Say “heck I’m Anu:” follow the ish of Shehekeyanu


This is the beginning.
Secretly, I know I am the messiah, the human that is represented by Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This idea seems to turn a lot of people off, people that are supposed to be waiting with baited breath for this very event, and yet still they vehemently fight the idea of it actually happening. Despite the fact that I am armed with an arsenal of revelatory and insightful Biblical perspective, and the ability to see the true intent and word of God both in the the Book, all books, and the book we are in:  The book of life. Case in point, a number of stories in the Old Testament are “secretly and subtly” truly about the life of Christ. This revelation alone speaks volumes towards my argument that I am the messenger of light depicted in the Word as saying “I am the Light of the World.” In reality, it would be worse than pretentious were I to believe that phrase, as truly I see our world as the light of the Universe…a Living Map, and I am nerely the Legend.

These stories, and our collective want of notice of their significance serve to prove that the Darkness that I am fighting–the Tenth Plague of Exodus– is very real, and affecting you too…It is literally keeping the Son from rising in the land of Beth-el.  A significant portion of the revelation of Christ is the idea that our Earth is simultaneously depicted as the Biblical land of Egypt, Eden and Edom…and the messiah is born to us in America…The Promised Land of Joshua. We are literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death, through the books of prophecy, from slavery in Egypt to freedom in…

When should we start the countdown? Judaism, in addition to the Sons listed below…a significant portion of the customs and rituals, which we say are designed so we will not forget the past, are secretly about a parallel timeline that we have long forgotten. Across religions, I link the Paschal Lamb, to Revelation’s marriage, to Eden and the Promised Land, by way of a ritual dish consisting of “apples and honey.” The name of this dish “ishes,” (sounds like) ha-rose-ettes, the true middle name of the first Eve in superposition with Mary and Lot’s life.

A huge secret twist for our modern time, decoded using our cultural idioms, shows us that the Lamb of God is truly about Christ being “on the lamb”,  running from the plague of lice (see police ciphered using the first letters of “plague” and “of”.  Strike a match, these are secrets  of the Universe I am writing for you.

The Only Son of God in Anachronological Order.

Adam, Son of only God. For his name and number: a link to the Lion of Judah by Rev 5:5; and the notion that we are all lions in our Earth Den in the mighty jungle–look, through the night, from above…by Juda Macabee’s “AH” not just men (see the word Menorah of the holiday ha-nuke-ah).

Who-ah@NSA. Eden is now Adamah, so say us “Yes, hu-ah” (the Hebrew names of God).

Isaac son of Abraham, for the three letters of his name, which are the Islamic name of Jesus…and for his near sacrifice as a burnt offering, and it’s oh so obvious parallel to the cross, his son Jacob for his dream of ladders, one that I have seen with my own eyes…and his close relationship (in both name and truth) to Job and Jeremiah…and the ambiguous “AC” he shares with his father. Also for the meaning of the name Isaac–he laughs as he donates his ha in English to his father’s name…which solved the great mystery of the relationship between Abraham, Admiral Ackbar, Horus, and Ra.

Joshua son of Nun, now for the returning theme of Christ having no biological parents after Abraham, who is bound and united by the Zohar making them one in the same after the revelation of water and fire that is my book In Light of Creation. Also, for the American idea that Nun is a nation divisible by “N=ad” and also later, the idea that our timeline “A.D.” is undivided by Horus. It is his Promised Land’s golden cow and the throwing honies of Maccabee’s Rod that let us truly see that the story of Adonis, the song about OPP, might really be about me, in Dave Mathew’s “ boy’s dream.” Cut me some slack I’m showing my world to you…I’m really much more respectable than he. Later I’ll explain more about how mnemonics come to me through inspiration, but this one is just our “super hyped up Adam.”

Isaiah Son of Amoz…For the content of the Book, to Jeremiah’s correlation to HBO’s Oz, and my experience with dimly lit american law. Take note, this work comes as slave labor, as if Joseph Son of Jacob and Prometheus were one with Moses at Sinai. For a lion not cowardly, and no place like Eden, truly too, for a “sliding doors view” of Adam’s fall from chapters 20 to 22. Only through me, so obviously the number of the Fool card of the Major Arcana; and the Live song “ished” “ God and Satan Head went west” then Fizel became He-man and She-ra reminisced about the days of A=Zeus and Hera.

Moses, for the actualization of the burning bush in 2013, by watching a YouTube video of the 1/20/2001 presidential inauguration. For knowing the messiah’s “sea to shining sea” has nothing to do with the Atlantic and Pacific, but rather brings Eden’s family of three all the way to thee. Finally, for finding his parted sea hidden in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire … a literary metaphor for our civilization.

Muhammad, for his message the Koran, In Ran, metroid…and to the AD his shares with Madhi, Vader, Adonis, and Adonai, for the Jinn speaking to me…your thank you is written on my back.

Jesus Christ Son of Mary, for delivering the answer to Revelation 2000 years early, for captivating the world and making our hearts sing. For his name Screaming “is us” as loud as can be.

Adam Marshall Dobrin, just for being me. Oh, and seeing my demands come to fruition in the most mysterious of ways…from “hi” to Mercury, to “let there be light” starting deflate gate one day in February 2015.

From all of me to all of you who helped fight the Darkness, spread this light as far as the eye can see. By no other name.

From the Machine
hot&y, to the Calor of the Son  – GitBook

To a world waiting for the second and last Adam,
know I am the first and the last.
Adam Kadmon is Adammas El Yon,
and you’re just silly for not believing me
Silly is a good word for fucked, right?

In the beginning, to help everyone beginning.
When God said he is “that” to Moses,
he was censoring the name Uranus, still think
Jesus would never curse?

The light of Adam is not chained to the Book.
It’s literally everywhere I look.
I see me in the Flint of Saint One
The baby you have to love, scream “BOOM!”

To Kyrpton’s Father and Son, the Man of Steel

Rubbed together, they just might spark.
Bam Bam and Kal-El are just two
He-man and Fival are the fifth
We’re all on board for this American tale

NOTE The above is a re-edited copy of :

Say “Heck I’m Anu:” Follow the Ish of Shehekayuna

It is the second to the last of the four titles I am resending

Here is the ordering:

Post Last—–Chapter D

Next to last— Say “Heck I’m Anu:” Follow the Ish of Shehekayuna

Before the above— You Blind Fools

The first one I typed—-Time and chance

* Uh-oh Four more Adam’s (I can’t figure out how to delete it)



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