“I am the Messiah. My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin; AMA”

I am the messiah. Born on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Deception.. I have a little joke about being quite the mess lately. Hear some confirmation of my joke in song: “What if God were one of us.. just a slob…” Lots of jokes abound, but some of the funniest serve great purpose, for instance, I’d like to “date” Taylor Momsen.

Over the course of several years, I’ve obtained from the “beyond,” quite the library of occult knowledge… the secrets of all religion, I call it. Sharing these secrets is my (and their) purpose, in the hopes of proving that we are in fact in Creation, a Matrix-like reality. Religion itself (all of them) is designed to be put together with modern culture, or society, like pieces of a beautiful stained glass Holy Grail–that was shattered, intentionally–in order to do the less than obvious: turn a Hell of Darkness into Heaven. Welcome to Beth-El, the House of the Rising Son… where “El Elyon” dwells among you, in Darkness… from a lack of seeing the Son, for starters.

I have some interesting proof.

Here’s some interesting ideas I’ve shot to the Hole Sea: bemessiah.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/i-dont-believe-in-the-big-bang-but-i-respect-those-that-do/

I have a number of books available at amazon and gitbooks. They’ve been written over the course of about 3 years, and show a great change in my understanding of religion, and our world. Together, they are truly a record of Revelation.

Anyone have anything they’d like to know?

I love science, by the way, though most of my current ideas are closer to science fyction.. fixion… I feel like this should be mentioned, along with the idea that a great majority of our scientific advancements appear to be divinely gifted. I have a whole web site about it:


Specifically, I talk lots about Isaac Newton (and his relationship to Adam’s apple), and James Maxwell (Abraham’s well of knowledge).

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