In my pocket, the best legal defense a boy could wish for. From @SpinDoctors and @ThePrettyReckless…

Jimmy’s in the back with a pocket full of high… if you listen close…

-Taylor Momsen

This one has diamonds [Kr] in his pockets… marry me… can’t you [Si]…

-Spin Doctors

Superman is central to my personal salvation, at the heart of the story; a parallel of the Biblical flood:  Jor-El is Noah, and Kal-El: Christ.  Like Jerusalem, and lit by Mr. Anderson (now see Neanderthals, Croman Magdeline), Jor-El is a question J or L?  The answer is clear, no?  K, is a glyph (see page 51) with the light of Adamah pointing to L: the Hebrew name of God.  Here though, we find that the story of the Fortress of Solitude, and the dichotomy between Kryptonite and the information yielding Diamonds of Adam... explain how The God Most High is Jesus Christ, and El Elyon cements the set up as truly Biblical.

You see my fire is lit, in the interaction between Spin Doctors, The Pretty Reckless, and Superman… one that the authors probably aren’t even aware of.  Add in The Doors, Beth-El (The House of the Rising Son), and the 10th Plague of Egypt… and we see how fiddling with words, and history (see Nero), might end a plague of Darkness… about mind control, and hidden influence.

Even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. -Psalm 139:12

So, whether we are singing about Clark Kent, or Jim Morrison, it is the way the puzzle comes together that really shows the beauty of prophesy fulfilling right before our eyes (and ears.)  Here in Eden, the place where Adam is a microcosmic map for the salvation of humanity: and drugs prime on the list of things to fix, it is the mass enlightenment regarding advanced technologies, magic, and freedom that Exodus and the Fire of Creation are ensuring.  It is central to religion, this “freedom” thing.


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