sudo xe, “super user, let the light be bright and informative”

An excerpt from in light of creation, ha’esh.[amazon]

The Message is to Humanity

“sudo xe,” in Linux/Unix lexicon, this is the command line equivalent of “superuser do xe,” or, in English… let there be light. And oh, how it glows, perhaps the most telling phrase in the Bible. In the what? No, not the Linux Bible, or Linux Unleashed! but rather the Torah… this is Exodus, in reverse, perhaps even inverted and reflected. The simple fact that it makes sense, in our modern times, and would not have prior to the existence of Unix is telling in and of itself. It shows that the Torah (and frankly all of our religion), is written specifically for the hear and now. The hidden message, indoublespeak, that it is closely tied to computing, to modern day science, and to the information age. Informative, right?

Modern computing only begins to scratch the surface, when we delve deeper into the meaning and resultant of inversion, which is exposed microcosmically in the name of the second book of the Torah, and nearly universally in a method of reading words… most often the names of Biblical people and places in reverse, an implication of a new understanding of the cotent of the book itself. The short story, is that we are in the book, that we are in the Torah, the story of Exodus, and the Arc of the Covenant. It’s now the second time I have “mis-spelled” Ark, and it might become even more clear now that it is very intentional. YArC? Well, after introducing another concept, that the letter Y is “divine-shorthand” for the question “why?” and the answer is probably more clear now… thy will be done… to help answer why, Cray. A good segue into explaining how indeed we have now partially unsealed the meaning of the fourth seal of Revelation. Cray, is nearly synonymous in our day in age with a super computer, and the implication that we are living in a Book, specifically the Torah, in the tabernacle ofGod, Beth-el.

Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures,  saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley  for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”  Revelation 6:6

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