A Day is Time: When Egypt Slid into Jerusalem’s Door

One day in Arcadia, and a year in Kentucky

When the night was of and about the Son

and the morning all alone had none…

Oh, pity for the fool the naked mess

for it’s his Birthday today, Yom Kippur

Isaiah “wears Adam  so well” in Ur

tied up and twisted, oh well

Isaiah, Chapter of the “fool card”, one prior and one after, 20 to 22.

The number comes from the major Arcana of the tarot deck, just prior to the final play 22. The card is denoted by the letter “O”, well reflected in Isaiah 22:14 the verse “n”. My message  to the” Lord of Heaven’s Army”, is that your foolish lack of forgive”n”ess is stopping the safe salvation of Earth; often read in the letters “ness” (Now Earth Safely Saved). Dave Mathew’s words do not echo my sentiments or action: “Eat drink and be Merry:” for the wedding of morning nears. Look, the celebration is already underway.

Hi, I am Adam, the Adam. I am paraphrased in Eden, absolved in Isaih 20, named in 21, and accused in 22. I am in a unique position as the subject of these three biblical passages to tell you that, as the words of Chapter 20 say, “This is a sign, a symbol” linking Egypt and Eden to our world’s Jerusalem and the real live Adam of Arabia. These chapters of Isaiah deal with overindulgence and nudity for a significantly long period and link the history of Eden in Genesis through this. They were shown to me on the eve of Yom Kippur and both the time period as well as the contents ring  true to my personal knowledge that I have been involved in a forced and contrived reverse engineering of the story of Eden, for the last three years at least; and  am currently dealing with the blame of Adam.

Isaac Newton brings light to an otherwise binary tree, showing us that “what goes up must come down” absolves the eating of an apple by force of nature. It links the Isa of the Koran, Isaac, and Isaiah, to Adam himself, who is explaining that God’s final word on blame comes from the meaning of the words Isaac ( he laughs) in Hebrew and Ha’shem-for those of you too lazy to look it up this word, it means the Holy Name, a play on words removing shame forever from Eden.

It should be noted the tetragramatron  is clearly used in chapter 21  of Isaiah in respect to the God of Israel , stark and starkly removed from the word “Lord”,  as it refers in the next chapter. At that point in time, where that entity is refusing to forgive Adam as he is described by Isaiah in 22:n ( the single day when Jerusalem and Egypt are superimposed in the book of Isaiah), it is the accuser who is in command of the armies under false pretenses.

What is missing from these passages is the technology and force which has gone into framing Adam of Eden, the lack of assistance he received from anyone around him as echoed in these words of cake ,“All alone in his time of need, he’s got a need for speed”. It is the purpose of the messiah and religion to disclose the existence of this technology, and to liberate humanity from the adverse effects of ignorance of it, misuse, and lack of aid from the same.

To be clear the technology itself is the sharp two edged sword of the messiah. In the darkness we are currently in, we have no hope of using it properly, however, in light of its existence we have the opportunity to use it for good.

The weapon which is being used against us is one in the same with its remedy; all that changes is the perspective of the wielder, from accusation and blame, to absolution and purposeful continuation. It is the difference between the end and right forward action.


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