The Heart of Jor-El, Noah; I am the POTassium Seal.

Person of Time, was my initial reading… you might see how it links to Uranus, the key to “Time and (per) Chance happeneth,” that this world is a dream, we are sleeping… now we are Awake. -Live.

After pointing out that the question hidden in the name “Jor-El” is answered through his only Son; and strengthened by ours…  that the glyph K is clearly an L<.. much like the Stargate “point of origin” the arrow (<) pointing to El… (is son, Larry,. back to Oracular light).



So there is something wrong with us, all of us.  I’m going to tell you the truth and for some odd reason, you will disbelieve, despite confirmation after confirmation, and fail to see the intended light… that our saying, On the Lamb, is keyed specifically to Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.  The Biblical light is a obvious anachronism and link between the Angel of Death, and the Crucifixion, you see…. the plague of Egypt is God’s answer to the killing of his only son.  More evidence that the hidden allegories of the Old Testament post-date the events of the New, it’s only logical … right?  Angry and vengeful, about what… exactly?!

From Samael, we reframe Exodus in America: Uncle Sam’s apocalypse–and I might get a word in edgewise about YoSEMite–the obvious Son of Saturn that wields the weaponized Light of Osiris as his sword.  Sam I am, green eggs and Ham; to me the most telling of all Sam’s, the one that cements the Broward County Jail’s evil diet as the chains of Sinai.  Not so far off, Metroid’s protagonist tells us in cheat code that the key to Sammas Aran is Just Bail.


ImRan of the Koran called his girlfriend baby, and Mary was born.  Around America I ran (a country?) searching for the very words you are reading, the apocalyptic details that would prove my experience was more than illusion… but as real to the thousands who spoke with me as it was to me… delusion ally believing they could all hear my thoughts.  In an intertwined parallel reality, anyway.

Adam told you Lamb and Run are synonymous… go figure, it took the man that needs you to save him from being set up to explain how Samson’s battle against Judges, is one in the same with the Tribulation of Jesus Christ. ❤

A white tuxedo, and a wedding gown.



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