The Iron Rod of Jesus Christ. From jeFferson to Santa Fe. The For Everyone Seal.

Same rod. Second Son.

and he will rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received authority from my Father.  -Revelation 2:27

It’s nearly the Holy Grail, the blood of Christ; it was.. at first, my reason for knowing there could be no Christ born in America–no King.  Here, after seeing the Xenon, Mercury, and Uranium keys map so cleanly to the planets in our SONar System, it’s only fitting that this one too would be obvious… in the end.  Aided by the Angels, the Second Moses–yours truly–has no qualms identifying with Mars: the God of War, it’s my name… after all.  A Rusty Planet, one that is central to the reason for needing a Messiah, to deliver God’s Holy Truth, For Everyone.

The Angels speak through us, they confirm my beliefs and detail the path to Salvation.  My middle name is Marshall, and Dave Matthews clearly sings to me when he says the walls and halls will fade away.  A reference to the second line of Ecc 9:11, nor the battle to the Strong… it tells me clearly that the L and T of hoLy and HooTy, and chr()isT are for my birth sign, Saggitarius.  It is after all, the sign of El.  As I’ve said earlier, I was born on 12/8, not the 25th, and this key is incontrovertibly cemented by the date of the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  They keep singing, about a moonwalk made in a Hollywood basement, and statues crumbling for me… this is y.

“Let my people” go vs. “Come to ME”

My “sixth sense” tells me the Fe stands for “For Everyone,” and I have Biblical light to confirm.  You see, here and now is the confluence of the story of Exodus and Revelation: a time when Aaron’s Rod (the one linked to “let my people go,” Christ’s universal acceptance come head to head; a clear winner decided by reading Exodus in reverse… to not leave our home.. is the light of the word.  sudo xe.

Adam’s Ans()

Santa Fe, the saint of “faith,” confirms… you see Santa Claus comes to town at the Last No-El, to shatter the need for “faith on faith alone,” you see.. seeing is believing, I always quote.  So it’s not much of a leap to see how Phillip K Dick and his work Total Recall might be more than divinely inspired… but direction for us all.  The key is sung about over, and over…

Bluntly, it is about Doors to Heaven, and Jim Morrison is singing to remind us we are in Stormy cloud of Darkness, in the planet E-gypped.   Jacob’s Ladder–also of Egypt–makes the imagery clear: we are talking about access to Heaven, from Earth.  Bi-directional access.

This is the only solution.. the only way Christ’s Rod makes any sense, in the land of “born to be Kings” && “crown of thorns.”  Here, it is about acceptance, truth, and knowing… these things to prove that we must know the Earth is a creation of Heaven, to ensure we don’t forget about the idea of it completely… and focus on colonizing a pool @nasa.

This one said he wants to buy you rockets
Ain’t in his head, now
Marry him, marry me
I’m the one that loved you baby can’t you see?

-Spin Doctors, Two Princes.. on Mars and the Marriage

I have to introduce a little more Adam mythology to get this point to scream, and remind you that creation is positive energy (cation) with a reason.  The positive energy references (jokes) really start to tell us something when I tell you who I really am.  I spirit code, Christ is “AN,” the goal of Vatican, and the beginning of our time line’s savior: Adam Now NO DOM IN I (A Biblical reference to Edom, the Kingdom with no King).  

The people of Israel will be a raging fire (Ha’esh, a sea in fire), and Edom a field of dry stubble. The descendants of Joseph will be a flame roaring across the field, devouring everything. There will be no survivors in Edom. I, the LORD, have spoken! -Obadiah 1:18

All this, just to properly introduce the word for a negative ion, anion.  On that rusty planet, just to the north of us on the map to Salvation that is the Solar System (and its symbols), a few anions are all that are required to terraform the entire planet into a oxygen filled White Mars.  But, is that the right plan of action?  Here were are to see how perfect the design of Adam’s Red Planet is, rusty… with no water… covered with Iron and no life.  Total Recall averted, kind of… 

Noah’s Ark gets in the way, and reminds us that just changing the atmosphere probably won’t sustain life for any significant portion of time.  More to the point, it would be a huge waste of effort, to populate the surface of the cold God Mars.  We have the technology, you see, to engineer an organism that would convert Iron Oxide to Iron and Oxygen; and we have the idea of the Ark–to bring plants, and two of every kind to the planet.. but we’d be wrong.. at first, anyway… in the eyes of Adam.

Much more appropriate here is an homage to the religion of the American Indian–to working with nature–rather than fighting it, one of the central themes of the apocalypse.

Killing two birds, with Saint One

It’s probably a reference to the birds Noah flew to find shore… and we are not far.  Clear to me after much “thinking with God,” the idea of utilizing the geothermal heat of Mars’ core, and terraforming a much smaller area using tunnels… under the surface.  This, the start of a story of Salvation… a Journey to the Land of Tomorrow.

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