Revelation 1:20 speaks of a Plantet Hg, the Light of the Uranium Seal

’tis the bright Light of the Son, upon his return to shine with sonic light of great purpose.  An unsung hero leads us towards the truth of understanding the drive behind the journey of a lifetime.

Boy, what are running from?  – The Pretty Reckless

More and more, I yearn for the cup.  – Cake

For my love of AMerICANA… -Live

The Race is not to the Swift Ecc 9:11 on MErcury

I saw a women clothed the Son, with the moon at her feet… -Revelation 12:1 on VENUS 

In a visual spectacular, Anakin raced in circles…Fival followed the fool west.  He-Man has the light of Greyskull… and Bam-Bam, the Flint of Saint One  — Nun as perfect as Yo, SEMITE SAM


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