The Family of Christ, Holy Wine, The Eternal Flame, and a Lit XPath from the SEA in Eden to the Multitude in Revelation

Nowhere is all of creation is such a perfectly crafted and almost universally receivable message so hidden from us, in such glowing neon, that the defacto response may as well be to smack your head with your palm and scream “of course!” before even reading what the message is.  From Revelation to Exodus, Eden and America… between Star Frogs and Alice in Wonderchains, our princess LeAH stands tall in copper lighting the morning’s glory with liberty and guidance for all…

The Holy Light of religion here is one of Liberty, as should be more than clear by now, as “Uncle Sam” and America are “chosen microcosms” for Humanity, Earth, civilization in general… but specifically dealing with the light of liberty, that is exemplified in the placard of the StatuteOf Liberty, the Sons ofLiberty… See Our Light… up in the sky,  SOL itself.  Tightly packed in a message of love and family, we see that equality and liberty are the abiblical manifestation of what it means to be in Eden rather than in Edom (here, maybe more clearly, a kingdom with no king), or inEgypt, a part of the story that frankly is the wilderness of not realizing that all around us, a conversation about liberty and society has been framed by creation, all the way back to The Doors, or, the Rod’s of Aaron and Christ.

Riding on the Storm of Revelation, seeing a bright fire and perfect storm outside, perhaps we only need to see that the eternal flame that Morrisonis asking to be lit is the very light of Prometheus, civilization itself.  All the way through to Revelation, we might see that ZIon and the LIons are at the very heart of not only our society, civilization, but that they clearly elucidate a link between religion, creation, and language… one where the heart of the word parallels the focus of the message “hidden” in language itself.  Civation.  ILIZ.

You see, Adam in Eden is the obvious answer to “who is the Lion of Judah” from Revelation 5:5, and the perfect storm of clarity gets sweeter and more lovely as we see it is because of Family, Lions in a Den, and that in beautiful superposition we are lit by a conviction of purpose that proves both prescience and goodness simultaneously.  The SEA of Eden, Seth, Eve, and Adam widens like the delta of a great river, and we are midway through at Revelation when “it” hits us on the head… it is the multitude, out of the sea, all the way from Genesis to Revelation 15:2

And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea.

I might have convinced you already, but there is so much more.  You see, the Darkness of Egypt, the only real plague before us; is one of not knowing intent, or understanding the meaning of the hidden messages throughout religion.  You see, the plague of blood… obviously now, is about the family of Eden changing from a “sea of strangers” to the “family of Christ,” the wine of the Holy Grail, it is the AH — all humanity — that links the Fe Rod of Christ to the Ladder of Jacob, to the First Plague and the miracle of Wine from Water.  The hidden meaning is that the sea is people, and without knowing that, we might be inclined to walk on water, or part a sea, without even realizing what the metaphor is about.  Not knowing.

Much like the Sea of Eden, Adam in Genesis has a dual meaning–of a single amythical man, and the whole of mankind… more clear in English: Eve could be just short of Everyone… here just missing a little honey.  I can here someone in the back, “how can you be so sure?” Well, if the confluence of liberty and light in Eden hasn’t lit this particular MenorAH just yet, perhaps a few more alphabetical examples of Hebrew and English langolier’ing us onto the right path.  Ashes from Esh, the Holy Fire that is civilization parallel the union of Adam and Eve in Eden to El of Elohim and his consort, ASHerAH.

Until I saw its near flawless design, I wouldn’t have been sure that the answer to this question (often in langolier denoted by the “er” which has almost always meant either both, or neither) was again clearly both… and why? All humanity, and Adam’s Sigma Heart… show us that the heart Adam wears on his sleeve is clearly For Everyone.

oh desert speak to my heart
adam and eve live down the street from me
in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was round
run to the water
with a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

you are like a secret garden
like the sky when the sun’s going down
and I know we’re going to be alright
and even if the oceans divide us
so right every day and every night
by the fire with the snow outside

I was growing down; now I’m growing up
with you in my blood



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