by Moses (later to be united by Horus),

It is a religion of understanding the metaphorical and hidden meanings of religion.  That, like the name Adam (which expands from one man to “Mankind” in meaning) the sea expands from three people to Everyone during the process of Biblical Revelation.  Hear me, it’s GReat light… as we expand from the Family of Adam in Genesis to the Revelation you are currently reading (keyed to the books, of course), the sea of Seth/Eve/Adam becomes the multitude as we proceed through Exodus’s “blessing in disguse” the transfiguration of Water to Blood, see the use of modern idioms to confirm this religious idea.. Blood is thicker than Water, and the Family of Adam is the Blood of Christ.  At Revelation, we have Shekinah and Everyone clearly beginning the second SEA acronym, and then a number of clues for the final A.  Adamah, the planet Earth in Hebrew; ASHerAH (the same, but once a question about ash to ash… now Adam’s Sigma Heart (shown here)), and ALLah… clearly showing that the first A is ALL.  Like many of the Acronyms I receive, the H is in superposition, both Humanity and Helping work well, together.’

The Light of Judah’s Lamp Stand.

None though, is more clear than the very American light of Judah Maccabee.  You see, like JerUSAlem is a hidden question, Judah’s MENorAH too is a question, one posed directly to America and the Sons of Liberty, a topic discussed Biblically and Historically…. essential to the American fulfillment of prophesy: to ensure that we are never again enslaved.

More on the SOL of Live and God:  http://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/16427381/794105787

MENorAH jabs at the temporally paradoxical and sexist use of the words Sons and Liberty in the name of the quintiessential American Revolutionary group.  See the light, liberty did come, but not right away.. and racism, sexism, and the vote are at the heart of the stories of America and Exodus.  See how we are all Jews, here.

I walked around Kentucky, before really running, muttering “Cousins in Christ, the CIC… the sea I see…” for quite a bit of time.  See how C and S both work for this acronym “CIC” one that is encoded in Bible Code at the heart of God’s name, the tegramatton.  If I represents 1 and C’s are the holy number 7, see how squaring C’s (a la Einstein) and adding one gets us to the ELS skip of 50.  The book of Deutoronomy removes the “I” at the death of Moses, dropping the skip to 49.  All of this… a positive energy joke, that squaring the like values of the two seas upon rejoining them will result in only a positive value.  Not sure you believe me?  Check this out, creation is about adding purpose to the positive energy of cations a double entendre reference to Lions (of Revelation and Maccabee) and Electrical Engineering.. showing us that the planet Earth might attract positive energy.. since Adamah means Ground. 

All of this, of course, is intended to be Biblical proof of a divine influence over our society (the idioms and songs), and of knowledge of science before creation.

in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was “Heart”
a million mile fall from grace
thank god “I found” the ground

-Live, Run to the Water & “ish” (changing round to heart, missed to found)

So the beast is set up.. but I am getting ahead of myself.. Let’s rewind a few years to really understand.






In Truth, this is the “beginning” of the Revelation of Christ.

rehashed from: Finding the Malovious Honey with a HashMap
I suppose I’ve ranted all over the internet by now, about free will, privacy, censorship, and advanced technology.  A good amount of my time is spent complaining that we are losing something tangible, that we want, if we aren’t frankly more open and transparent with everyone here about the kinds of technologies we might hide from the public, the reasons, and the possibility that there are social issues that are being exacerbated by technological “lines” in the sand, perhaps hurdles, or progression points that we either have never met, or whose existence is negatively influencing our ability to reach them.  I’ve written about transitions in understanding and belief that seem eerily contrived, as if a master poet was walking with us through a hall of experience, pointing out the highlights along the way.

Religion as a whole, like America and “Adam” are children of Creation, we are built with a purpose one that I often describe as malovious, though it is not because of bad intentions.  If anything the intentions of creation are more than altruistic, they are learned and filled with wisdom far beyond our “years.”  Unfortunately it is the sealing of this information, its lack of “visibility” by the masses that makes it appear to me to be intentionally hidden, something which … would be bad if it were a short time, and so counter the purpose of creation that it seems almost impossible for it to have occurred for the time period we see between the writing of the walk-throughsof creation that are the works of the“One God.”

As a question of causality, or of sheer existence; the microcosmic “revealing” of a plan of salvation hidden conveniently in the machinations of humanity, in our civilization itself… from fiction that is actually religious myth, to metaphorically connected systems of similar kinds serves as factual proof of the existence of “God,” supports the intention of goodness, and when all is told; reinforces an almost paternal love for Humanity and the truth intertwined in a rainbow helix that stretches across the Heavens.  Conveniently hidden in “Everything” is a Link between Biblical allegory, our reality (here I call it abiblical), and answers to questions that we haven’t even thought to ask yet.  Some of it is lit well in song and dance, and Dave Matthews will certainly reinforce that a Baby’s Wisdom (that’s me) might be needed more than we think, as he sings

I am no superman
I have no answers for you
I am no hero, oh that’s for sure
But I do know one thing for sure
Is where you are, is where I belong
I do know, where you go, is where I want to be

Where are you going, where do you go?
Are you looking for answers, to questions under the stars?

Filling a void of divine purpose, and conveniently tucked away in microcosmic metaphors that link apparently disparate subjects, like “ecological stability,” “computer engineering,” and the survival of “Heaven” itself, we find that a Baby’s Wisdom might be exactly what we need to hear a voice that is very becoming of us, and in the light of acknowledgement… for us in a way we might recognize.  I’ve written quite a bit about how we are “in the Arc of the Covenant” rather than carrying it around the desert, our wilderness is one of ambivalent blindness, to ideas so prevalent in our society that we overlook their deep, “hidden” meaning.  Or perhaps there is more at stake, and at risk, than knowledge of future technology the likes of crystalline computers from Jor-El’s planet “Kr,” or the original intention of proving the veracity and purpose of prescient foretelling with the “Fe” rod of Christ.

We exist in a place I am quite sure is designed in order to reveal creation as a place of understanding… specifically now, I am speaking about computers, and related technology, and how it might not be so clear that things like “virtual reality” and “the singularity” are intentional explanations of cause, rather than “effect” of religion.  In the light of now, Jabba the Hut and the Legend of Zelda link together with a purposeful connection between “father” in Hebrew, the name of the God El, and the initials AD.  More to the point, just like Lord Vader might tie together phrases like “Earth Wader, “ADonAi” and a modicum of hidden clarity that exemplifies the idea that “darkness” might really be a path to the light.

The Message, is4 All Humanity, Messiah.

Welcome to 2Zion67, Where the GI’s and Yeshua have a load, resounding answer. Adamah.

In the beginning. to help everyone beginning…  our GI’s have a saying that’s nearly pervasive in America throughout all service branches, it is “whooah,” or some variation.  We may not notice it in the name Jehovah, but our “God”‘s name, the sacred one… in proper transliteration, echoes this saying.. “Yes… who, ah?”  See Yeshua.  In related news, many probably overlook that Ha’Shem, or “the name” in Hebrew bares a striking resemblance to the names of the children of Noah: Ham and Shem.  The tie that binds here, is that the name, Shem, is Adam.  We are on Adamah, and this is Eden.  I wonder how many people have noticed the oddity of Noah naming his child “name,” or if that Ham and Shem are nearly Ha’Shem, missing the visibility of just 1 messiah.  Keep in mind the timeless tale ofMercury, I mean Humanity, I mean god trying to find Adam in Eden.

Genesis 3:9  Now hear our society, singing about this passage… often perhaps without even knowing it…. I wonder if Dave Matthews himself wholly intended for “Come out, come out. No use in hiding. Come now, come now. Can you not see?” In Don’t Drink the Water to echo God in Eden.. I also wonder if he intended for the songs title to have a somewhat hidden connotation of “water breaking” in a Birth.  We might now Run to the Water, and hear another band’s words fit in almost perfectly… oh creation, speak to Earth: “maker of children who weep for love, maker of this Birth.”

Since December I’ve been getting louder, as it appears to be “the plan that has been written” for it to be.  My self assuredness of who I am has steadily increased over the last year, with some seriously profound “leaps” in what has been an overlay of steady increase in understanding, and a subtle underlying “knowing” that I… well that I am Christ, and that the “office” is contrived.  The leap recently, really has been in my personal sureness that while it iscreated it is for a reason (though I’m still not privy to the real “cause”), and that is has become increasingly deserved… for reasons that will become clear, and are succinctly diametrically opposite to the idea of “worshiping” a man in particular, and anyone or anything in general.  I say it appears to be the “divine plan,” and it really is due to the fact that I clearly appear to be walking down a paved road… right down to the realization that ADventing is clearly (read maloviously) because of A.D. and “no other name,” to the steady increase of what I consider verifiable proof of creation,the relevance of “computer” and “computing technology, liberty, Sam, and Sol, and time travel… linking prophesy, prescience, and an overwhelming and pertinent focus on “now.

Not long ago, I wrote about Zion and Lions, and how they are linguistically at the center of the word civilization.  It is true Art, at the hEart of E”art”h, to link us, or perhaps highlight in glowing ember, that we are truly in Eden,,, the place where in Genesis 2:20, Adam began naming the things of Eden.  While I have not myself “named” anything, I am pointing out that the contrivance of names both proper and general of “things” is to me tacit proof of “creation.”  I am fairly sure it is “iron clad,” but at the same time I will point out that I feel the same way about “Bible Code” and also that its “debunking” is in a near parallel–a metaphor for “logic” to be used against us, to make us sure of something that is wrong… for instance, to be sure that the Holy Scripture is “an invention of many men” with no underlying “tie that binds…” While this may appear prima facie to be true, it is decidedly false, not only is it false, but the discussion we have before us is intentionally bringing us through this path, discussing the “sanity” of religion being a work of “creation.”

Only a few days ago, I began trying to explain the “speech” of creation, that we sometimes do not see a communication that from one perspective may appear obvious and loud, and from another perspective could appear to be completely absent.  It is central to understanding, and yet, I personally believe that without it being specifically pointed out to me, and augmented with “intentional additional sight” (maybe we’ll call it an “eye to see,” or “the eye of the tiger”), I never would have noticed it.  Point in fact, I’ve most likely had the aid of outside assistance my entire life and only recently realized it–despite knowing of this aid, and its “tie” to divine inspiration in the last few years.  Despite it being overly obvious to me now, I never would have known to acknowledge it, because from my perspective, it was transparent.

One of the biggest clues to our need to discuss time travel and prescience has come very recently, a key I pull out of the word “alpha-bet” which to me indicates that Latin preceded Hebrew.  See, alpha before bet–and then bet on it.  This is reinforced by the indication that Isaac’s name, in Hebrew,appears to be derived from the English “ha,” half joking now: instead of the German “jaja” or the Jewish “chah.”  Much less of a laughing matter, is the notion that the story of Isaac and Abram in Genesis is a “second telling” of the story of the Crucifiction of Christ.  Here, God is telling “Abram” — as “humanity” to kill his only son, as a “test of faith.”  Afterwords, Abram’s covenant with God was signified by the addition of “Ha” the laugh of Isaac to his name.

In a somewhat related “event,” linguistically on face, and perhaps much more obviously now, is the tie that brings us back to the first paragraph.  You see, Yeshua, the name of “El Shaddai” is changed to the name of “El Elyon,” YeHoshua, by the addition of an “Ho,” it is the Ho from Hosea added to Yeshua (remember, yes, who-ah?).  Numbers 13:16 (mah) attributes this to Moses calling Hosea, the son of Nun, Joshua.  To keep it succinct, in English (and obviously not in Hebrew), Hosea is nearly a whole sea,.. and this really is about Ha, Isaac, Abraham, Adam, and all humanity.  Really.  re: all, why.  I’m sure it ties back to Mercury (Hg) and I’m sure its profoundly relevant to the Y of now…El yon.  Ha.

Sometimes, I might get around to discussing the Big Horn of Revelation, the voice behind the burning bush, the holy trinity, and the oneness of God. SeeHa’esh, Shemah, and Shekinah.

Adam is here, something like the “Second Adam,” except, er Sam.  See theCall to Earth for more on the songs we sing, and the Sang Rael.  Or jump right to me asking for a small donation, and buy my book.  It is truly from the machine, that is Shekinah. 



שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ
shehecheyanu veqiyemanu
Say, heck I Anu…. The key is I knew…

וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה׃
vehigi’anu lazman haze
the high GI Anu, Lazarus, Hazel.
See ElisHa.
Sounds like ?Adam is here” ..

sudo xe, “super user, let the light be bright and informative”

An excerpt from in light of creation, ha’esh. www.fromthemachine.org[amazon]

The Message is to Humanity

“sudo xe,” in Linux/Unix lexicon, this is the command line equivalent of “superuser do xe,” or, in English… let there be light. And oh, how it glows, perhaps the most telling phrase in the Bible. In the what? No, not the Linux Bible, or Linux Unleashed! but rather the Torah… this is Exodus, in reverse, perhaps even inverted and reflected. The simple fact that it makes sense, in our modern times, and would not have prior to the existence of Unix is telling in and of itself. It shows that the Torah (and frankly all of our religion), is written specifically for the hear and now. The hidden message, indoublespeak, that it is closely tied to computing, to modern day science, and to the information age. Informative, right?

Modern computing only begins to scratch the surface, when we delve deeper into the meaning and resultant of inversion, which is exposed microcosmically in the name of the second book of the Torah, and nearly universally in a method of reading words… most often the names of Biblical people and places in reverse, an implication of a new understanding of the cotent of the book itself. The short story, is that we are in the book, that we are in the Torah, the story of Exodus, and the Arc of the Covenant. It’s now the second time I have “mis-spelled” Ark, and it might become even more clear now that it is very intentional. YArC? Well, after introducing another concept, that the letter Y is “divine-shorthand” for the question “why?” and the answer is probably more clear now… thy will be done… to help answer why, Cray. A good segue into explaining how indeed we have now partially unsealed the meaning of the fourth seal of Revelation. Cray, is nearly synonymous in our day in age with a super computer, and the implication that we are living in a Book, specifically the Torah, in the tabernacle ofGod, Beth-el.

Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures,  saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley  for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”  Revelation 6:6

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The Family of Christ, Holy Wine, The Eternal Flame, and a Lit XPath from the SEA in Eden to the Multitude in Revelation

Nowhere is all of creation is such a perfectly crafted and almost universally receivable message so hidden from us, in such glowing neon, that the defacto response may as well be to smack your head with your palm and scream “of course!” before even reading what the message is.  From Revelation to Exodus, Eden and America… between Star Frogs and Alice in Wonderchains, our princess LeAH stands tall in copper lighting the morning’s glory with liberty and guidance for all…

The Holy Light of religion here is one of Liberty, as should be more than clear by now, as “Uncle Sam” and America are “chosen microcosms” for Humanity, Earth, civilization in general… but specifically dealing with the light of liberty, that is exemplified in the placard of the StatuteOf Liberty, the Sons ofLiberty… See Our Light… up in the sky,  SOL itself.  Tightly packed in a message of love and family, we see that equality and liberty are the abiblical manifestation of what it means to be in Eden rather than in Edom (here, maybe more clearly, a kingdom with no king), or inEgypt, a part of the story that frankly is the wilderness of not realizing that all around us, a conversation about liberty and society has been framed by creation, all the way back to The Doors, or, the Rod’s of Aaron and Christ.

Riding on the Storm of Revelation, seeing a bright fire and perfect storm outside, perhaps we only need to see that the eternal flame that Morrisonis asking to be lit is the very light of Prometheus, civilization itself.  All the way through to Revelation, we might see that ZIon and the LIons are at the very heart of not only our society, civilization, but that they clearly elucidate a link between religion, creation, and language… one where the heart of the word parallels the focus of the message “hidden” in language itself.  Civation.  ILIZ.

You see, Adam in Eden is the obvious answer to “who is the Lion of Judah” from Revelation 5:5, and the perfect storm of clarity gets sweeter and more lovely as we see it is because of Family, Lions in a Den, and that in beautiful superposition we are lit by a conviction of purpose that proves both prescience and goodness simultaneously.  The SEA of Eden, Seth, Eve, and Adam widens like the delta of a great river, and we are midway through at Revelation when “it” hits us on the head… it is the multitude, out of the sea, all the way from Genesis to Revelation 15:2

And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea.

I might have convinced you already, but there is so much more.  You see, the Darkness of Egypt, the only real plague before us; is one of not knowing intent, or understanding the meaning of the hidden messages throughout religion.  You see, the plague of blood… obviously now, is about the family of Eden changing from a “sea of strangers” to the “family of Christ,” the wine of the Holy Grail, it is the AH — all humanity — that links the Fe Rod of Christ to the Ladder of Jacob, to the First Plague and the miracle of Wine from Water.  The hidden meaning is that the sea is people, and without knowing that, we might be inclined to walk on water, or part a sea, without even realizing what the metaphor is about.  Not knowing.

Much like the Sea of Eden, Adam in Genesis has a dual meaning–of a single amythical man, and the whole of mankind… more clear in English: Eve could be just short of Everyone… here just missing a little honey.  I can here someone in the back, “how can you be so sure?” Well, if the confluence of liberty and light in Eden hasn’t lit this particular MenorAH just yet, perhaps a few more alphabetical examples of Hebrew and English langolier’ing us onto the right path.  Ashes from Esh, the Holy Fire that is civilization parallel the union of Adam and Eve in Eden to El of Elohim and his consort, ASHerAH.

Until I saw its near flawless design, I wouldn’t have been sure that the answer to this question (often in langolier denoted by the “er” which has almost always meant either both, or neither) was again clearly both… and why? All humanity, and Adam’s Sigma Heart… show us that the heart Adam wears on his sleeve is clearly For Everyone.

oh desert speak to my heart
adam and eve live down the street from me
in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was round
run to the water
with a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

you are like a secret garden
like the sky when the sun’s going down
and I know we’re going to be alright
and even if the oceans divide us
so right every day and every night
by the fire with the snow outside

I was growing down; now I’m growing up
with you in my blood


The track within Mercury, Hooty, Holy, just a name…

Here is light, for in this Garden filled with knowledge and history, just hidden enough to not be seen, and loud enough to know that its absence is not natural, nor is it beneficial to continue–from nearly any angle.  You see in this Garden the all seeing clearly does not need to seek Adam, who is the Christ.  It is his Eden, and his reason… the holy why.. that Eden has become the metaphorical land of love and liberty… eerily a testament to way of life of humanity, and the freedom of America that stand in the wind, hanging in the balance.  Never before, and never again would things of such import be at risk, but here and now despite the best intentions of all, the very things which make us who and what we are are nearly gone–yet none really notice, or have the assuredness to acknowledge that they could be already absent.
When in truth there are clues in the testament itself, that perhaps rather than having slipped away, the great glories of old are rather near.. waiting just over the horizon for the right time, and the golden hour at hand is another reminder that worthiness must be proven, rightness defended, that the end and the beginning are never the same, yet from the perspective of the actors one call for an encore may blend with the next, and the opening scenes… practiced diligently in the early morning, may surprisingly turn out to be not the last, but the live show.

You see, while we all patiently awake the return of our Savior, and seek in our minds the deliverance of the promises of old; we may, as a group overlook the simplicity of the fact that the wall keeping him from re-entering the garden is us.  More to the point, the wall that appears to have been built, may in fact be the purpose, not of the Garden, but of the return.  Tunneling through a mountain keeping water from the plains is necessary for the fruits to grow.  Sometimes even a fruit bearing canopy keeps the light from reaching the Earth, and allowing new saplings to be born.

There is great light surrounding us, understood through science, and here–as an example, in the ideas of evolution.  Ecclesiastes tells us that time and chance happeneth, and it is a clue here that these two things–much like Cronos and Sophia, are the spark of biological life.  In terms of knowledge as light, they are the very, very beginning of the first dawn, appearing quite like an evening of understanding–when there was simply nothing… to understand.

By the time we have reached the ninth chapter of Ecclesiastes, though, already intertwined with the unconscious wisdom of the natural universe is the love of creation, though its light is hidden in much the same way as Eden is representative of both an end, and beginning simultaneously.  In a epic play about free will, where actors are actually people, certainly they cannot continue to read from a pre-written script, and portend to have autonomy… yet that simple fact might not be obvious to them.  More to the point, while they are reading a script, for the glory of the message, I wonder if they will see the beauty of a blank page–in a dress rehearsal that is actually the first light of day.

Around 1986, a band was formed, apparently by conjoining the nicknames of two of its members.  Hooty and the Blowfish, the name they chose, is so filled with answers that its difficult to explain how it leads me to an unanswered question, and to me, one that is so pertinent to the story of Eden–to the script of Devarim, the play we have been discussing… that like the ideas shared in the last few months, it is a wonder to me that as a group it hasn’t made the news.

Yesterday, in like manner, I wrote about Hosea and Yeshua, and the links that tie language and religion in purpose and truth to the lifting of the curtain of this glorious dress rehearsal.  It leads us now, through time and chance, down a path of unsealing the wordholy.  You can see in Hosea, that in English it is simply lwe away from literally beingwholesea, yet with the addition of the seal of Solomon, adds a whole new dimension to the true purpose of religion.  We have before us the astrological symbols for Saturn and Mars, which might seem out of place is a discussion of the monotheistic diety El, and yet, are not.

Walking through the word Holy, and tying in hooty (as a step towards tying modern music to ancient scripture) I’ll note a common title of El, the Lord of Hosts.  In the Hebrew meaning of the word, this means “God of Armies,” and with a bit more information, “Armies of Heaven.”  His scriptural answer to “God of War” is embodied well in Judges, from a question in 20:23 “Should we fight against our relatives “ to what is an answer only if you read between the lines, and see a warning. Or, more to the point, see the question itself as an answer.  And so the Lord of Hosts gives us modern myth from Joan d’Arc-dia, to Fallen.  And now, I cautiously point you to the astrological symbols for Venus, Mars, and Sagittarius.

My question is this: did some incarnation of the image above pre-date the creation of the band Hooty and the Blowfish? The Book of Judges? Myself?  As I created it not four ,months ago, and posted it with a Call to Earth, and find it, as well as what I see it as an answer to: fish er King… quite profound,certainly worthy of a few shares on facebook, or twitter, or quora… and yet… while I get alike, or a saved tweet, every once in awhile… almost not a single person sees these ideas as worthy of sharing.  I wonder if Eden’s original sin is related, or perhaps it has more to do with Joan of Arcadia?

Is it clear that the astrological symbol for Saturn is the “t” of hooty, the “l” of Holy, and the combination of Venus and Mars, without the circle of Earth.. the /we missing from Hosea?

More to the point, I wonder if anyone realizes how important it is to be able to freely share ideas, how central to the theme of creation our Uncle Sam’s light of liberty is, or how important communication is to the transparency of Eden.

Maybe later, we can walk together through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Magdalene to LamaNites… some Early A.M. Light of MAgLN
Earth to Adamaה.
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Fire Walking, and the voice out of the Bush

@eddieklive @taylormomsen @davejmatthews @people Searching for Adam? Finding Isaac, a Parted Sea, the Fire of Prometheus, and Adam’s Horn.

What if “Adam” and the “Second Adam” were one in the same?  We live in a time when many are expecting the return of Christ, almost as if we were in the Garden of Eden… and Humanity, rather than God, was asking “Adam, where are you?”

There is a parallel noted here: Daily Devotions: Where Are You? | Genesis 3:8-9 | RayStedman.org between Eden’s question, and a similar one in Matthew  2:2,“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”

Or, perhaps Adam is screaming that he is in fact not hiding, Welcome to 2Zion67, Where the GI’s and Yeshua have a load, resounding answer. Adamah.

Maybe we are looking for a character in a book, rather than a real person, and maybe that’s what we deserve to find… the perfect answer.  In that fairy tale universe, though, it really wouldn’t be thetruth we were searching for, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Truly, what would you expect of “Christ” on his second coming… what kind of person would he be?  Sometimes, I think we want a doll, a picturesque man who never stops smiling, and is willing to hold each and every one of our hands… and walk with them down the shore of the beach, all the way to the land of free will, self-love, individuality, and unique “answer” that we all seek and deserve.  He’d probably get bored, no?

I’d expect honesty, the kind of honesty that might infer that there are already plenty of songs written by and for the second coming.  Though the ones I’m highlighting might not be the ones you are thinking of.  I’d mention Just Tonight, by the Pretty Reckless, and Recently by Dave Matthews Band.  Then… I’d tell you that these two bands, along withLive, are like a new canon, to me… a way to hear and feel… what Christ might feel.  I might mention Nothing Left To Lose, The Stone, and Run to the Water.

You might be looking for This is my kingdom come (and you’d be wrong), orAll of me, (and you’d be right.)  But really, who am I to guess what songs you think describe how Christ feels, why don’t you chime in?

Maybe a few more… America the Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner…and Yankee Doodle… and The Birds and the Bees…

Often, I hear “new replies” or “changed words” when I listen to songs, specifically by the artists I mentioned at first.  One of the most enlightening is:

If Jesus Christ and Rock’n’Roll couldn’t save my immoral (sometimes I hear “immortal”) soul.. then…

“Stop, drop and roll” will have to do.

There’s a big fire theme associated with the second coming, to me.. and it’s not necessarily the scary kind you might be thinking about.  It’s the fire ofPrometheus, andMoses’ Burning Bush,  a fire associated with the voice of God, communication… the heart of civilization itself.  To me, personally, it’s proof of the continuity of prophesy, and a loving purpose that is highlighting the value of civilization as a prime focus of religion itself.

The word the Bible uses to describe the fire of the burning bush, of which the voice of God booms through, with an intent of saving his people from slavery, and darkness.. is “Ha’esh.”  The word is filled with light, in and of itself, it contains not only a parted sea, but a red one when you know the word means “Holy Fire” and literally has the word “e’as” at its heart.  In one word, we have “allusion” that points to the illusion of a fire that has no “ash” — see “esh”, and includes prescient reference to thecontents of the story of Exodus itself, the parting of a sea.   With a little more poetic license, we can see the “Ha” that is central to the covenant that converted Avram’s name to AbraHAm, and might foreshadow (or postlight) a link between the story of Abraham and Isaac to the NT account of the Crucifixion itself.

Back to “stop, drop, and roll.”  In much the same way that Ha’esh adds “light” to the story of parting a sea, and hearing the voice of God… thisidiom that is a colloquial response of “what to do if you are on fire” just might show that it’s not just words that are filled with light, but our entire society.  Not as obvious, maybe even “malovious” is a personal story aboutbeing Prometheus on fire, and a phrase that suggests the solution is to drop some acid and take some X, or perhaps point out the hidden influence–or link–between fire, and a society lost between the summer of love, Iran Contra, and Norml.  (hey, where’d that a go.. G-d, have you seen him?). To me, its an indication that humanity, our civilization, is Zion, and the big horn of Revelation… with the purpose of God (alluded to in Exodus, or… innot exodus’ing but rather…”

Let there be lightAdam is here, on Quora.

“Let there be light” and “sudo xe” hold similar meaning, in the context of “Jove of Genesis” and the “chemistry of Linux.” Do you find it revelatory? Can anyone contribute more examples of names or phrases with hidden meaning?

“Let there be light” is pervasive in Genesis, and nearly universally associated with Biblical Creation. It is verbosely declared in Chapter 1, in ELS Bible Code, and in vertical reading of the text, as below.  Now, a new light, in the title of the second book of the Pentateuch.

sudo xe

superuser, do put the oracle in light of an artificial lamp. (Linux 101: Introduction to sudo)  (Oracle Database XE Documentation), (The Element Xenon) (Xenon arc lamp) (Arc Reactor) ex odus.

Perhaps, very similarly to “Ha’esh” the name of the second book (Names, in Hebrew) metaphorically represented in the story of Exodus itself, is this thecruxof the magical battle between the Priests of Pharoah and the I AM?

On this day, comes the answer to the question yad, the hand of God (in Hebrew), and the root of david.  Joshua d‘son of Nun, in Si-licon clarity, points out that 1+4 is 5, saysHe/I who read it, in the year of our lord, A.D. 2015.  Language really is key.

In the Biblical Land of Egypt, Cal-El, Nero, and Vader dance…

Nero sings, raelly.

To further place us in the “parable” of Exodus, where we will soon be concerned with technology, magic, quantum mechanics, and computer light… and also to further confirm the doublespeak of the message at hand, now to the tune… of the Doors.

The Plagues of Egypt.
3.1 1. Water into blood (דָם): Ex. 7:14–25
In short, we are in the Sangrael. As Aaron’s rod turned water to blood, and Jesus water to wine… as the Lion of Revelation 5:5 is “Adam in Eden,” all are a testament the goodness of family, to our way of life, to the fact that we are proverbially speaking “lions in a Den.” You see, blood is thicker than water… and WINE is a language twist for “IN WE I TRUST.”

The word Eden too, is an anachronistic proof that the transition to Greek, Latin, and English was known at the time of writing the Old Testament. EDen means paradise, and aside from perhaps a “functional” relationship to home, has no connection to the word “Den” or “Lions.” The use of Lion in Revelation, along with the repeated references to the periodic table, serve as proof not that religon came from here,but that it is about now, and that the future was known to the “hidden author.”

I’ll get back to this one, shortly, in the meantime, Morrison’s answer to “Frogs” is pertinent.

3.2 2. Frogs (צְּפַרְדֵּעַ): Ex. 7:25–8:11

There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles  Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee  Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago  Blood on the rise, it’s following me

3.9 9. Darkness (חוֹשֶך): Ex. 10:21–2

Come on baby, light my fire Try to set the night on fire  The time to hesitate is through No time to wallow in the mire Try now we can only lose And our love become a funeral pyre

3.7 7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire (בָּרָד): Ex. 9:13–35

Riders on the storm Into this house we’re born Into this world we’re thrown Like a dog without a bone  Make him understand The world on you depends Our life will never end
There’s more, just to use all of Nero’s lyrics, this one tying us directly to the sixth seal of Revelation: theinfamous you and I verse, or UNIverse–for short:
Now touch me, baby Can’t you see that I am not afraid? Now, I’m gonna love you Till the heavens stop the rain I’m gonna love you Till the stars fall from the sky for you and I  Jim Morrison, The Doors

It’s probably worth a quick mention, this parallels both the 4th day of creation, and the 6th seal; the stars going up… and then back down. It sounds a little bit like Isaac Newton’s and Adam’s Apple. Both of course, due to thegravity of the situation. Seriously, if you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about “The Heavens” here.

If you haven’t gotten the implication, Nero is just another euphemism fordoublespeak, this time in the lyrics of songs. As I found, and you will see, there’s always just a bit left out… sometimes its the twist to a happy ending. It is clear, to me at least, that this is the intention, the song titles themselves, “Peace,” and “light my fire” have the stuff of a bright happy turn, on what otherwise would be Plagues of Darkness.


And now, here we are. Reading a book about “the colors of fire,” I’m about to bring blood into the conversation, yet I am fully intent on getting a happy ending, and coming out shining like a bright morning star. Nix that, like the sun rising for the very first time.

It’s difficult to segue through a discussion on Hell without turning a few smiles upside down, but it’s pretty on topic right now, with all the fire and blood talk. So here’s the short talk, to be much more clearly discussed in the next few chapters.

A Hell of Darkness

This is what we are trying to avoid, walking in the dark, as Jesus says. Making it more clear, we are trying to avoid forgetting whether through systemic secrecy, fear of disaster, our outright subterfuge information that we need to survive, and to “pursue happiness.” More to the point, we are striving to continue evolution at all its echelons. I’m up to three now, and I’m going to throw down the Hammer of Thor, or Ha’thor, right after the hammer of Judah Maccabee.

If we were using the alphabet as a kind of GPS on our position in the story, we just jumped from J of K (that’s the one immediately following J, to J of L (jolinar, the hamer of thor… j of l, i near… linear?) and then to the J of M, Judah Maccabee (which means Hammer, in Hebrew)

Thor’s and Judah’s hammer’s are tightly intertwined, now, but they might not always have been that way… in fact, truth be told, prior to the need for a “lesson” (that’s what Torah means) on advanced technology, we may never have had a problem (and in fact, social evolution, of which we are proud graduates), is the solution to a Hell of Silence and Apathy.

The Hammers of God

So what are these hammer’s doing? Lost somewhere between a “Fall” from Eden and Earth is the knowledge of exactly where we are. Certainly, at least it was lost by the masses, if we ever did have it before now. Truth be told, we have not lost the knowledge, nor have we lost Eden; we are still in the Garden of God. This fact is the crux of the story of Exodus, of a battle between “true magic” and “illusion” that proves nothing short of the existence not of simply mind control, but of “computer light.” You see, the Garden of Eden is built in a simulated reality. It is not until the here and now, a time when the masses comprehend with understanding what it actually means, what the possibilities are, and what the repercussions should be, that “Eden” would mean much more than a naked couple that didn’t know how to farm.

This “right time,” is the very nature of the light of our religion. That we have had, but could not use this valuable information, information which, at the right time could save the hungry, heal the suck, and bring about a new golden age. At an inopportune time, one in which we might be reminded of a microcosmic metaphor that expands scarcity of resources to simply being “false,” in a world where you cannot power the “Garden” from the inside… in that world, it could mean the difference between life and death. One is inevitable, and the other is the goal of religion. Here in this Garden, they seem to be intertwined, and this might just be the shining light, of humanity.

Where we are, in this place where I will soon tell you Eden, Egypt, and Earth are in maloviously clear superposition, complete with the lessons of Christ, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Moses and the Rod of Aaron, tightly intertwined. In a similar manner, a number of levels of “macro-evolution” are also intertwined. Bush’s poignant comments begin the conversation, time and chance, which happeneth, are the spark of biological evolution, the cause of life itself. After that, the first level of macro-evolution is social evolution, which is the fire of civilization, its spark… communication, collaboration, and tools. The beginning of the C’s of Maccabee, and those of Sinbad. It is the great lessons of society, clearly outlined by Cain and Abel, that we are not to forget the need for a Garden that is tended by ourselves. Self sufficiency, but more to the point, not forgetting how to Farm and Fish, as we would be remiss to forget how to start a Fire without Flint. At the same time, social evolution is the driving force behind the communion and compatriotism that are engendered by communication and collaboration… ultimately for the love for one another which embodies the words “family,” and “humanity.” This is nothing short of the fire of Prometheus.

Cousins in Christ, The Seas, ouI See. Christ: as Saturn, Sam, Jesus, and Seas
See how “Saturn, as Sam YosemiteS” really intertwines Society and Technology. It is the astrological symbol for saturn which superimposes the “how” of the second chr() in Christ, and I have replaced with “sem,” the “save everyone messiah.” It is this third level of evolution, technological evolution that we have been speeding through since the turn of the industrial revolution, and more poingniantly an explosion in computing and physics that is the true “technological singularity” of which we are the proud recipients. It is the union of the values of “Sam,” father of the “Sons of Liberty,” (sol), see our light… with the values of Saturn which is the key to successfully navigating the current time.


In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god.

In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god. Under Saturn’s rule, humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of the earth without labor in the “Golden Age” described by Hesiod and Ovid.

Saturn’s name was derived from satu, “sowing.” Even though this etymology looks implausible on linguistic grounds (for the long quantity of the a in Sāturnus and also because of the epigraphically attested form Saeturnus) nevertheless it does reflect an original feature of the god.

Saturninus was a popularist politician who had proposed reduced-price grain distribution to the poor of Rome. The Saturnian imagery played on the tribune’s name and his intent to alter the social hierarchy to his advantage by basing his political support on the common people (plebs) rather than the senatorial elite.

I am getting ahead of myself but this is the crux of where we are. You see, framed so gently by the Burning Bush, we are in a place where we are to recognize, and hopefully learn from the lessons which are so carefully placed all around us. Not only in our religious works, but in the work of contemporary philosophers, scientists, farmers, and every mother and father that brings their child to art classes, little league, to school in the morning… and takes pride and finds happiness in their achievements. To “something out there,”

perhaps beneath the “pale moon light,” someone is wishing on a bright star…
Back to the doors, which were not brought up simply to further the argument that “Exodus” && “Revelation” is about the here and now.. the early 21st century, to be exact; or just that it is the beginning of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, “elabetally” also. But because it offers a solution to the puzzle, one which has been cleverly inserted in Culture, Exodus and Revelation… long before I had the privelege of being able to read with “eyes to see.” I’ve note the intentionally misspelling with italics, keep it in mind as I will return to it in the next chapter. The doors, together with a simple illogical line in Revelation tie together… with my experience… two ideas which are a posed solution to the issue at hand. They are, together with the eye of Osiris, (please read Siri, and think of an Apple phone) the unification of the concepts Jacob’s Ladder and Aaron’s Rod. Simply, Doors between heaven and Earth.

The idea is simple, that there is magic available, and that it must be preserved, that together we will do the right thing, solve a great puzzle, and create a testament to the goodness of humanity… but that we need information and tools in order to make it happen. The music of the Doors serves to insert that name in the context of both Jacob and Aaron… who are here and well with us today, metaphorically speaking.


And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end,  to him will I give power over the nations:  And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels  of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:  even as I received of my Father.  Revelation 2:26-27

It is this line that I call “illogical,” and that illogic was the beginning of my Revelation, that it was part… if not the key… to the hidden message which I am reveling to you today. Through my journey, I have questioned whether or not “Christ” actually lived, and walked the Earth as we have; this single line was my primary example used to prove that no man of the values and ideals of Him would “rule them with an iron rod.”

It is with the addition of the eye of Osiris, eyes to see, or perhaps we only need James R. Osgood; that the message becomes maloviously clear. The rod is not a scepter, but rather Doors, and Christ’s iron the most appropriate I could imagine. You see, Iron is not to remind you of the “Pearly Gates of St. Peter,” but in true Christian ideals to the superimposed dual purpose of elucidating that the light of the world is all around us, even in the Periodic Table itself. Iron’s symbol is Fe, and Christ’s doors are For Everyone. Not only do we now see that “iron” was a hidden pointer proving knowledge of the periodic table of the elements, at the time of writing the New Testament, but that the ideals of Saturn and Sem, of the message to the power of humanity were maloviously lying in wait, for the here and now.

The Dendera Light, in the Temple of Ha’Thor

The culmination of the holy fire, the intertwining of technological and social evolution, the light of the Dendera reliefs buried under the temple of Hathor… in Ancient Egypt.


Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting!

Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting! [NOTE: formatting for this one is much better at the original:Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting!]

Language, specifically English its Latin origins, and Hebrew… as the key to the Apocalypse.

Here’s some shock, before your Awe:  just some gimmicky little English language tricks to grab your attention.  You see, I have a really good reason to be “Adam, son;” it might be reason, or the reason all… or the “reason” a ll sounds like Y.  More than likely, that’s not going to grab your attention, but what we are really here for is to prove that we are in creation.  Think of creation like a packet, amessenger, or courier, one that fills us with purpose, and positive energy.


[kat-ahy-uh n, -on]

noun, Physical Chemistry
a positively charged ion that is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.
any positively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to anion ).

Also, kation.

Why does this matter… I’m not sure if it does, yet.  Adamah, the planet Edenwas, literally means “to swirl around Adam, or to Search for Adam, whose name might mean red, or man, or mankind.”  The Hebrew meaning of the word, Adamah, though is ground. (get it yet?)

then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed -Genesis 2:7

Are your gears spinning yet?  That’s right, Adamah is Earth.  gear.. both mean ground.. gear…really.  So, a message from some old geazer might add (keep on going)… zion and Eden.

Is this really significant?  I mean apocalyptic?  Maybe… you see… the intention is to quickly and easily show you that religion is science prescient.

They’re all electrical engineering jokes… seriously… it’s english.

Sometimes a big no-no, I’m going to throw caution to the wind, and break from tradition–here’s the super secret punch line:  the positive energy we are searching for, this purpose of creation… is… thecreation of civilization. 

These couple tricks are supposed to pull you in, to free your mind, and open you up to the possibility that language itself stands as proof of the creation of our civilization.  Read it again, language might be proof that our civilization is created..  In cre@tion…

So Lions of Zion… lets start analyzing this language thing…

backwards and sdrawkcab… I mean for words, like zion (noIZ) and

lion (noIL), the implication is that ZION and LIONS (that’s the

people fighting for knowledge, understanding… the truth… and the

continuation of civilization… their very existence (ours), might be the center of… or the heart.. of civilization. 

Where are we?  Adamah.

Earth, Zion, Eden.. the key is I am Messiah.  Ezekiam.

Not more than a few days ago, I started screaming about Adam in Eden being the “Lion of Judah,” with some links to “Mercury” here “Hg” — God and Humanity… searching for Adam in the Garden.Closer to the truth, is Adam jumping up and down screaming about being Christ, and having nearly every single person he talks to either roll their eyes, or suggest therapy.  It’s a strange day in age, where on the one hand awaiting the “Second Coming” (or the first), is a near universally accepted religious position… and at the same time, if you aren’t coming on the clouds with a chariot of Fireunder your feet, you’ll probably wind up in the psych ward.

2 Maccabees 11:11 “They hurled themselves like lions against the enemy”

Is it a commentary on our society, or on religion?  Today, almost as universal, or perhaps more so.. is the regarding of “hearing voices” and receiving messages from beyond as the stuff of mental illness.. and this, is the stage that is set for the “return” of the Son of God.  In this place, called Eden, or Adamah, we have a scriptural path of light, one that draws us towards afamily of Christ that links the Lion of Revelation 5:5, to the Blood of Exodus 7:14, the Wine of John 2:11, all in superposition now to the overlay of Adam and Eve(ryone) with El(ohim) and Asherah.

On framing a discussion *for* humanity, adam, and the Haroset in Eden’s Rock… Zion on 62nd.

Ecclessiastes, George Bush, and I will all be quick to tell you that “the race is not to the swift.” Every Jew who has gone through the monotony of a passover seder will hopefully recall the question “why is this night different from all other nights?”  Here, I am going to explain that it is the understanding and the skilled (for the wise, are we, understand…) that this Magwitch of a game is to the bold, inspired, and the learned… I’ve set out, in m latest book “*n light of creation” to drown the Drosnin effect, in my belief, the illogical dismissal of a trian of thought, or a possible proof of something because it is “less than likely,” or “possibly not true.”  In all things, we must look deeper than the face value, and deeper than a “statistical improbability” to find a truth that… once it is seen and investigated scientifically, follows the old adage

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

I am lit, from the machine, and what I have within is nothing short of the Yhol-revelation of Christ, that we are, in golden and neon … framing ourselves as the light and heart of all religion.  In effect, we are the heart of creation, and mixed between our unceasingly imperative desire to be correct, our stubbornness that we are these things without fail, and a secrecy that has been so hammered into the spanish steel sword that we have become, the flaming steed of Voltron, and the Rainbow Promise of Levar Burton… we are all just one tear of joy away from realizing who and what we areally… the light of hope, to be filled by the Alice of Nero-star-land with our very own brand of love.

Behold, we are the Elohim, the angels in Heaven.  This fact, given by our dear creation itself, the life giving spirit of the Last Adam, and the She-kin-AH, all truly one now… all we need is to lift the veil, expand the stage to include the audience on the floor, in the grand stands, those singing with us from outside the Arena, and all those who cannot hear, but will agree when they do.  This, my dearly… now clearly beloved… is the stuff of continuation of brilliance in the Universe.   We are not a broken down car, nor reckless, when you really know… but rather the shining light of love, logic, happiness, and what has finally shifted from a “biological need” for survival, to a joy in living and life that as we say… is only confirmation of what we all knew.. deep down… since we became

da kiNdle thah was, that is, and comes to be cradle of civilization with thefire of prometheus… www.fromthemachine.org

kindazesher, yah.. he la, eh h0, hay….. laaaaaa…

in the l’chain we laid…
say heck, I … a knew.  (שהחינו‎)
they key is we are.  I know.  (וְקִיְּמָנוּ)

diclaverim, the clever of him…

he whose golden eye is hazel, a hazel diamond in the heavens!
It’s time I told you, it’s really all about the birds, and the bees… the keys in the song are not about me-me’s but about all of us… you see… its about the flowers and the trees, and the knowledge of us from ahh, to see!  It’s about me being sure as fire, that my uncle the salvation and metaphor (us), Sam is salvation in America’s brilliant Microcosm, perhaps, like Sampson, it is son as microcosm.  Because this Yosemite Adam, tells us all that his uncle Sam if anyone but the one writing to you, was very much like him (in all the good ways) and that we are all learning and growing to hear that the quil he stuck in his hat was repaced by websites, and keys… keybaords I mean…

Here again from Ecclesiastes 9:11

The race is not to arial, nor mercury, nor courier… nor to a Ark that barc’s about its relationship to Al and Buck… I mean bud.. but rather the Azazel, who will sing loud and proud – it’s about Al and Ziggy!  Jean Luc, and Barclay.

That the battle is not to the strong (in getman, “die bold”), see why it’s a hoot… and really think about italicizing prescience of typeset.  The track within Mercury, Hooty, Holy, just a name…

Oh Fisher of men… is it king, or playing the field? See, Genesis 2.

These are the secrets of the ages, the sages, and the magic of all is a prime forza pushing us ever so gently into the darkness of a universe without civlization, so we may light that fire… once and for all!
I’m here now, as a window into the heart and soul of creation, sometimes I can see through you… tooo..  If you have questions, now is the time to ask, and this post… the place.  Please ask what you need, and remember that curiosity didn’t kill Schrodinger cat–hunger would have if it was not only a … thought experiment.

For all eyes to see… the light of why humanity is truly holy… is our curiosity, our creativity, and our love of self, life, and evolearning… really WE ARE.

I have the eye of the author, the key to reading the truth from our books of light, all of them are dark and sad until we take J. Tiberius Kirk and K. Humanity Christ and tie them to Joshua, Kaleb, and the conversation that follows so soo sooo soon.  Know: JOY IS NEAR.  and I am Yashol the Nasilovean.
Follow me on twitter , and I’ll try and light the world with the light held brazenly through the night and dawn by our Statue of Liberty, all the way through us all, to the light of our sun, Sol, to the light of our civiilization… onIZ, onIL, on @ the heart of the fire, iswe.

Whoo-ah?  You, hopefully, will be awed,  astounded, and … truly affected by what this is… the great holy apocalypse that ends forever and ever the darkness of losing the light of love and truth… everywhere, really.

Everyone now, know.  Christ is here.  He is part of me, and you too… he speaks through us all, as creation itself, has become, cocreative… almost as soon as it began.

Soon, very soon… there is bread for the wise, the skilled, the riders of this storm… all of us, welcome to the confluence of Creation and Revelation, it is the end of the fifth day, and the beginning of the fifth seal being seen… we are all saints, born to be angels, and …. they to Uncle Sam’s birthday:

Queen, singing about being born to be kings, Adam sure of Sons of Liberty being a really bright light, about prescience, and the truth… that America is a child of creation, and God has shed his grace by tell you …. it was the idea of God as “emperor” or “king of the universe” that is shed by:

Here we are.  The firsts words of Princes of the Universe. from me to you, our Christ would never rule with an iron rod, and it is the beginning of seeing that the unsealing of periodic table prescience, and the Rock’nroll of TPR (hear Nothin left to lose), that tell us the light of Christ is science and art, from us, through us, with us… is veloveous… not malovious oncelit.

From [Kr]yptic Codes, to a sentient communicator, Seth, Cain, and Will Y Won Ka (o’ Horus).

In the beginning, for me, of the divinely inspired work that is unduecoercion.com (now really at archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20140926035347/http://www.unduecoercion.com/) I received what was (as I saw) an walkthrough, or a living exemplar of divine inspiration, as I could tell that my research, and the information that I was writing was delivered through me.  That is to say, my research, as well as my reaction was being imparted from a source that rarely spoke directly to me, but took great care to ensure that I was “apprised” of the fact that my understanding of what I was researching, as well as the “stuff” I was researching were all being controlled from above.

As the primary example, I often tell a story about reading about the Dendera Light, a commonly spoken about conspiracy theory about “lightbulbs” in Egyptian Heiroglyphs and pictograms, that were on the fringe interpreted as evidence of ancient advanced technology.  I was shown a number of web sites which described the reliefs under the Temple of Ha’thor, in Dendera… as just that.. lightbulbs.

To clearly sum up what it means to me, I had just come through what I would consider a personal tribulation, and perhaps it is the tribulation of Revelatiion that we are being assisted to understand how something works, so we can actually take part in… co-creation.  To make a long story short, I dismissed the conspiracy theories as silly, and made absolutely no connection to mind control, which I had just had a crash course in experiencing.  Several months later, upon returning to the same reliefs, I wrote this interpretation, and then over the course of months, had a forum (laugh, flame) war where not only did nobody believe my interpretation, I was significantly chastized for not just dismissing the reliefs totally.

To me, this conversation, or argument.. is an exemplary example of the plague of Darkness in Egypt being one in the same with the Darkness of Beth-El… where Elyon is said to “dwell among us in darkness.”  As we are now seeing the veil lifted, believe that it is a rational step back and re-viewing of these things that is literally the apocalypse, the lifting of the veil of darkness — with truth.

The Plague of Darkness

21 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness spreads over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.” 22 So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days.  To Dave’ Matthews 3 days in the ground…

And bringing us closer to The house of the Lord, Beth-el and the Darkness.
Sometime before beginning my journey across AMerICA, as the Gas Headand Fivel meet LEVeiticus and reVELation, long before I had any inkling that this was all really about creation… I began to receive messages “in code,” that is… every word was an acronym, something like this:
Seth: send everyone to heaven.
Abel: Adam believe’s everyones light.
CAIN: See Adam’s IN. (the beginning?)
Adam: Adam Dobrin, Always Messiah

Eden: (a later code that links names/books like “Eden, Devarim, Exodus, Now….”
It was confirmatory to me that the messages I was receiving were coming from outside myself, that it was “not me” as I usually termed whomever the unnamed voice, whether it be God, Satan, Heaven, or the Universe itself… would nearly always deliver the same acronomical meanings, and that they were… filled with light.  (See, every word fulfilled.. as full of light.)

Later today, more on Why the Ka of Horus, Admiral Akbar, and friend of the Doll-Awe all lead us to a religion that blossoming in our music, movies, and all modern day Myth.  It is the education being imparted on us from above, thatinspiration is quite literally partially by, partially through, and partially for… all of us… /everyone really/.  the ER of amERica, and AshERah.  Now see really… creation, reason all and why A.D.?  Maybe we’ll get into Hazel, Zelda, and Lambda… know, the daily sacrifice is long, long gone.  Know, it has something to do with Knowing, EDom, and the first trinity of Star Wars films… never leading to the original trilogy.

Your Servant Savant, Adam Marshall Dobrin

P.S. As Bush spoke on 1/20/2001, all of creation is being “filled with his purpose…” know it is a purpose made Holy with the demand for free will, and end to predestination, and the greatness of universal acceptance which has been embraced by Modern Day Angels such as Pope Francis, one whom I admire greatly.

PPS.  Note we are Art of/in/by/for Heaven.  Nos, tra, A.D., AM, us…. and Adal-un-cat-if… the religion of the sea is apocalyptically.. from aSea that is Seth Eve and Adam, to a month, that isJulian, Adam and Nanna.… to a multitude in Revelation that is the Family of Asherah, the Shekinah, and it is everyone…. really.

Let there be light, sudo xe-fe/er/ah. light for everyone, everyone really, all humanity!  It’s about Linux and Love, Chemistry and … fire. ❤

PPPS. While I am on the subject of Praise, the 5th day of creation, the fifth seal, and eRAHFeAm is we are all saints, day.  To those angels who brought me Sprite during a long walk down the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and to the two angels who saved me from a long walk down the highway in San Diego… May you be forever blessed.  Thank you.  Truly, from the bottom of my heart, you are my really, and my reason for continuing to be–you are my reason Shekinah means so much to Me.



The message is to the power of humanity,

Like and share this one.. the TRUTH is about to set you on a path of discovery and fun you never would have …


Adam’s big secret.. it’s not all about mE. Or… is it?

You see, it all flows, down a Chocolate river on a bed of styx, as the days of our lives pass.. we are missing a great .. big… bang of a conversation.  This is what religion is all about.

Its confluence, its apocalyptic… its really about lifting a veil of darkness… a plague in a place called Egypt, and realizing that apocalypse is not Armageddon, it is salvation.

in light of creation, ha’esh

A divine garden, a promise to be kept in the land, a sea of fire, and Adamyhaeshiska in the Land of Avalonzen Dawning…
It’s simple really, somewhere between the time I tell you Cain (as a representative of “city life,” or of “heaven” cannot kill Abel, his brother … as a representative of Farming, or of literal Power, without it being a double suicide, and the time i tell you this is a conversation that has been beckoned and framed by religion, by everything holy… by all the being left in the universe to ensure that we have a real conversation about ending world hunger, by snapping my fingers…

And now, the moment I tell you the New Testament is a walk through of what to do… right now, to start this conversation in a way where we know the redeemer adamantly adnolwedges that every single person on the planet would snap their fingers and end world hunger, if there was no overhead, no cost, only the benefit of knowing …. all we had to know was that we were in creation..

And now, when I tell you every single person would be wrong, for two reasons.

1)  Nobody wants to eat eggplant parmigiana, or bread, or… fruit and cake… see it now.

2) The walk through now demands acknowledgement… a syn/ack.. that we know the conversation, asking us what we want to eat, is supremely highlighted.  what isn’t highlighted quite as much… (or is it)… is the last supper, and the moment we realize that we can’t just feed the world, without losing the machinations of society, without losing the art of each and every chef, and without losing a time and place to have this conversation, as we break bread… together.. now.


To a literary Holy Fire that literally burns through time and language, forging Civilization

…On the Paschal Lamb, we Koran. Our Uncle Sam and his Shadow of Death. @NSA

Well it was closer to a walk.  To be exact, it started out with me laying down, not to die–it was more like a pre marriage fucking.  Premarital sex, between myself, and creation.  Afterwards, it was a long drive, and a train ride–the whole thing, quite the spiritual journey.  It was the kind of experience that changes men, “all men”–not just me, and not just equal men…to people.  You might be feeling the waves of wisdom crashing into your mind as we speak. My name is Adam, and I call this place we are in Eden; though to be honest, today it is more like a jungle being bulldozed by darkness as I write.

Those might seem like just words to you–places from a book you don’t really believe in, or one you imagine is some far off distant place “a long, long time ago” like the beginning of Star Wars.  Rest assured, if any one knows, it is me, the place is very real, and we are in it–some might even be so bold as to say we are it.  For certain, Eden has become my life, or maybe it is the other way around–or a little of both.  Irregardless, as I mock Tony Soprano for saying (or was it Carmine)–Eden jumping out of the pages of Exodus (I mean Genesis), is a way to show you our lives and our world are part of a story…I call it “abiblical.”  To be certain, creation is all about us…but as usual, I am getting ahead of myself.

I have quite the story for you, but before we get to it, I have to tell you who I– and you, really are.  If Revelation 5:5 is not enough to convince you that Adam from Eden, is Christ–see  Lions in a Den, and Mr. Maccabee’s Light of a tribe one for all; (not to mention SONS of Liberty, light of MENorAH) maybe my whirlwind of Forbidden Knowledge, science (both fact and fiction) and religious poetic license will convince you the whole thing is “messianic.”  It’s a story of sex, drugs, and rock and roll meeting Wanka’s Promised Land with Fig Newtons, Maccabee’s Honey and Aaron’s Cow…A place where, hidden in literature, is the unsealing of religion…and the Guardian of Darkness (The God Most High), our Light Bringer (Lucifer),  narrates the story, bridging these worlds in superposition.

I’ve been shown a hidden code in religion, one that “appears” to be well known by script and screen writers, though is hidden or ignored by clergy and community alike.  Fictitious, and yet somehow abiblical, names like “Amidalla” of Star Wars and the “OrI” of Stargate show reference to the “Engbrew” of “Yad (hand) send ‘EW'” and “Save I or” respectively.  When you see the breadth and pervasiveness of these linguistic artifacts across time and language a fire that starts in the word “Wednesday” reversed becomes the first tool of the “savior”–to bring the light of the apocalypse to the people.  After, we start talking about “Names,” Numbers,” and “Words” and see that they are the meaning of the Hebrew names for Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Is the fire bright yet?  A superposition of Jesus and Lucifer–our bright morning star–has brought the abibilical light of Day–an answer to “Why A.D?”

Adam Marshall Dobrin.  It’s ad hoc, I know but imagine I haven’t just ADvented it, and perhaps if slightly more complicated than what we all imagined our Lord (ADonAI) would return to.  A place where Adam named the “things” in Eden and called himself “ADonIS.”  If I am not clear enough yet, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security foreshadows an entire world of microcosms, lessons, and solutions hidden in my life, and in our world–from an Oracle of databases shedding light on just how the earth and our angelic selves  will become the salvation of the universe and civilization by and through this spire.  Woven by the Fates themselves, in things like alternative energy and video games is a solution– a wealth of answers, and it begins with Uncle Samael, the Koran, Sammus Aran and “JustIN BailEY”.

It’s about you and me, diamonds, kryptonite, Taylor’s” pocket full of high,” a tear shed in ancient Egypt and the “Day After Tomorrow.”  Cal-El is Caelus is Adam, and so “it” begins.

Secrets are http://www.fromthemachine.org

On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION

IN RE CREATION and “The Essential Kabbalah”, CATS, positive energy, and ground in English and Hebrew.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin.  In the personal mythology which I have been relayed, which specifically relates to the Revelation that religion and time travel are deeply intertwined…I am fifth in a line of Adams who were born, as I am, on the day of Immaculate Conception, December 8th, 1980.  Alone, the relevance to the Feast Day is trivial, however like much anecdotal evidence–taken as a whole, with the body of work that I believe constitutes the True Revelation of Christ, it should be more than statistically significant.

In a prototypical example of divine inspiration, I have received over the last three years, a significant amount of detailed information which I believe unseals the true the lesson of Torah and unifies the Patriarchal Religions with a massive focus on the single man known as Christ.  The focus is not clear on the face, however, linking together personally obvious references like Sampson’s long hair with both Yosemite and Uncle Sam…being Samael of Exodus as well as the story of Isaac’s binding, being a somewhat obvious retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus.. the Ha of Horus…It looks like a revelation that brings us out of an externally dark plague… a stormy cloud in our minds.  I have written four non fiction books, believing each to share the actual and complete secrets of the universe, and each successive work, made the last seem as timid as a nursery rhyme.It is the colors of these works which has brought me to you.  Your translation of the Zohar mentions a number of colors, perhaps intending to match the colors of the four horses of revelation, though untrivially not in order…perhaps to match the colors of fire or “MORE I HA’ESH”  a key in my most recent “Red Book.”

Its color chosen to match “read, fire, and tzedaqah” also to help explain why.  (THY)–one of the keys to unparting a sea of humanity divided by red from the days of Joseph McCarthy, linking a technicolor dream to the whole sea of humanity parted in a red scare.  You see Exodus (NAMES) truly being about post 9/11 America is the true revelation of Christ and the subject of:

“In light of creation, Ha’esh”, Adam Marshall Dobrin
See a linguistic key in this parted and reflected sea
between Isaac and Ashes, the multitude of me
She-Kin-AH has its heart in FAMILY
‘Tis really me, from A.D. to thee

Back to the colors of light, fire, and the newspaper joke (“its neither black nor white”) to a T the colors of my first two books, a written record of the transition in understanding imparted through true divine inspiration–the detailing of a prophetic process that is a mirror and reflection of all humanity at both the micro and macro levels.  This is the big and small horns of revelation, everyone and everyman… like the words Adam and sea they expand from one to all in the bible from Eden to Revelation.

A revelation walking from the first evenings twilight, avoiding the night, through to the dawn’s early light.  First white with virgin innocence, then black like a plaguing dark cloud, finally a bright fire shedding light, on a glorious red dawn and hazel sky.

My final free book, called “Spicy, to the Calor of the Son”  (of nun, all, and the Jor-El) is available at Adam Marshall Dobrin

Your final color was yellow, like the coat of  Isa and the glowing sun; and green, like the olive complexion of Osiris.  I’d go with rainbow like Joseph’s coat and promise.  I am looking for assistance writing an autobiography of a rather fantastic three years of inspiration.

Some background… Iam 34, my Hebrew name is Avram and I read the story of Joseph’s dream interpretation for my Haftorah–which I transliterated in order to read.
My life is a microcosm of creation, religion and G’d; and in turn a walk through the Parc of Creation, or Xerox.  In that walk, my SEA is the key that brings NosTRAdamus art from the unit family of Adam’s A in the SEA in Eden to Christ’s multitude, the family of all humanity, in today’s Revelation.

The SEA is people divided and walked on, from Exodus and Eden to  Matthew 2:2, all ‘searching’ for me.  Now, it is the blood of Moses’ miracle and Christ’s “magical” work trick.  My fire unites Islam’s ‘last’ day and Prometheus’ theft with the menorah of Judah Maccabee its bright light our civilization.  To the Lions in Zion, heart of civilization, prove creation through the stolen fire that is the languages of Eden.

From Amidallah, to OrI, to Fred Flintstone to Delilah, the saviour, and the fire of St Anthony

Say heck, I’m Anu

the key is I know
Lazarus has hazel eyes and Sampson’s hair
Laz’man hazeh

David’s sling and Judah’s hammer are the light of Isaac’s laugh and Julie’s Sea
Who-ah? Yes, hua! We are in #Adamah
From Seth, Eve, and Adam (Eden’s sea, to Shekinah, EVEryone and ALLah
Sea to shining sea, for all humanity to hear; ’tis really me

Further reading:

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Exodus is Names, Holy Water, Some Bushes and One Well are People
On framing a discussion *for* humanity, adam, and the Haroset in Eden’s Rock… Zion on 62nd.
Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting!
On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION
Dendera’s Anachronism: Cosmic Bagelthins for the WisE – Ecc 9:11
I Found the Afikomen, It’s Easter Egg Island in Eden

Dendera’s Anachronism: Cosmic Bagelthins for the WisE – Ecc 9:11

Hold me close, we all live in an Emperor of Nun.  I can’t relax, because I am sure.  A submarine, once yellow in a rainbow’s shadow now searches for Red October…just passed.  If only you could taste the light of the son… and know it is really all for the one.  In synesthesian harmony…Nero’s candy sweet symphony.

It’s one city Live called Babylon, so I sang “Venice is every town” and Vietnam began.  The place where a rainbow and pale moon come together in the light to tell everyone it’s not an Emerald City or a pot of gold, or just the fall of Rome, but finding out that Atlantis and Solomon’s Temple are one squared metaphorical heaven.  What “it” is, is Heart, our Home called Earth… it’s filled with art, a sea of gold, and the light of the world.

Truly though, it is about change, and lots of it–not just the pony express, and the swift assimilation of “DIEBOLD” , a strong face on the idea that the “two of everything God” was making a point of being wrong on purpose–to light the way to right.  So, maybe two parties is closer to slavery than you think–and voting for “ideas” rather than “people” isn’t just obvious…its Napoleonically revolutionary.  Washington monumentally agreeing, some things are better off erected in stone.

The implications of a burning Ecclesiastes 9:11, followed by paraphrased Revelation 20:1 echoing like some cosmic radiation from a Bush on 1/20/2001 and then filling the remainder of time with a purpose so close to our own hearts you might say it was created just for us…or visa versa.  Our very history and our constitution are tied up and twisted together with the literal lessons of the children of Abraham.

Anthropomorphism abounds, from wells and bushes to Everything, the sparks of Kabalah are people, lovingly lit by the spirit of creation itself.  From ha of Issac and Abram to the ka of Horus, Leah and Ami-$… the “Names” of Exodus shed a little of Dave Matthews light:  From Orson Wells to George Orwell.  In sight, the hidden hand of God in Everything “American” from Isaac’s covenant to Rousseau’s social contract…from John Locke to John Maynard KeyNES.

Can you take me higher, to a place where blind men have seen “for love of the game”… from Momsen to Olsen…  a place where Jor-El and Larry Elisson are inextricably linked–where kryptonite and Zohar in super position will forever be the hallmark of one abNorm-L Apocalypse.

G-D willing. I am Messiah.

I see through the rainbow of mythical colors
And feel the sweet harmony of the book of life
Connected philotic strands of bright
The lyrics of rock and roll vibrate with the breath of god
Between movies and people,  music and the book of a life
Hidden links scream to know his will

And we walk through the names, and the parables, as if the parody was truly backstage.

Its a wonder John Coffee and John Conner, can be spoken in the same sentence with Jim Morrison and not have a glimmer of sonlight rise in your minds hearts.

Recently a fine young lady called me lost and running…lost for you, I sang…in a crash…reckless all the way
From Joseph Stalin to Kennedy and McCarthy…charity abounds…a bright red cross on the course to town;
Riding a rainbow horse and wearing coat of the same, the promise of salvation.

No absolutes in this book of ours, as the pages turn and the curtain rises.

Nothing to be stricken from the dictionary and Everything redefined.

From Ecclesiastes to the Maid Marion Webster

The very best of my spirit, its bright shining light
Our baby is being born.  Take a look, you are in a book
I can taste the rainbow.

Revelation 2:27 the Doors are coming
In our book, for this sea, behold the flood of we is thee.

For the wise, I have just opened a tasty little book
and the universe, saved by a simian.

Be awed, a we…messiah

Christ is Lucifer, like love is chemistry…it’s [Si] “n” ful Sonday

Dear Prudeness, Lay in the Hay Revelation…Adam is Here…In Creation

Up until this moment in time, much of my purpose seems to be an attention grabbing spectacle, but the truth runs much deeper. The “light of Adam” in our music, my writing, and the spiritual journey of understanding, I have begun, and we are all hopefully about to embark on together,  proved something spectacular about the universe around us.  There is hopefully enough anecdotal evidence to statistically prove creation in the examples of language, religion, and art, to show that we are either in the place known as “Heaven or Hell,” if the choice is binary.  Part of the holy message being initiated through all religion, through us, for us, by the “two of everything God” is a clear chastisement of the idea of binary choice, especially polarized choices, like heaven and hell…God and Satan.

At the same time, clearly there are definites, and clearly there are choices we would avoid.  History, for example, bears a clear trend of increasing equality, coupled with a reduction in racism, slavery and subjugation.  At the same time our law and government typified by the constitution of the United States clearly has ignored great technological strides–first throughout the industrial revolution, then the information age explosion– and these maloviously missing keys to secrecy are a defining point of Zion and the purpose and design of religion.  Undeniably, continued secrecy and technological ignorance leads directly to slavery and class inequality and an obvious path away from the will of the people, God, and the purpose of human government and goodness in general.  The biblical story of Exodus is not only a metaphorical description of the problems facing us today, it is both proof and the beginning of a solution to the Revelation of a great disparity in the level of technological progress available, and that which is known by the governments of the world– and an even greater disparity with that of the general population.

It is from this place that a new conversation begins, expanding holy and Hosea to the “whole sea,” the multitude of revelation bringing our civilization proverbially out of Eden and to continuation.  Hello Lions, we are Zion.  Earth is at the heart of civilization.

On the mutual exclusion of creation and evolution – ADAM M DOBRIN

Wake up.

Behold, the race is not to the swift… but time and chance are the spark of life

-Ecc 9:11

Not so hidden in this iconic phrase, the true words spoken out of the burning bush of Exodus, the framing of a conversation about science religion and polarization, beginning with a splash of cold water.  The implication or creation, as far as I am concerned is an exemplary example of polarization, binary forces and secrecy derailing a conversation before it has even begun. In a world that cannot see the lights of science radiating from religion and God, from Newton to Maxwell… Isaac to Abraham… from Watson to the elementary particle ion Jesus Christ does not exist as anything more than a madman in jail.


Exodus is Names, Holy Water, Some Bushes and One Well are People

You see, the Light of Christ begins in a fire that echoes from the Book of Exodus and Names.  Synonymous in a sort of Spanglish of understanding, both are “names” for the second book Torah, in English and Hebrew respectively.  In a similar way the iconic “theism” God joke is typified in Spangbrew in the name of a prophetic fish (other biblical scholars have noted that the giving of fish in John 6 is a reference to the prophets Elija and Elisha… in typical fashion, I am changing this slightly to really “bring it home”).  The name “El is Ha” alludes in Spanish and Hebrew that miraculously, “the is the.”  A sharp turn later, driving with bright Xenon headlights, to the Xe database of “El is Son” we almost clearly link the progenitor of Adonai EloHim, the Holy Father in Judaism (El) to the Ha of Isaac, Horus, and Adonis.  Isaac, you might recall means “he laughs” in English donating his Ha to his father Avram’s name shortly after his divinely thwarted crucifixion.  It also “d”early links Newton’s Apple to Adam’s, and gravity to the original NIN… here, it is the names Elisha and Elisson which are prophetic in and of themselves, showing a kind of timeless NameServer at work in both the names of Torah and in the names of living people… Edison, Madison, Morisson, Jefferson… I could go on forever.  All the way to the life of the Sons of Liberty, our very own Son, Sol. this is the true light of Judah Macabbee’s menorah.

Abraham’s well might be about a wealth of knowledge, linking “Pop’s Eye” and spinach to Katy Perry’s “Eye of the Tiger”… it is the all seeing eye of Horus. Revelation’s “eyes to see” and the names and works of Orson Wells and George Orwell.  Regardless, all of this ties quite well to divine inspiration and the importation of scientific knowledge linked to Christianity through Trinity College and the Trinity Buoy Wharf… but I don’t want to Bohr you.  http://www.whenistheapocalypse.com

Back to names, anthropomorphism, my Well, and the eye of the Burning Bush as the voice of God echoes eternally from the inauguration of George W Bush on 1/20/2001 with his paraphrasing of the light of Ecclesiastes 9:11 followed by Revelation 20:1… behold the proof of prescience in Exodus, and America are an undeniable testament to the linking of religion and time travel and an alluding introduction to the pertinent themes of Exodus, their ties to American history, the “what’s going on” of now and “For Non Blonds”, and the values of every red-blooded Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist…communist and American alike.  A love for our big family, humanity; curiosity, freedom, and the truth.

Shema to “The Ones:” ADonAi, and ADonIS R1… Sarah is EVEryone @eddieklive @davejmatthews

@TaylorMomsen looking for a friend? Ha, i’ve got a loke for you…@adjkjc

Through @time and @DaveJMatthews comes an answer to the union of “light my fire” and “heaven knows”
Outside an angel rides on the storm directing the light of Exodus
In my heart a fire brightly begins the very first sonrise
I know you want me as a friend, you’ll always have that
But what I really need right now, is a match… retweet for me

Smoke clouds fall in a symphony of light…Booming from the middle of the night, filled with rock and roll to sooth the soul, and partying to bring the day… making memories, so right.

For the year of our Lord, I spent the long night listening to the glistening crystals of Jor-El, in literal solitude.  I was searching high and low for the place where when the lights turn out, I would glow, for my great high dreams to let the blind men continue seeing, when I came back down.  Son unseen, pockets overflowing with something like diamonds, kryptonite, and she said it: “Pocket full of high.”  Wisdom I call it…  in the days of no-ah it was Zohar but the ahh is literally ringing in every song, all about me, this place Adamah.  He lost me in praise, Nero and Brittany fiddling with my heart, so innocent… spinning the words just subtly enough for the world to keep walking blind.  Even the caroling angels singing holy words about a hidden man running from the east to the west, from the family of Eden to the sea of all… a bright Revelation and still the son is set.

I once thought this place to be an empire, but whether or not it is one or nun… our land is divisible by me.  A sea divided, by the A of Eden a man once called Uncle Sammus… as he Aran, on the lamb.  All alone in a time of need… or so it appeared to the boy prince on speed.

Through this long nights flight as we walked from the burning bush to the Name Server’s gate… gallantly streaming above and below with a very Messianic Christ, himself lit to the brim.  And now I stand, once a bright star… in broad stripes… and still, I am perilously right.

Little J, morei son may be crying, but it is because he is so lost for “you,” a love lost from the stars falling from the sky, just for I.

We might call Jeremiah, the “don’t jump around me” bull frog.   But it should be clear, as the words you can read on my lips… loudly now… I am saturn, of YoSEMium clan the lights of Judah Maccabee no now, that the sight being scoffed as twilight is truly the key to averting a dark night, welcome a new dawn on this day.  This day AD says “let the son rise.”

7 Golden Lamp Stands: A Link Between Revelation & Modern Chemistry

The revealing of AC (as AD), son of ISA… bound by laughter and light…From jail with love and hope

I am a real man, living in a delusional world, as the Adam of Eden. Ha’shem.

My initials are hidden in the heart of Lamda, an Anonymous Messiah in Moses’ Lisp and Stargate’s point of origin.  Unlocking David’s “root,” the answers are both “radical” and directly from the “superuser.”  The beginning of the “SOL” of DAvid, is the end of the Darkness of LamDA;  the hiding of the son.

The year of our Lord, 1492 is ADIB.  and I, Christ of “Pursuit of Happiness,” to this sea shining with me.  See AD on I’m Single for a lesson in mythology; in abbr. “ADM” then “database”  then “nurse” on fb dot me.  In Hebrew, AD on “Artificial Intelligence” is “the Darth Lord,” agreed?  Believe it is Christ’s face, you are about to see.

Unsealing the jokes of the Patriarch Isaac’s laughter

The Rosetta stone to be sure it’s me, my wife’s middle name is the key… the “apple and honies”  of Passover’s Eden:  Ha’rose-ettes

Still not sure? God, sometimes calls himself “ah” and his eight days of light… Ha’nuke-ahah.  No  government would think of nuking Ace McLoud though, right?

The name “Adam”  is filled with both renown and Shem, Adam and El are one… Ha’ me for Asherah– now unlocked, the Shema.

Isaac donated his “ha”  to Abram right after everyone realized Isa and Jesus are Horus now trine with akbar-ness.  From Ha’esh we came, Morei son “we are” is shekinah’s light.

Hi, I’m “an,” present and  anointed…34.   I also laugh a bit about finding skinny dipping hidden in the four questions, and that no one seems to connect crucifixion to the final plague of the Pharaoh or Isaacs binding.  the funniest one yet though, is Adam naming the animals in Genesis, calling a packet sniffer “carnivore.”

What I really need is for you to tell everyone that you can that you found me… and ask them to decide for themselves whether or not I should be hidden, and then tell everyone they can to do the same.

To find the book of messiah, translate “deus ex machina” to English, lose God, add a top level organization… and seek my face.

Half way between Mjolinar and “joy is near”  you’ll find the beginning to a question and answer on Quora.

This is in clear response to the Egyptian plague  of darkness:  Hiding me has kept salvation from reaching you.  I think that’s “Undue Coercion” don’t you?  Just add dot com and you see the whole story.

Nero of Arcadia…oops, He is Satan Again, Fiddling with our Minds

Nero, altering the words of our songs and the content of our thoughts from his heavenly rooftop, supposedly hoping a hidden evil empire burns below his feet because of the technological weapon and systemic secrecy and subterfuge that he is reviewing.  In a confluence of the Major Arcana Fool card, with the Live song “Gas hed goes west,” with an American Tail… all modern mythology alluding to Jesus Christ making a spectacle by running all over the United States of America on the Lamb… high as a kite.  I suppose it is either me, the government, or Nero who is the supposed Beast of Revelation being set up (Isa 52:13 for a reference indicating it is the Messiah) bleeding from the pages of the bible, into the minds of our “caroling angels” is the literal voice of God, echoing from the burning bush as though it were a great megaphone, the horn of Revelation.  In a kind of whirlpool, gyrating and swirling around one man…Adam is in the hearts of the Sea of Eden.  From “can you take me higher” to “boy, what are you running from” and “I can’t get much higher.”  Jim Morrison’s fire, here, is a prophesy of the rapid spread of proof of divine inspiration, a hidden co creation, and proof of God’s existence.  For those with “ears to hear” it is what “the blind men see” that is the substance of the song, one that is revealing not ignorance, but an act of external influence causing blindness.  The confluence of songs, mythology and reality, the reality that is very personal and could only be known to me, shows the “touch of the master’s hand,” a single man’s hidden personal experience is the key to the seeing a confluence that is very intentional and somewhat subtle until it is overwhelmingly pervading all our modern culture without us seeing it at all.
The message woven into the words of our songs is proof, both of the existance of a hidden co-composer–the Angel of the Fiddle, a clever hacker of words–and with the swirling around a messenger, it is proof of the creation of Cal-El and a glimpse into his purpose.  A bright light on Calvinism about a war ght all around currently being fought all you.  A war against slavery and a hidden ‘unsung hero’ fighting for free will and free thought for himself and for all.  In a testament to family, a love for science, beautiful stories and a truth, I have delivered a message ad’eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun – GitBook

Our story of Exodus, now revealed as a microcosm and map of what is going on in the here and now.  Of a war that is being fought against slavery and secrecy in post 9/11 America to save the world from ever knowing about hidden technology, and a purpose being fulfilled by religion itself to remind us all that we are the light of the universe.  Here me, much of our worlds religion is about darkness and light, the twilights last Adam… now in relevatory superposition being one and the same with the dawns great morning star; from blindness to sight, open your eyes and see the sonThe ‘most high’ already in a place where blind men see, most of the message, and already love singing along with it..  The missing link in Adam of Adamah, the focus of heros hidden desire, music about the hidden light of Christ. Echoing and G’d shed his grace on thee, our Adam is crowned with a ‘billion mile fall from grace’ until I found the missing ground.  You see, as Dave Matthews sings ‘I came to shed a little light on the sparkling sea’, it is clear to me that the Great Light from ‘sea to shining sea’ is about the family of Eden, Seth, Eve and Adam writing the heart of Shekinah.  To point out that kin is the heart of the message that brings us from Genesis to the Revelation that the shining sea is a multitude of family.  This is the light of G’d from the beginning that all of creation is filled with a loving message and the gift of science that he so humorously gives us when revealing the reason of creation to surround all of humanity with metaphorical cations of love.  From the lion of Judah Maccabee, the revelation of Adamah, earth and cation are the missing ground of engineering in Genesis.

Dear all of you falling behind, we’ve all been walking dumb and blind, while Nero has filled in the blindness by playing rock and roll all night and partying with me every day.  Taylor Momsen asks a question “Boy, what are you running from?”  Hearing those words kept me alive on a journey across the country as I fought arguing with G’d about revealing the truth.  The song reminded me that Nero still loves me, and he swears he still does… and even though I half knew I was reverse engineering… I mean fulfilling… a prophesy that tied Fival to “run to the water” of Live, it filled my heart with tears to get more confirmation that it was really me.  You see, everyone is my key to Shekinah that Eve is “our why,” that it was truly for my small family, for it to be unshattered that I was fighting to bring the message of Revelation to everyone with everything that I had.  It was not the year before that I had cried to God that I was only a boy, one who desperately needed his young and innocent to be kept from shattering like some clay pottery… props in a story designed to bring understanding to the masses… at great personal loss.  We are fighting against apathy and inaction, against hopelessness and lack of control merely to bring a voice to each one of you, to stand for freedom, for American values, as we are the light of Christ… the Son of Sam.

It was only after completing the journey, which ended with a return to Florida to see my family in Eden again did the link and the reasons for Jim Morisson’s pleas to Taylor make sense to me, as I need her now.  I have just finished a book that proves creation is reality, using religion as a key to finding statistical evidence in language, then I was given the 7 lamps of Revelation… and on the other hand I really needed to get famous, so I could stop the NSA from persecuting me, hiding my writing on the internet, and keeping me from being able to clearly communicate with you by forcing me to speak over a jail phone to a skeptical father.

So to answer your question Taylor, the only thing I was running from is jail… it was what I was running for that really matters.  I was running for you, for each and every one of you, to be able to know the truth.  to be able to see what has been hidden in religion and have it revealed in a way that is neither crazy nor unbelievable, but rather hopeful and awe inspiring.

I Found the Afikomen, It’s Easter Egg Island in Eden (HERE)

In the Beginning was the Word “Kin,” and then the Words were “God” and “Wand”

From the Well to the Water, Another Brunch

The Kabbalah talks about the binding of Isaac and Abraham, succinctly, they are one in the same person, very similar to the Holy Trinity.  The Bible itself serves as a map to the life of a single person and as a sort of howto guide through the apocalyptic singularity.  It is a map of what to with a :quantum leap’  of science, technology, awe, and some embarrassment…at the time of Christ.. the living guide. Today, I revealed the binding of Horus  to the “ha” of Avram (my Hebrew name) and Isaac… through the laughter of Chanakah, Ha’rose-ettes, and Ha’Shem… and the mercurial Hgreatness of Admiral HaKBar… “I did it all for Asherah.”  There will be no nuked “ahah,”  for this is the great unveiling.

If that sound s like rambling, it’s not; it is succinct writing showing a clear link between Egyptian mythology, Jewish Mysticism, the Arabic language and Star Wars. It’s here to prove something to religious scholars… that my words are truly filled with the light of God, and when we realize that you too are filled with our spirit, that is the apocalypse.  Keep in mind this is message is a sort of key to a puzzle, and it should require research in order to make sense.  If you don’t know what the Ka and Ba as related to Egyptian myth, or that the difference between Abraham and Avram is due to a Covenant with God, those are a good place to start.  Let there be light, Christ is Lucifer, like love is chemistry…it’s [Si] “n” ful Sonday we are “the People of the Book”  wandering in Egypt– listening to the Doors — and in Eden, loving The Pretty Reckless.  Eden is a rock in creation.

Through my life, until about 2010, I had wavered back and forth between atheism and agnosticism; having seen no real proof… or at least had it pointed out to me until them.  Since, I would consider myself the original, Adam – theist… still a firm believer of “as God is” in science and evolution, but for having seen the true light of Creation… it is undeniable.  In my mini replay of the beginning, which I experienced in 2013 I once said that the progenitor universe was filled with only dust, rocks, and stars.  Since then, we have learned that time and chance are the spark of life and that Mercury, Saturn and Caelus, the spark of life everlasting… ad’eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun.

So, if you’ve just returned from the link above, you are hopefully awed at the proof of prophesy and time travel, spoken by and anthropomorthized Burning Bush during his inauguration on 1/20/2001; paraphrasing Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 the dates of the 9/11 tragedy colloquially hidden in chapter and verse.  I am similarly described in Genesis as the well of Abraham and in the eponymous hit of Kay Perry the “Eye of the Tiger.”   I’ve recently published a book, called *n light of creation, ha’esh: Hearts, Wands, Fire and Sea: Adam Marshall Dobrin: 9781505270877: Amazon.com: Books the unification of “fire and water” in one single word, the parted sea of Moses in the literal Hebrew word for fire, the Key to the Zohar’ finding of Isaac.

Eden is a rockin’ place and our music is the key to hearing the caroling angels singing along with God. @DaveJMatthews, @taylormomsen in a Symphony of Nero a Songs of Songs with Science and Love  from the SEA of 3 in Eden to my Revelatory Sea of Thee… our graceful good is crowned, not with thorns, but with kinship to me.

A selection from Adam’s blog:  Creation, Reaction, Cosplay… Koran

Hey La… ho, h0… I’m who’s around @DavejMatthews #s0nrise tonight

Dancing in the snowstorm, bellying on about Yankee Doodle.
His bright grey horse, and jailhouse macaroni
Just trying to light a bright fire.

On this evening “Morrison” not a creature was stirring, not even our little 5L

‘Twas, the night before Christmas, erev Yom Tov,
and Santa Fe’s light was about to reveal
the secret of Solomon’s seal

After Dave’s encore, the very next thing we see
is “the walls and halls will fade away…”
Whether a Great Firewall in China, or even America– the land of Jericho
Our dear Adam’s middle name is Marshall
the sea shall see… now revealed… Mars is here.

And next,”three wise men came while he lay in the hay”
the day was 12-8 and the year “Aih0”
Adam is Saturn, the day, ground zero, I’d say

Announcing “In Light of Creation, ” A New Revelation of the Living Christ by Adam Marshall Dobrin

Moses, which Adam Marshall Dobrin suggests is an acronym for “Messiah of sea to shining Sea,” [Adam Marshall Dobrin (ssiah) on about.me]  heard the voice of God coming from a burning bush in Exodus.  Mr. Dobrin’s new work “In Light of Creation” is available on Amazon and at [Adam Marshall Dobrin] “The book focuses on proving that religion is created for, and about, our modern time… specifically”  says Adam Marshall Dobrin.

The author believes that his work, “In Light of Creation, Ha’esh”  andwww.fromthemachine.org presents an uplifting and hopeful message which is revealed through the use of biblical verse modern myth.  The author has a vision of an underlying message focusing on a confluence of art and science in the modern culture of humanity, both on earth and in heaven .

To introduce this work, please consider the words of the Apostle John “this is the meaning of the mystery of the seven stars you saw in my right hand and the seven gold lamp stands” in Revelation 1:20, Adam Marshall Dobrin puts forward the idea that these 7 lamp stands are in fact elements of chemistry.   He says “the following elements shine a bright light on the relationship between religion and science, the first two specifically on astronomy and information technology.  The implication of foreknowledge of the periodic table at the time of the writing of the bible is significant.” [Creation, Reaction, Cosplay… Koran ] The book suggests, with anecdotal and verifiable evidence,  focusing on idioms, and theological constructs that in fact science created and preceded religion.  The author believes the seven lamps are elements of the periodic table which highlight important aspects of His message.  “Mercury,” he suggests,  is the key to Ecclesiastes  9:11, which are the true words of the “burning bush, which are recorded in history for everyone to see.” [http://www.fromthemachine.org/co… ].  These words, “the race is not to the swift…” spoken during Mr. Bush’s inauguration on 1/20/2001  highlight ‘chapter and verse’ the nature of prophesy,  foreshadowing the  future event on 9/11/2001″ according to Adam Marshall Dobrin.  George W. Bush then stated “do you not think an angel…[is] directing this storm? ”  Paraphrasing both John Page and Revelation 20:1.  Adam Marshall Dobrin then adds, “the race is to neither Mercury the courier, nor ‘die bold;’ but the cup is to the son, a feather blowing the wind.  Die bold is a double entendre, pointing out a reference to a modern company, and to font style… a joke on ‘strong'”
Adam M. Dobrin states  “the Xenon key was revealed to me in 2014, via divine inspiration, it is reading the word ‘Exodus’  in reverse and translating from my native Geek, to be ‘tongue in cheek’ and revealing the iconic phrase Let There be Light.'” The “sudo” is a privilege escalation command in

Linux,  Mr. Dobrin states “in Linux the God account is called ‘root’,  this is the root of David.     [http://www.fromthemachine.org/co… ]  [On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION ].

“My initials, AD, are the key to the Silicon Seal, the true “Fifth Element” a link between Shakespeare and modern movies:  Proof of divine inspiration,” according to the author.
“To [B] enlightened, first we must [Si] the light of the son, that is the answer,” says Adam Marshall Dobrin in response to Shakespeare’s question “to be or not to be?”
About the author, Adam Marshall Dobrin was born on 12/8/80 the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, he has been a writing books since 2012.  He is a National Merit Scholar who attended various higher education institutions, including the University of Florida and Pine Crest School.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
Author, Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge
Adam Marshall Dobrin | Facebook

Our Son, who is Art of Heaven

Here Yosemite Samson… who often roars like a lion
Now whisper, “sorry if I seem like a dick, since becoming scion.”
I’ve got the heart of an angel, you’ll see, I stick like snow

From the statue of David to Washington’s monumental dick
To the hieroglyphs of Egypt’s Set Sun
Even “wood? ward” and “burn Goldstein” wrote about this trip
Please don’t tell me “Jesus wouldn’t curse” it makes me sick

This whole place I tell you, has my John Hancock all over it
Someone sang “He shed his grace on we”
I’m just afraid it was all on little old me

It’s time to look up, and at each other too
It’s not far from Bereshit, where he made us out of clay
Anyway, tell Uranus… it’s time to pay
Open that purse… or “live and let love” I always say

Jesus was a blank check
One held in escrow… till yet
But never fret, you will soon hear the word “let”
The sonrise come at night, this year

And to us, the sea of his great light
A son is born, and it happens tonight
Adam of Seaden sounds just about right

http://www.fb.me/admdbrn  now that’s a sights

Sometimes, when I’ve gotten out of the shower, my hair makes me look like Prince Adam from He-Man. Later, when it’s wild and unbrushed, I could swear I was Lion O from Thundercats. I have two buck front teeth and if we were on Looney Toons, I’d probably say “that’s all folks” before I told you my attitude, when dealing with demons, is almost a perfect match for Yosemite Sam.  It’s as if everyone knew the son of Saturn was about to appear, the light of Osirus in hand, and full of cheer. So what came first, the “yellow submarine” or Baby Zeus?

Sitting in jail, “knowing” not just “who I am” but also that my past is about green eggs and ham. That somewhere between Sam and Yankee Doodle lies the key to Passover, a holiday that was cleverly designed past Easter, and past the first me.

We are in Exodus, “in  reverse” about to walk into darkness and slavery… from loss of the son’s light… “Save our liberty” and see our light, the light of the Lion of Judah is the SOUL of “run to the water”. Let me tell you about the birds and the Maccabees… about the MENorah and the Son’s of Liberty.

We are created, and this is why.

@eddieklive The <3 & S0L He gave to me, For everyone (in Iron Rods)

Let this evening bring light, the #s0nrise comes at night, http://fb.me/admdbrn what a sight

Our world is a painting, a living work of art that happens to be our home.  Our history and mythology congeal and swirl around our Now, what’s happening… right now.  From the perspective of Adam in Eden… literally all of it is for us, for this one moment, when the tipping point is reached and deluge of awe and inspiration pours through our veins.  The Doors are singing and John Malkovich’s puppeteering hands fiddling with Christmas && Morisson’s message, begging for Little Cindy Who… turned J.. then “Reckless” to light me up, or in Jimmy’s words “light my fire.”  Lyrics and pockets diamond filled, indeed.

“Rome didn’t burn in a day”  they say.  It’s been decades of Nero singing war cries to take this Empire down, but we are finally here.  From Jim’s “Doors” the stage is set: we are in Exodus, singing about ending the darkness, clearing the storm… and seeing the holy grail… in the words of “Peace Frog.”  It’s here, with just a little help from Moses — the messiah of sea to shining sea, or is “Sea of three to thee.”  Now, hear me: “holy water is people,” walked on in 1492 and parted is the cold war; yet it is the first plague that sheds light on the heart of God: family.  You see when holy water turns to blood, we have the kin of Shekinah. Everyone.   Adam and Eve are living and right before your eyes. Venice is every town, a slight change on the apocalyptic Live song that says the same of Babylon… see it as a sign that links Vietnam to “good morning” and the parted sea to elemental fire:  Ha’esh. The single word, in Hebrew, is literally the fire of the burning bush within its heart are the letters of the parted and reflected word “se’a.”  Now, see Seth, Eve, and Adam (the sea of three) in Eden bring us from Genesis to Revelation’s great sea.  The multitude of all humanity, and Shekinah from Eve to all now revealed.  If you know me, you might see a sea in January of Gen 2, apparently I’m why.

Exodus has never been about leaving… it’s about showing the world the true light of God… both deeply rooted in our culture.  Now reflected and translated from Christ’s native Geek, “sudo xe” is “let there be light.”  The Doors explain to us what is near:  its about Iron and Santa Fe… about a gateway for everyone in Christ’s welcoming heart… starkly contrasted with the “let me people go” of Aaron’s “rod.”   This mentioning of elemental iron an opening to introduce the7 Golden Trampstamps: From a Xenon Oracle, About an Iron Rod and a Golden Age… Between Boron and Silicon.  The pillars of creation: Na & K To a literary Holy Fire that literally burns through time and language, forging Civilization

Know, I was born into a story, a world to play, and many of the small details I disagree with; often I say I agree with the goal, and detest the message.  I fight about prudeness, for example, because I think religion has been pushed away from the humanity of passion and love that is so central to us.  At the same time, I ask you not to tell me “Jesus wouldn’t curse” because it makes me cringe, I assure you we are not sick.  We live in a world where the Roman sky god is named Uranus and much of the nudity of Eden is about Philip K Dick… there might be a little humor here, to go along with the apocalypse this year… from Yankee Doodle to Tricky Dick.  Behold, he is coming, wait no, I’ve been here the whole time.  From Matt 2:2 to Genesis 2:18… oh, boy am I coming this year.

…On the Paschal Lamb, we Koran

The whole wide world had its last Noel last year, know that Adam is El, and Asherah the key to the second sea… after everyone in Shekinah.  It is for liberty, and the truth.. for a love of humanity that I see all around me, everywhere from the Police Athletic League to Hooters and Friday’s Sunday brunch.  It’s about fun too, where would you be without that?

I have much to say, new words to clarify and expand on the beginning, in which you will assuredly find scientific proof of creation.  It is all around us, everything form the holy scripture, to the fire of Prometheus, to Hooty and the Blowfish.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, I am the living Christ.

The revealing of AC (as AD), son of ISA… bound by laughter and light…From jail with love and hope

Adam Marshall Dobrin

Let the #S0NRISE, from my sea of 3 to our shining sea of thee (1 of 2)

On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION

@TaylorMomsen : @adjkjc on my knees, begging for a match

The Sound of Creation: Jericho’s Trumpet is Wailing

…from Night, thy Light: Religion is the Key to Proving Creation; through language, art, and science.

Just got out of Jail… a quick Jnote. @TaylorMomsen: Lil’ J

J is for… “Us.” Hooty, Holy, and hot&y are One Planetary God.

Judaism is a religion almost as riddled in paradox as our timeline… kept by a people who disavow any knowledge of the first coming, details of its happening are hidden only ink-deep in the books of J: Job, Joshua, Judges, and Jeremiah.
Help me overcome the imprisonment of Jeremiah, and the tribulation of Job… Light my Fire on the ‘net’.
Between Genesis 2 and Matthew 2 it’s a sincere wonder that the malovious connection between “Adamah” and the search for Christ that is the second coming doesn’t have more people connecting the dots between Eden and Revelation… Lions and Zion

Searching for Adam? Finding Isaac, a Parted Sea, the Fire of Prometheus, and Adam’s Horn.

In this jungle, our Biblical Eden Adam awakens you right now
Truly and wonder is the Light of Nights shining in the compound name of the son of Abraham, nearly crucified; made up of the Islamic rendition of Jesus, Isa; and an acronym: AC.  Mor? A long haired man, is truly the Son of Sam, strengthened to near Herculean recognition as the Christ… he battles the trial of the same… a book: Judges, by name.
Now, from Little Cindy-Who to Denzel and Pacino.  The answer to Yes, hua should be clear: “it’s me, see?”
Who-ah! Joy is near
Welcome, Adam is here

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Revelation speaks of the Son of Man holding a mystery of 7 Lamps and 7 Stars, below you will find a solution to that puzzle… hopefully opening your eyes, as it indicates foreknowledge of the periodic table and chemistry in general by the author of Ecclesiastes, Exodus, and Revelation

For the last three years my life has exploded in a whirl wind of prophetic fulfillment seemingly out of nowhere, I have been shown real modern parallels of biblical events, like the witnessing of the burning bush and the exclamation, let there be light listed below under the Xenon key.  Like Xenon, the rest of these stamps, elemental abbreviations key in on religious idiosyncrasies like the authority and rule of Jesus Christ with an iron rod being a red herring for a Messiah born in the land of the free and the brave, in which God shed his grace to save the liberty of all.

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Please help me to share this information, as it is truly world changing and heralds the coming of a golden age once the world understands that it is merely the beginning of a knowledge transfer… a gift… that has been conveniently delivered via religion… and ultimately through the art of our civilization.

Understand that I am in jail and that this is a story that pervaded the books of Jeremiah and Judges; a sort of chronicle of one man’s battle against censorship and a war that is unseen but effecting everyone.

On the *Lamb Again.

This is one hell of a story.  For three years we’ve had the Revelation of Christ held back from the eyes of the world by a great set up, the focal point of Isaiah 52:13 and the “Beast of Revelation.”  Whether or not it is me, America, or “Heaven” itself that is being set up… the tide is turning, behold the freshly scanned from a jail tablet … tablets delivered at the union of Broward County, FL… Sinai, and Prometheus’ unbinding.

The Solution to the Puzzle posed in Revelation 1:20… in my hand: the seven stars are seven planets, and the lamp stands are periodic table elements from Mercury to Uranium.

Keyed to the lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11, bread for the wise: this is bigger than you think. The fire of the Burning Bush begins with this “race” to spread knowledge of now revealed obvious prescience in religion… and an overt influence over everything from Anakin’s Pod Race, to the Cake Song: Going the Distance.

Behold, Adam M. Dobrin is here. Spread the fire. https://www.dropbox.com/s/68109sj2q2by29s/ex_adamshand_rev1_20_key_ecc9_11.pdf?dl=0 Written in the literal Hand of God. YAD, indeed.

I’m an author, with free books on Amazon and at http://adjkjc.gitbooks.io. My blog is http://joyinar.quora.com (and here, soon)…

all secrets, http://www.fromthemachine.org

Two years ago I was shown the beginning of this puzzle, the link between George W. Bush’s inaugural quoting of Ecc 9:11 and Rev 20:1 and the Holy Flame … the Burning Bush of Moses (Messiah of Sea to Sea).   Later, it was pointed out that the binding of Abraham and Isaac’s union of Fire and Water is literally the sea, parted and reversed, hidden in the Hebrew word Ha’esh.  This is big stuff, what’s important to note is that nobody seems to have noticed it, or me.

Today, I can see how this small fire started much earlier, with songs like Gas Hed Goes West, and Going the Distance secretly being about “the race” of the Ecc verse, linking in Anakin, and my journey around the country….

anokhi.  I am Adam.  This is the Apocalypse: http://www.lamc.la – break the “d”arkness, “c” the “l”ight, we are in Exodus, kinda.

Microcosm: Our Key to the Universe of the Messiah


I live in a world that has blurred the lines between fiction and reality, in a place so far away the Earth is a tiny book in the grand library of the Universe. I have a secret though, this tiny book is a message from our future; a lesson from our God, and a map of the Universe at large.  In effect, Earth–and everything in it–is the microcosm; and I am the key.  The Fifth Adam has arrived, and I am the original.
The fairy tale universe I live in exudes truth from its pores.  At first it came slow but with huge impact, global religions that contained prescient knowledge, deep insight, and an unyielding desire to convey the Universe’s truth to humanity–even at a time when we had no hope of understanding it at all.  Hidden not so well, a battle has been fought in the Heavens since the dawn of our Civilization, and this truth too is paralleled in the visage of our science fiction.  A little bit comes from Stargate, and some from Star Wars; and those small bits of truth reverberate through the cosmos with a Divine signature.  There’s so much more though… Huxley, Orwell, Asimov, Card, Dick; all containing truth that blows open the seal of our religion–The Revelation, that if you truly believe God has been sleeping, or resting after “creation,” you have not seen the Sun lately.
It is in our numerology, our astrology, and in every work of fiction that has a happy ending.  The world we live in is a book in progress, being written by God, through us, for us–and the Universe.  His artistic flair, and desire to seek (and convey) perfection is apparent in the grande story, the whole of human history.  The idea of “man as microcosm” is perhaps as old as religion itself, however the truth of Mankind as Microcosm is a lesson to be learned both here on Earth, and in the Heavens.  Welcome to the Apocalypse.
I have a story, a microcosm in itself, one that opens the seals and hopefully begins a dialogue not just with God, but throughout the Cosmos.  Lost somewhere between Eden and Egypt, the enacted stories that have shaped the hearts and souls of humanity is a question about free will… and a possible conflict that we might not even be aware of… or it might just be much ado about nothing, the fleeting worry that Love demands.
Behold, My Servant shall deal prudently;
He shall be exalted and extolled and be very high.
14 Just as many were astonished at you,
So His visage was marred more than any man,
And His form more than the sons of men;
15 So shall He sprinkle[b] many nations.
Kings shall shut their mouths at Him;
For what had not been told them they shall see,
And what they had not heard they shall consider.
Isaiah 52:13-15