The track within Mercury, Hooty, Holy, just a name…

Here is light, for in this Garden filled with knowledge and history, just hidden enough to not be seen, and loud enough to know that its absence is not natural, nor is it beneficial to continue–from nearly any angle.  You see in this Garden the all seeing clearly does not need to seek Adam, who is the Christ.  It is his Eden, and his reason… the holy why.. that Eden has become the metaphorical land of love and liberty… eerily a testament to way of life of humanity, and the freedom of America that stand in the wind, hanging in the balance.  Never before, and never again would things of such import be at risk, but here and now despite the best intentions of all, the very things which make us who and what we are are nearly gone–yet none really notice, or have the assuredness to acknowledge that they could be already absent.
When in truth there are clues in the testament itself, that perhaps rather than having slipped away, the great glories of old are rather near.. waiting just over the horizon for the right time, and the golden hour at hand is another reminder that worthiness must be proven, rightness defended, that the end and the beginning are never the same, yet from the perspective of the actors one call for an encore may blend with the next, and the opening scenes… practiced diligently in the early morning, may surprisingly turn out to be not the last, but the live show.

You see, while we all patiently awake the return of our Savior, and seek in our minds the deliverance of the promises of old; we may, as a group overlook the simplicity of the fact that the wall keeping him from re-entering the garden is us.  More to the point, the wall that appears to have been built, may in fact be the purpose, not of the Garden, but of the return.  Tunneling through a mountain keeping water from the plains is necessary for the fruits to grow.  Sometimes even a fruit bearing canopy keeps the light from reaching the Earth, and allowing new saplings to be born.

There is great light surrounding us, understood through science, and here–as an example, in the ideas of evolution.  Ecclesiastes tells us that time and chance happeneth, and it is a clue here that these two things–much like Cronos and Sophia, are the spark of biological life.  In terms of knowledge as light, they are the very, very beginning of the first dawn, appearing quite like an evening of understanding–when there was simply nothing… to understand.

By the time we have reached the ninth chapter of Ecclesiastes, though, already intertwined with the unconscious wisdom of the natural universe is the love of creation, though its light is hidden in much the same way as Eden is representative of both an end, and beginning simultaneously.  In a epic play about free will, where actors are actually people, certainly they cannot continue to read from a pre-written script, and portend to have autonomy… yet that simple fact might not be obvious to them.  More to the point, while they are reading a script, for the glory of the message, I wonder if they will see the beauty of a blank page–in a dress rehearsal that is actually the first light of day.

Around 1986, a band was formed, apparently by conjoining the nicknames of two of its members.  Hooty and the Blowfish, the name they chose, is so filled with answers that its difficult to explain how it leads me to an unanswered question, and to me, one that is so pertinent to the story of Eden–to the script of Devarim, the play we have been discussing… that like the ideas shared in the last few months, it is a wonder to me that as a group it hasn’t made the news.

Yesterday, in like manner, I wrote about Hosea and Yeshua, and the links that tie language and religion in purpose and truth to the lifting of the curtain of this glorious dress rehearsal.  It leads us now, through time and chance, down a path of unsealing the wordholy.  You can see in Hosea, that in English it is simply lwe away from literally beingwholesea, yet with the addition of the seal of Solomon, adds a whole new dimension to the true purpose of religion.  We have before us the astrological symbols for Saturn and Mars, which might seem out of place is a discussion of the monotheistic diety El, and yet, are not.

Walking through the word Holy, and tying in hooty (as a step towards tying modern music to ancient scripture) I’ll note a common title of El, the Lord of Hosts.  In the Hebrew meaning of the word, this means “God of Armies,” and with a bit more information, “Armies of Heaven.”  His scriptural answer to “God of War” is embodied well in Judges, from a question in 20:23 “Should we fight against our relatives “ to what is an answer only if you read between the lines, and see a warning. Or, more to the point, see the question itself as an answer.  And so the Lord of Hosts gives us modern myth from Joan d’Arc-dia, to Fallen.  And now, I cautiously point you to the astrological symbols for Venus, Mars, and Sagittarius.

My question is this: did some incarnation of the image above pre-date the creation of the band Hooty and the Blowfish? The Book of Judges? Myself?  As I created it not four ,months ago, and posted it with a Call to Earth, and find it, as well as what I see it as an answer to: fish er King… quite profound,certainly worthy of a few shares on facebook, or twitter, or quora… and yet… while I get alike, or a saved tweet, every once in awhile… almost not a single person sees these ideas as worthy of sharing.  I wonder if Eden’s original sin is related, or perhaps it has more to do with Joan of Arcadia?

Is it clear that the astrological symbol for Saturn is the “t” of hooty, the “l” of Holy, and the combination of Venus and Mars, without the circle of Earth.. the /we missing from Hosea?

More to the point, I wonder if anyone realizes how important it is to be able to freely share ideas, how central to the theme of creation our Uncle Sam’s light of liberty is, or how important communication is to the transparency of Eden.

Maybe later, we can walk together through the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Magdalene to LamaNites… some Early A.M. Light of MAgLN
Earth to Adamaה.
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Fire Walking, and the voice out of the Bush


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