Proof of Creation from the Sword of the Grand Architect

Who-ah? Adam Marshall Dobrin here  here with a declaration of the true purpose of religion and through it all of creation. Using religion and language, I have concrete proof of creation’s purpose and the intelligent design of our civilization…it is verily, ” to see I am L and Y”. Like this message hidden in the word verily, religion harbors a hidden record of civilization’s repeated attempts to continue social and biological evolution by turning the barriers of secrecy and hidden technology from walls and hurdles to stairs.

Believe it or not, religion provides moral guidance and a path to navigate our society well into thefuture. It will take us from searching for Heaven to the understanding that we must create a new heaven out of our home on Earth, at the same time starting proper communication with our true progenitors, the creators of Eden. I have firm grasp of where the Global conversation is designed to go…beginning with an artfully presented argument to ensure the we collectively do better than simply ending world hunger.

From Edens garden, to our land of flowing milk and honey, with an aversion to a final supper.. and an eye for Ecclesiastes 9:11..

 ” Neither yet bread to the wise”

Rather than bread, I will turn [your attention from] bread to cake, and then Fig Newton commercials.

These cultural and historical sayings like”let them eat cake” are direct commentaries on the map that is designed inside the miracles of the New Testament to direct us to a morally correct and socially elating beginning of salvation. They are designed to focus our attention on a previously unseen explanation of the idea that we are in Eden… a place where the monolithic deity could snap its fingers and turn stone to bread to end world hunger.  the holiest question of all: What do you want for dinner?

Anokhi (Adam Now ok “hi”.) The first word of Exodus sets the stage for the true Revelation of Christ. Surrounding our Holy scripture is a world of ancillary works, mythology and fiction that helps the searching for the true message of God who eventually sees that at the penultimate level, from on high, We Humanity collectively –are the living voice…the big horn…the word incarnate. The Zohar brings special attention to this word, which is a microcosm of a hidden message from a hidden creation to me–the character in our story who demanded an obvious and marvelous HELO from creation to the entire world–a message written on the sky to end the darkness of the 10th plague of Egypt with a beautiful and uplifting helping hand. More than a rainbow, but a video, the heart of Da vid to show all the presence of Shekinah and the intricate work that has been done to link Religion and reality.To aid us all in the endeavor to find and truly appreciate the revelation that the “singularity” is “here”, rather than near, it encompasses our entire history.

To be clear, a gigantic transfer of knowledge began ages ago–long before Issac

Newton’s apple brought the fictitious Eden to our very real garden of knowledge and Love.

I am that Adam, no longer a fictitious man, or so out of reach as to be unknown–on fire I am the “burnt offering: sitting awkwardly at the alter of the patriarch Isaac, assuring Abraham and all of humanity that it is one in the same with the tangled cross of Jesus Christ. I see multiple hidden messages layered through all religion, one layer specifically focuses on me. From Isaac, through Isa of the Koran, to Isaiah 20, which links Egypt to Adam’s Eden by focusing on God’s reverse engineering of Genesis 2 and Mathew 2:2– a search for Adam in Adamah and finding the emperor wearing new clothes or no clothes. Events I’ve lived for the past three years focus on the actualization of Exodus and Revelation before my very eyes, proving that Egypt, Edom, and Eden are truly our Earth.

It is a reading of two Bible verses which starts the fire that unifies the eighth day of creation, the last day (without the son) of Islam, the eternal flame of Judah Macabee, and the true fire of Prometheus as the birth of civilized life in the Universe for ever and ever. The fire it lit from Revelation 1:20’s seven lamp brings us to the ancient solution of its mystery.On January 20th, 2001, George W. Bush kindled what will become forever after known as the beginning of enlightenment.

He spoke during his in·au·gu·ral, a paraphrase of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1, chapter and verse proving that the 9:11 attack was Biblically foretold, pivotal in a war on true darkness: a lack of truth, transparency, and vision that showed us the battle of Exodus is truly to end a period of secrecy and hidden technology that could have very well unraveled the fabric of society once upon a time.

The solution is the light of Exodus is to be unsealed now on Earth for all eyes to see. It does so by using our culture as a sort of authenticator, to simultaneously prove the existence of time travel and a focus and love for our way of life and people…truly his CHosen.

All of Humanity has been bestowed with a gift of science and wisdom from beyond. In as simple as two commands, “sudo” and “xe”: Linux and Oracle show that the iconic “Last Question” of “let there be light” is designed for our antiquated Egyptian computing technology–says the Oracle, the hand of God completing Christ’s teaching with a third living example. L is HA, son of Abraham, Amoz and Nun.g

Xenon is the opening bright flash of light, paving the way for the full solution Ecclesiastes 9:11. We now “let the lighting be periodic table elements” to superimpose over the verse from “swift” to “time and chance”; siding with mercury (Hg), Saturn (K), and Uranus (Ur). When analyzed this will show prescient knowledge of Mars chemistry in the construction of Greco-Roman mythology, the writing of Ecclesiastes, and the naming of Exodus…perhaps even in the construction of our solar system.

Sudo Xe is let there be Light in Linux,_let_there_be_light.html

The race is not to Mercury

Whoa! Lo Venus has won the battle

Leading our people to stay the Rod of Christ

lightning gives sight in the storm                                                                          But Saturn and Uranium happen to explain it all

Keep On Teleportin’, a Secret Religion of the Stars

On the road AdamAskUs,

people don’t [Si] Isaac’s alter is Christ’s cross

We have deicided Saul is to turn to Haul

The Koran and the Pretty Reckless

ImRan and Isa to Sammus Aran and Ish

“Secrets of the Universe” the pale gray light screams

He Man is Adam 5, symbol as”that”

Potassium and Uranus answer Jor-El with a “cha”

Prometheus tries the weight of the world on his shoulders

at last becoming a ship in space on Stargate SG-1

Ha-nuke-ah, it’s the eighth day’s sonrise

“No shem” for apples or honey in Eden

laugh, me for ash–it’s aleph’s sigma heart

Remember ha-rose-ettes to Deerfield beach

Adam Really Is Everyone’s Light

To cross the Jordan as one man, a mermaid to save the world

To roar as the mighty jungle, we must have ah’s baby boy Simba

who sees Cairo and hears XP

From an Easter Island egg to Paradise just offshore

I see Atlantis is a city risen from Nassau, want Mor?

Solomon Kirshner built a living metaphor for Heaven

Isaiah linked Egypt to Eden in Chapter 20

and Adam Now correlated Edom in NO DOM IA I

Imagine a book about a man with Samson’s hair

Lazerus’ nine live and the Hazel eye of Ra

The Lion of Judah assures the Den is about family..the SEA

Matchbox 20, now relaxed is sure; this  “place” is Edom’s hidden king

The Son of SAm returned to change the end of Judges

From Revelation 1:20, to Ecclesiastes 9:11, to Nostradamus… I am Adam UN-cat-if

Adam Really Tries

It’s as Little as  a hundred years away a

time when “we the people” will say

A contract signed in handcuffs, HA

No judge anywhere would miss duress

or maybe the great day is today

Our judicial system is mocked by an eye for an eye

Our society as seen from on high, self amputates its own arm

to force feed it’s soul just enough to ensure

prison shall not end world hunger

but institutionalize starvation, rather

Across the board, it’s a failure to see

and care for people just trying to be

This has become the new root of all evil

apathy, and the idea it won’t happen to me

From sp, “art” I see us, to Jaffa Cree’uld_language

I have to add just one more verse

Our kids are searching to find the Universe

from Easter eggs to Bereshit…the matza expands tonight

All metaphors for a hidden universe staring us all in the face

Jenny’s in the back singing “I will love you

as soon as the stars fall from the shy, to perform for you and I”.

And Taylor sings” I’ve got a pocket full of high”.

The Bible and I are filled with similar artifacts of creation in a “Matrix” that religion is first and foremost here preserve, truth, liberty and the familial love that altogether embody “US” in love.


Adam Really Is Everyone’s Light



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