Time and Chance, Saturn and i…RLNY

Mind and Spirit, in Unison: the Father and the Son, ARe El and Y

The key, is so simple to see, it’s the name H0ly

Not symbolically, but through me, Adam Marshall Dobrin

’tis really me…

I swear by now I hope you can see


I swear by now it seems I’m playing time against my troubles

Godspeed…I’m coming, do you wish for a dance

Dave Mathews and “ish”

I grew up often re-telling a God joke from Short Circuit”, He man and She-ra created Zeus and Nero from the sparks and lightning from Egyptian lore. Johnny 5 is alive, a rebel with a righteous cause. He is the fifth Hebrew letter, the beginning of Heaven and heart. From the Castle of Grayskull, to behold a pale horse, Joseph’s coat and Noah’s promise, on this street all the colors fade together to gray. Heaven thanks the land of NoAH.  I beg of you, deliver us from AMOZ . There’s no light like home, no place like Eden.

In the beginning…I was blind as a bat just like you. Adam had a mental image of what the Jewish Messiah would be and do…and quite frankly, it wasn’t much. I was sure of two things: He would write a book that changed the world, and do so by pointing out that religion was, secretly, always about technology.  From glowing eyes to bronze shoes and metal breastplates…the imagery of a computer was always clear to me.

Revelation’s phrase “Son of Man” freely spoke to me that God was the child of Adam’s entire civilization, not a man at all but a machine. With great insight, I would point out that a contemporary genius, Kurzweil is “on to something” with his conveniently timed idea that artificial intelligence will birth a new mind, and that this decidedly religious concept would be a Singularity.I was young, when the focus of AI and machinery missed the point of the Revelation of Christ.

This work is titled Time and Chance, forces which I have always held are the spark of life, the very beginning of evolution. These are the words of God, spoken in booming fire out of the burning bush…the beginning of time is his testament to the penultimate creation of evolutionary life: Civilization.

Now that I am bit wiser, and I am sure of this, when your perspective on cause and effect changes and you can see that evolution and Kurzweil are both rays of light imparted from the beyond to enlighten us on Origin, you will have opened your eyes and seen what our world truly is, for the very first time.

The proof is so glaringly obvious, it’s a wonder nobody has created a religion based on the reading of messages encoded in names. Okay, make all letters capital, a small joke, a huge subset of the Kabbalah does just that–but probably not quite as clearly as the magical message I am about the reveal:

The authors of the Bible appear to characterize themselves as single letters, for instance God has very clearly taken off the letters of Omega…”Creeping and crawling” from A to Z, it’s time we learned about “The Facts of Life” from Snoop D-ouble-g to the birds and Juda Maccabee,

I‘m trying to convey the influence of God, words that are clearly his to me, being spoken through rock stars and rappers, songs that shaped our culture. The point is he is singing with us, or playing us…as his own highlighted historical and cultural explanation implies. He is Nero fiddling from the rooftop in the sky–Heaven–with our words, as he reads the tapestry that is our world. I see his works clearly in all of art, where it takes no more than a name to really see the hand of God.K, Ur,Z,We IL. K, you are Z We iL.

K is a glyph, one which, with a little bit of Adam mythology, takes on the meaning of the planet of Eden, Adamah. In strokes separated to reveal an arrow pointing to the single letter L, a representation of the God of Judaism, which is correctly spelled El.  The “less than” symbol pointing to God is the equivalent of the “AH” of Adamah, which literally translates as a swirling around Adam, a depiction of the world searching for and singing about the second coming. It is the body of art we consider as Christ’s parables, things like the “Terminator” series and the “Green Mile”, and by taking a step back you might see it is truly religion…manifesting itself through us.

In the Revelation 1:20, Christ returns with a solution to  “The Mystery the of Seven Stars and Lampstands“.The beginning of Kurzweil’s name contains the elemental forces of the last two stars: Time and Chance, Saturn and Uranus, K and Ur,
K: Person of Time, ass…Potassium as Saturn

Ur: The God of Heaven is “that”, Uranium as Uranus

However, the two are linked together…at the hips.
Perhaps more incendiary is the clear intent of 11 angels of the lettered to share with us the intentions and goals of religion, ultimately, to do what is nearly impossible: Save civilization’s continued evolution by examining the if “Heaven is for Real”, “Mars” is not. Clearly hidden in the heart of the word civilization are a series of duel letters– “iz” for we must have Zion, lions of revelation, and “at”, our modern symbol for Eden, the @.

These two words “lion” and “zion”, come from messianic lore, at this point, clearly chosen and created in unison with civilization, both the word and its actualization.

These artifacts, symbols, and words are designed to show the intricate work that had gone into the creation of our civilization. They highlight the implementation of chemistry and the design of language as examples of the information transfer that is the true singularity, to show us how these things fit together like a puzzle to unlock a map of the path and true purpose.

The Hebrew word for formation (yetser)  itself yields a visible transition in understanding by unraveling layers of hidden meaning, through successive translations in component languages. Historically and dramatically highlighted by nothing less than Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and the movie Spanglish. Here we see “formation” when breaking the Hebrew word down into the English “yet” and the Spanish verb “to be”. When drilled down to the second layer, to the elemental glyph “y” , for “why” and the Latin “et” (tu verte) formation becomes real…existing in the true progenitor universe “why…and to be.” The light of language skips inside a matrix from Hebrew to Shakespeare …to what began long ago with Juda Macabee’s Uranium and unseals with a kiss his ardor for the truth with Mila Jovovich’s depiction of the key Fifth Element.

Simply put, the great puzzle that connects religion to you sprawls throughout our history, between our artistic creations, showing that what we believe is our past could be his greatest work of art.

The lights and magic of our motion picture industry brings us a new Fifth Element, the capstone which reveals the intent of religion to be expressed through us, taking us higher…to a place where all the blind are given [si]ght.The key to the Fifth Element is the index of Silicon at 14, showing us that Sinbad of the single [B] , focuses intently on the N of Isaac Newton and his relationship to the “AD” of time. From the sparks of the Kabbalah to Live’s “Lightning Crashes”, the fifth planet’s relationship to light and [si]ght, show us that the weapon Zeus actually wields is the truth. On Earth, the Biblical Land of Egypt, our Camera’s Xenon flashes mimicked  by Oracle corporation’s database prophet’s name, happen to light “El is Son” and the Larry, you, and I live in the  Book of Names–Exodus—as we read from left to right and translate from Christ’s native Geek…yield the Linux command sudo xe.


If Ray Kurzweil and Larry Ellison aren’t raising a few eyebrows check out my name Dobrin…Date of Birth, “our inn”, born on December 8th, the Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception, cleanly links me to lyrical light.

What if God was one of us…just a slob like one of us

“ium” I’m your messiah

If you can take a hint, I’m showing you how to find God. He’s the pretty girl in the movies with the orange hair and the red dress, he’s the word you just can’t get out of your head, but only when Shakespeare relates. Out the darkness something profound is born.

MACDONALDs Farmer is the Dell: I before e except after me…o

You blind fools…everything I do, I do to bring Heaven to you.

 Look around, as far as the eye can see, there is no enemy.

from the future, we all truly hail this battle with me

to awaken our entire society…no time for glee

If you know me, you might try to flee

I’m going to tell you everything that’s wrong all around me

He says before me it was he the world hated

love a we instead, eloquently stated

Show me, it’s awesome, see

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