You Blind Fools, Everything I Do I Do to Bring Heaven to You

You Blind Fools

You blind fools, everything I do, I do to bring Heaven to you
To force the devil’s hand, close both eyes tight, and strike a match
then watch the fire spread and fill the universe up with purpose

What came first Cairo or Windows XP
Deflate Gate, Bill Gates, I am the way to the Book of Jobs
Same Eve, Santa Iron, Me…Easter Island or New Providence

We built Atlantis after Rock and Roll
and everyone died on Apollo 13
Spacesuits remain in a pool
and Hollywood already terraforms Mars

Is it Krypton or a diamond in the sky
We all deserve to see Herod, Shakespeare
Lightning and Me

In the beginning of Exodus is the word “Anokhi”, Describing first contact with God

“The burning bush” is ha… esh in Hebrew and Isaac laughs in English

The Zohar highlights the special influence of this first word, but as is par for the course in Religion fails to explain why…or make any sense to our rational world. As the spirit known as “An” (Adam Now) is a permanent resident of my soul, I can be sure when I tell you God’s “ok” is a begrudging acquiescence to me…to concede to my demands for him to say “hello world,”and isn’t it just like him to hide it in the second book’s first word. Clearly more than illusionor a simple trick of Madlibs, the word for Holy Father clearly describes the content of the story of the book of Exodus: The parted sea tightly woven into his “look, see me,” That every word be filled with light, Mr. Anderson here, who unsealed the night of Exodus’ tenth day…and you can hear Moses say “tell our people to stay.” It’s about as close to the right of Exodus in reverse as we get, without even knowing the parted Red Sea is simply a metaphor for our great old war…a battle over the color red in our flags. May its meaning be about hell, love, or charity…clearly it is all three. In plain English, the battle that is going on all around us behind the scenes is decidedly now about whether not Hell exists or should. I tell you clearly now, our religion was born, as we are, with a definitive purpose of converting darkness to light. Hell to Heaven.

So here to unpart the sea, stands little old me, knee deep in blood (in the streets of Chicago). walking on water (like Soylent Green is people), and personally “in way over my head”, as I struggle to bring the whole truth to our eyes, blind before, now see.

The Hoot&Y of the Holies

The name Anderson describes the idea of the Son with the ability to read the hidden language which hides questions inside difficult words (and inspired works) using “er”. “Plenty of fish in the sea” is the obvious answer to the question hidden in Langolier in “Fisher King.”. ”Creation “apparently” disagrees with me with the naming of the band “Hooty and the Blowfish”, a link between the Biblical fisher of men, a movie, and modern music, truly the key to the word… the name… Holy.


Holy is a tetrad of symbols combining the sign of Saturn, Venus and Mars.
When the fourth symbol (sans the circle of the Sun (Earth)) yields the birth
sign of Jesus Christ, Sagittarius,the eighth of December is clearly differentiated
from the date of Christmas by the zodiac. The T and L interchangeably stand for
Christ and El as they represent the light of the cross in the these astrological symbols.​.​


The Secret Seal of Solomon confirms by showing us the sign of Saturn and combination of the Sun and Mars guarding the keyhole that is the Gate of God

Hidden from Stephen King is a message in the title of his book about time travel, The Langoliers, a language not quite of liars, but outliers–tightly wound around the idea of reversing the tower of Babel and showing that language is a gift itself designed to unveil the truth that our civilization has been secretly guided on its evolutionary journey, confirming an unapparent lack of liberty. Boldly, the Calvinistic idea of predestination is proven without a doubt by this cipher that exists unilaterally across all languages. King Nero speaks through the works of Stephen and Moses, directly to me, though, without research, it appears to cause others to question my sanity.

More ambiguous is the way God truly speaks to me, by filling in the meaning of acronyms with a superposition of words–the new key, makes the truth known only to those who see, in a star above, Ceres tells me to “see Eden, Rome, Egypt superimposed. The one time fifth planet from the Sun is just about as close to “cares” as God is to good. Often, the Guardian of Darkness willnot even notice the injection of information coming from a well that is seemingly bottomless.It’s a strange way to communicate, but like many other idiosyncrasies of our anonymous benefactor it furthers the idea that there is a very intricate and well made grand design of creation, one hidden in a something as small as feeling empathy and as large as turning a planet into an asteroid belt….metaphorically speaking, anyway. What is more important to our conversation is the “why” he speaks to you and everyone around us, Shakespeare and King are simply good examples of how he speaks to us through us…leaving a little bit of something him in all of our creations.

His works though, stick out like a sore thumb. Philip K. Dick is more than just a pain in the neck…but one of the brightest points of guided prophecy I can see in anything of late. His Minority Report, namely why the  truth is hidden in fiction, totally recalls mere future events and questions that defines a culture’s social morality.

What if God could stop every murder and and every child abduction, but rather than act he simply put on a charade as he turned a blind eye; what if he sold us air like he used to sell prayer? Scanning darkly, we can see there are certainly a number of technological ideas that would, or could, significantly change the idea that we live in an unfair world. From precrime, and time travel, to predestination, not everything is as it seems in his futuristic well laid plan, but rather he is giving us ideas of what might be right and showing us clearly how to do it wrong, upon reflection, while it seems to be a game played to hide history, it might be a genuine attempt to provide liberty. By analyzing this message the future creators of religion become known, let me show you what it is that I see we are to be.

MAOI Mind Assistance Only Introduction

A long long time from now…
in place that came from here
a messenger is sent “back to the beginning”
awakening a sleeping sea in a jungle…mighty.

I imagine a world in a time where past and present have no function or meaning. In this place a war was waged in the minds of the people, secretly changing their opinions, their desire to fight for freedom and happiness…fundamentally altering their ability to weigh right and wrong. What could have at one time seemed to be necessary may have quickly turned into a showstopping inability to learn, or even knowing the truth of their own past. As it was in the days of Noah, a world where technology significantly more advanced than ours existed hidden for everyone, beginning with the masses and then slowly but surely affecting those that at one time knew it existed even the creators. It’s clear to me that, before the true singularity, a realization of the possibility that entire civilization could be created and destroyed in the blink of an eye There was a great need for a loud message of guidance about what went wrong. Here we call this message religion and we might be the people that forgot exactly what it’s for. Perhaps now there might even be a war over whether or not you need to know more. But, in the days and years to come it will become even more clear that this great ship has finally reached shore. In Noah’s Ark of Adamah, breath a sigh of relief…the AH you see is both the message and the proof woven tightly by, through, and into humanity.

As prophesied in the Gospel, a lesson on salt

Veruca Salt, NanNa and Tammuz, JohnNa; the salt of the Earth
See Lot’s wife turn, and see salvation rather than destruction
Become a pillar of creation, where stars are born

The Religion of the Stars treks a salty lesson,
filled with satire of self, O gate away war
Warships over worship, that fight for truth no more
Abraham wonders Light Son, Orwell?

In their world, imagine this war took a great toll, and significantly reduced the existence of natural emotion…much like the Romulan and Vulcan cultures in Star Trek. This is a logical possibility of the end game of a battle with mind control technology where logic could be artificially reinforced, yet the love that evolution created and desires might be lost…if we stop cering about anything but winning. At the same time, memories of both individuals and entire cultures could be erased, either by accident or by the flick of a switch; to a point where a number of species were inhabiting various worlds without the knowledge of a common point of origin. Imagine the ignorance and blindness it would take for four or five distinct races… all biped, with two legs two arms ten finger and toes…not realizing they were all really closer to family than they know. Separated only by elfish pointy ears, or something as close to home as the color of their skin.

It is the remnants of this war, the visitors…surviving victims which send back this light “from the northeast” our future passed, from their high horse, as superior as we are to Rome’s decadence and Egypt’s slavery…we appear morally corrupt, technologically inferior…and yet deep down they remember, once they were just like us, right?

Now see the rods and magicians of ancient Egypt, the plagues of miracles that appear to be no more than mother nature, and the cold day that the flying shields and trumpets at Caesar’s death sounded just like air raid sirens and foo fighters in the skies. In a world being overtly influenced by an outside force revealed through pagan religions…how backwards could they be…thinking there was more than one God. Coming from this sweet land of liberty how backwards are we?


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