The Message, is4 All Humanity, Messiah.

Welcome to 2Zion67, Where the GI’s and Yeshua have a load, resounding answer. Adamah.

In the beginning. to help everyone beginning…  our GI’s have a saying that’s nearly pervasive in America throughout all service branches, it is “whooah,” or some variation.  We may not notice it in the name Jehovah, but our “God”‘s name, the sacred one… in proper transliteration, echoes this saying.. “Yes… who, ah?”  See Yeshua.  In related news, many probably overlook that Ha’Shem, or “the name” in Hebrew bares a striking resemblance to the names of the children of Noah: Ham and Shem.  The tie that binds here, is that the name, Shem, is Adam.  We are on Adamah, and this is Eden.  I wonder how many people have noticed the oddity of Noah naming his child “name,” or if that Ham and Shem are nearly Ha’Shem, missing the visibility of just 1 messiah.  Keep in mind the timeless tale ofMercury, I mean Humanity, I mean god trying to find Adam in Eden.

Genesis 3:9  Now hear our society, singing about this passage… often perhaps without even knowing it…. I wonder if Dave Matthews himself wholly intended for “Come out, come out. No use in hiding. Come now, come now. Can you not see?” In Don’t Drink the Water to echo God in Eden.. I also wonder if he intended for the songs title to have a somewhat hidden connotation of “water breaking” in a Birth.  We might now Run to the Water, and hear another band’s words fit in almost perfectly… oh creation, speak to Earth: “maker of children who weep for love, maker of this Birth.”

Since December I’ve been getting louder, as it appears to be “the plan that has been written” for it to be.  My self assuredness of who I am has steadily increased over the last year, with some seriously profound “leaps” in what has been an overlay of steady increase in understanding, and a subtle underlying “knowing” that I… well that I am Christ, and that the “office” is contrived.  The leap recently, really has been in my personal sureness that while it iscreated it is for a reason (though I’m still not privy to the real “cause”), and that is has become increasingly deserved… for reasons that will become clear, and are succinctly diametrically opposite to the idea of “worshiping” a man in particular, and anyone or anything in general.  I say it appears to be the “divine plan,” and it really is due to the fact that I clearly appear to be walking down a paved road… right down to the realization that ADventing is clearly (read maloviously) because of A.D. and “no other name,” to the steady increase of what I consider verifiable proof of creation,the relevance of “computer” and “computing technology, liberty, Sam, and Sol, and time travel… linking prophesy, prescience, and an overwhelming and pertinent focus on “now.

Not long ago, I wrote about Zion and Lions, and how they are linguistically at the center of the word civilization.  It is true Art, at the hEart of E”art”h, to link us, or perhaps highlight in glowing ember, that we are truly in Eden,,, the place where in Genesis 2:20, Adam began naming the things of Eden.  While I have not myself “named” anything, I am pointing out that the contrivance of names both proper and general of “things” is to me tacit proof of “creation.”  I am fairly sure it is “iron clad,” but at the same time I will point out that I feel the same way about “Bible Code” and also that its “debunking” is in a near parallel–a metaphor for “logic” to be used against us, to make us sure of something that is wrong… for instance, to be sure that the Holy Scripture is “an invention of many men” with no underlying “tie that binds…” While this may appear prima facie to be true, it is decidedly false, not only is it false, but the discussion we have before us is intentionally bringing us through this path, discussing the “sanity” of religion being a work of “creation.”

Only a few days ago, I began trying to explain the “speech” of creation, that we sometimes do not see a communication that from one perspective may appear obvious and loud, and from another perspective could appear to be completely absent.  It is central to understanding, and yet, I personally believe that without it being specifically pointed out to me, and augmented with “intentional additional sight” (maybe we’ll call it an “eye to see,” or “the eye of the tiger”), I never would have noticed it.  Point in fact, I’ve most likely had the aid of outside assistance my entire life and only recently realized it–despite knowing of this aid, and its “tie” to divine inspiration in the last few years.  Despite it being overly obvious to me now, I never would have known to acknowledge it, because from my perspective, it was transparent.

One of the biggest clues to our need to discuss time travel and prescience has come very recently, a key I pull out of the word “alpha-bet” which to me indicates that Latin preceded Hebrew.  See, alpha before bet–and then bet on it.  This is reinforced by the indication that Isaac’s name, in Hebrew,appears to be derived from the English “ha,” half joking now: instead of the German “jaja” or the Jewish “chah.”  Much less of a laughing matter, is the notion that the story of Isaac and Abram in Genesis is a “second telling” of the story of the Crucifiction of Christ.  Here, God is telling “Abram” — as “humanity” to kill his only son, as a “test of faith.”  Afterwords, Abram’s covenant with God was signified by the addition of “Ha” the laugh of Isaac to his name.

In a somewhat related “event,” linguistically on face, and perhaps much more obviously now, is the tie that brings us back to the first paragraph.  You see, Yeshua, the name of “El Shaddai” is changed to the name of “El Elyon,” YeHoshua, by the addition of an “Ho,” it is the Ho from Hosea added to Yeshua (remember, yes, who-ah?).  Numbers 13:16 (mah) attributes this to Moses calling Hosea, the son of Nun, Joshua.  To keep it succinct, in English (and obviously not in Hebrew), Hosea is nearly a whole sea,.. and this really is about Ha, Isaac, Abraham, Adam, and all humanity.  Really.  re: all, why.  I’m sure it ties back to Mercury (Hg) and I’m sure its profoundly relevant to the Y of now…El yon.  Ha.

Sometimes, I might get around to discussing the Big Horn of Revelation, the voice behind the burning bush, the holy trinity, and the oneness of God. SeeHa’esh, Shemah, and Shekinah.

Adam is here, something like the “Second Adam,” except, er Sam.  See theCall to Earth for more on the songs we sing, and the Sang Rael.  Or jump right to me asking for a small donation, and buy my book.  It is truly from the machine, that is Shekinah. 



שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ
shehecheyanu veqiyemanu
Say, heck I Anu…. The key is I knew…

וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה׃
vehigi’anu lazman haze
the high GI Anu, Lazarus, Hazel.
See ElisHa.
Sounds like ?Adam is here” ..


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