The revealing of AC (as AD), son of ISA… bound by laughter and light…From jail with love and hope

I am a real man, living in a delusional world, as the Adam of Eden. Ha’shem.

My initials are hidden in the heart of Lamda, an Anonymous Messiah in Moses’ Lisp and Stargate’s point of origin.  Unlocking David’s “root,” the answers are both “radical” and directly from the “superuser.”  The beginning of the “SOL” of DAvid, is the end of the Darkness of LamDA;  the hiding of the son.

The year of our Lord, 1492 is ADIB.  and I, Christ of “Pursuit of Happiness,” to this sea shining with me.  See AD on I’m Single for a lesson in mythology; in abbr. “ADM” then “database”  then “nurse” on fb dot me.  In Hebrew, AD on “Artificial Intelligence” is “the Darth Lord,” agreed?  Believe it is Christ’s face, you are about to see.

Unsealing the jokes of the Patriarch Isaac’s laughter

The Rosetta stone to be sure it’s me, my wife’s middle name is the key… the “apple and honies”  of Passover’s Eden:  Ha’rose-ettes

Still not sure? God, sometimes calls himself “ah” and his eight days of light… Ha’nuke-ahah.  No  government would think of nuking Ace McLoud though, right?

The name “Adam”  is filled with both renown and Shem, Adam and El are one… Ha’ me for Asherah– now unlocked, the Shema.

Isaac donated his “ha”  to Abram right after everyone realized Isa and Jesus are Horus now trine with akbar-ness.  From Ha’esh we came, Morei son “we are” is shekinah’s light.

Hi, I’m “an,” present and  anointed…34.   I also laugh a bit about finding skinny dipping hidden in the four questions, and that no one seems to connect crucifixion to the final plague of the Pharaoh or Isaacs binding.  the funniest one yet though, is Adam naming the animals in Genesis, calling a packet sniffer “carnivore.”

What I really need is for you to tell everyone that you can that you found me… and ask them to decide for themselves whether or not I should be hidden, and then tell everyone they can to do the same.

To find the book of messiah, translate “deus ex machina” to English, lose God, add a top level organization… and seek my face.

Half way between Mjolinar and “joy is near”  you’ll find the beginning to a question and answer on Quora.

This is in clear response to the Egyptian plague  of darkness:  Hiding me has kept salvation from reaching you.  I think that’s “Undue Coercion” don’t you?  Just add dot com and you see the whole story.


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