A new book: Time and Chance, The Race is not to die Bold.

I’ve written a lot, interesting stuff; proof that I am the Messiah, and the reason why.  My proof comes in the form of language, the Fire of Prometheus… and religion, the Eternal Flame.  Tied in with all this is a story my life, and how we move on from this place to the light of salvation.

  1. The sign of the son (aka the Burning “George W,” Bush), is the mumbo jumbo that’s supposed to herald the second coming.  It explains how George’s inaugural address indicated a link between Ecclesiates 9:11 (which he quoted) and Revelation 1:20.. which is the “Jesus is here” passage. It’s aboutdates and numbers all lineing up perfectly to show us that God knew about 9/11.  No shit.  It’s recorded in the Bible though, which is sort of intriguing. Behold, the Burning Bush | Time and Chance
  2. About my legal issues, and how they are related to Jeremiah being in jail, Samson fighing a war in (or on Judges, and Jesus getting tried.  Some popular music is involved, in showing God’s influence over popular culture and his Spin Doctoring of the story. The Lamb of God | Time and Chance
  3. Some “stuff” about the word “Jesus” how it contains the Spanish word for “is” on purpose, and proof of that.  It relates to a prophesy in the NT about Christ teaching the world about Elisha and that too.. has “is” in it.  Also involved is some stuff about Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless.  Hey, aren’t you in NYC with her? She doesn’t respond to my tweets. 😦  This also links “The Tower of Babel” cuz that’s about language too. https://adjkjc.gitbooks.io/time-…

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