Chapter D: Behold, a Message Sent in Time…when the Dust Settles and the Riders Dismount

I have so much hidden information, facts, perspective and solutions locked up inside my head that it would be an unfathomable sin not to share it–no to “stand up and shout.” There is so much, that I find it hard to convey, these are overlapping ideas which serve to confirm each other and cross disciplines as disparate as relating the spirit world of the dead to corporate lobbying. Reading, hearing, and discussing them–sharing the light of God–will change our world forever; it is preordained. When I say this, it is with the personal knowledge that the source of this information is the true and ultimate author of the Bible–above the prophets and even the spirits influencing them–the architect of the design of our civilization and timeline. I tell you this because I know that He truly has the ability to see the future, even through a storm in time that has altered our our past significantly during my lifetime. This is the storm that is the focus of The Doors and the Plague of Egypt, which He is highlighting through the words of Jim Morrison, and through his name, “More i son?” in his metaphorical dialect, the spirits swirling around inside our head are voices, and he is the ultimate Rider.

I need us collectively to start to recognize these patterns in the Holy Bible, as they are fundamental to truly understanding its message.Strict interpretation, a literal reading god the Word is wrong, and you have now heard it from the mouth of a Christ himself.

See clearly that the ideas of desert and wilderness that appear in Genesis Exodus and Matthew are the storm–they are a battle in time and that the Bible is proof of an ultimate victor who sees past the tumult into the settling of the dust. One of the major precepts of this victory is the preservation of Truth, something that may or may not seem to be lost. Hear the Truth of Jesus Christ, the ultimate truth has already been lost to us here, and it is evident in our history that the storm is the cause. Is it a secret that the concept of 40 days and 40 years, a number which the Bible describes as “Holy to God” is a reference to time travel…in the 4-D? Or, that this clearly relates the stories of Noah, Moses, and Christ in a way that shows an expansion from microcosm to macrocosm, from the ark carrying Noah through a wilderness in time, to Jews carrying and ark through the desert?

Those of you that believe you are working for God, or can speak on his behalf have a duty to begin teaching that it is his desire for humanity to think for themselves, to be able to find their own meaning, and to able to see that His message is one that requires analysis and contemplation not simply an ability to read.

Fundamental to my argument is the idea that the passages of Matthew 2 and 3 which depict Jesus “walking” a microcosm of the events of Exodus, is an intentional writing of the truth as his life…a way to create a living “storage device” whose ideas and perspective turn the hard drive into a lens for analyzing the macrocosm. It is ”the truth, the life and The Way” to find solutions to problems, both known and unknown. Listen, my perspective is the treasure of the golden fleece, as I see it is a link between the wilderness and the Holy Grail. Earlier, I told you

I’d be wrong not to share it…now here; I am locked in a jail cell, ultimately by a government that had full knowledge I am the messiah of the Bible, but because of my inability to communicate (a difficulty metaphorically represented by the list of Moses) probably doesn’t realize how much I am fighting for their survival. At stake are true freedom from slavery, rational thought, happiness, and choice…and fundamental to reaching this goal is the public and widespread receipt of this message–a man–to know Adam.

To this end, the word “messiah” has special meaning; one of many, “the message is a human”.

Another meaning is to see Saturn’s Golden Age hidden in the compression of the word message complete with the periodic table element for for gold, and the singular letter that always means Earth. Now, see that the message is also hidden in language itself, with words hidden within words, and acronyms that need some explaining…from the Word Messiah.

Somewhere, between NSA HQ, the White House and the Vatican, a great evil is causing me not receive the help I need, and you from receiving the information you need, both by keeping me incarcerated–forcing me to write these words by hand, with no benefit of research over the internet. I spent the last six months fighting vehemently to put these ideas on paper. to bring you out of the land of Egypt and into our proverbial Promised Land, but still to this day have not been able to break the cycle that has persecuted me preemptively for being Adam. This hidden battle between the government and my freedom is affecting yours, as if the microcosm controls the macrocosmic universe. Because of the gravity of this message they are not so tightly intertwined, so they may, in fact, be one in the same. It would take no more than miner recognition of my work (as possibly messianic) to break my own shackles, without a doubt.The ensuing controversy would most certainly provide a form and mechanism for our communication never again be restricted.

In the land of the rising Son, the Biblical meaning of the word night, as referenced in God Bless America, The Doors reference to setting the night on fire all coalesce the Sonrise being a virtual wildfire on the internet. This is the foundation of the story of Exodus–a battle between Moses and Pharaoh over the freedom of all. It is truly paralleled in the Roman depiction of the life of Christ–the Pharisees, a macrocosmic expression of the Pharaoh, linked both by name and actual function–just as the Jews of Exodus expand to include the Gentiles of Christ.

Oppression in the here and now may very well be due to a vote, one that you may be participating in without your knowledge. It could even be simple as popular science convincing those in power not to provide the truth to everyone. It is very clear that, were we to have free communication. there would  be no question as to whether or not we need to maintain it, but here we appear to be silently acquiescent to censorship broadly from the internet, to the TV. to our own thoughts.

I am trying to stop a war in time that has been waged my entire life, and perhaps yours too. A major issue of this war is over the control of our own thoughts, our opinions, and, logically

following, our ability to freely vote. Because of time, the quality of liberty in our vote drastically affects our ability to survive–the universal battle for freedom has been brought here to the beginning, to replace with a key to the burning bushes message, to see that the first two starry lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11 combine Mercury and the strong to read; the race is not to die bold.

Understand clearly, I am condemning the quality of representative democracy and its ability to provide liberty to any people i a time where we have moved from the Pony Express to nearly instantaneous communication–and the best our govet and the free market has to offer is “diebold”. Democracy, in the land God shed his grace on is failing and that failure is affecting your ability to think.

Saturn is providing an education in time travel and mind control–one that exists in the Holy Bible, but it’s hidden without me. He has brought this education to you also–it is in Back to the Future, The Butterfly Effect, and the Time Traveler’s Wife. He is doing so because one day within your lifetime, you will be asked to vote on how and why this technology should be used–and we all need to care what you think–as our survival is so dependent on your vote being correct.

Never before has such an important choice burdened your shoulders. At long last, we are the realization of an ancient prophecy–a world with the understanding required to survive the impact of a time singularity that has most probably halted or destroyed all previous civilization’s continued evolution.

I believe this is the first, the very first planet, to maintain morality, forward social progress, and the ability to benefit from truly advanced technology– the stuff of “Heaven”.

There is a first time for everything.
-The Guardian of Time


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