The Lisp of Moses, a modern day miracle

Bad handwriting, repetition, errors in telephonic transcription… the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.  Huh?  For the last three years a force has been using the long arm of the law and our broken criminal justice system to effectively halt or significantly slow the Second Coming of Christ.  Treating people like puppets is nothing new, though I have a sneaking suspicion that at some level the salvation of humanity rests in our hands, we must break the cycle.  I write from a cell, my crime–nothing more than trying to communicate with “the beyond,” as labor which has yielded significant messianic fruit.  This apple serves to highlight a message from God hidden… by an through us… in plain sight.  In our names, religion, music and movies… our history… it is our world.

The unveiling of truth can only be understood now, in a time when we have knowledge of the concepts and tools fundamental to the creation of heaven, and God.  When the lisp of Moses can be understood as a joke about the Lamda function of the programming language Lisp; and the Root of David might be as “radical” as the “super-user account” being a metaphorical equivalent to God.  Please forgive errors in the presentation of my work, as is has been quite a labor to bring it to you.  I hope you will find the deeper meaning, connections, and awe which the examples that are highlighted bring about in me.  We believe we are bringing you undeniable proof of the existence and influence of God, heaven and a new perspective which ultimately reinforces the creation of our civilization.

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