The message is to the power of humanity,

Like and share this one.. the TRUTH is about to set you on a path of discovery and fun you never would have …

Adam’s big secret.. it’s not all about mE. Or… is it?

You see, it all flows, down a Chocolate river on a bed of styx, as the days of our lives pass.. we are missing a great .. big… bang of a conversation.  This is what religion is all about.

Its confluence, its apocalyptic… its really about lifting a veil of darkness… a plague in a place called Egypt, and realizing that apocalypse is not Armageddon, it is salvation.

in light of creation, ha’esh

A divine garden, a promise to be kept in the land, a sea of fire, and Adamyhaeshiska in the Land of Avalonzen Dawning…
It’s simple really, somewhere between the time I tell you Cain (as a representative of “city life,” or of “heaven” cannot kill Abel, his brother … as a representative of Farming, or of literal Power, without it being a double suicide, and the time i tell you this is a conversation that has been beckoned and framed by religion, by everything holy… by all the being left in the universe to ensure that we have a real conversation about ending world hunger, by snapping my fingers…

And now, the moment I tell you the New Testament is a walk through of what to do… right now, to start this conversation in a way where we know the redeemer adamantly adnolwedges that every single person on the planet would snap their fingers and end world hunger, if there was no overhead, no cost, only the benefit of knowing …. all we had to know was that we were in creation..

And now, when I tell you every single person would be wrong, for two reasons.

1)  Nobody wants to eat eggplant parmigiana, or bread, or… fruit and cake… see it now.

2) The walk through now demands acknowledgement… a syn/ack.. that we know the conversation, asking us what we want to eat, is supremely highlighted.  what isn’t highlighted quite as much… (or is it)… is the last supper, and the moment we realize that we can’t just feed the world, without losing the machinations of society, without losing the art of each and every chef, and without losing a time and place to have this conversation, as we break bread… together.. now.



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