@TaylorMomsen looking for a friend? Ha, i’ve got a loke for you…@adjkjc

Through @time and @DaveJMatthews comes an answer to the union of “light my fire” and “heaven knows”
Outside an angel rides on the storm directing the light of Exodus
In my heart a fire brightly begins the very first sonrise
I know you want me as a friend, you’ll always have that
But what I really need right now, is a match… retweet for me

Smoke clouds fall in a symphony of light…Booming from the middle of the night, filled with rock and roll to sooth the soul, and partying to bring the day… making memories, so right.

For the year of our Lord, I spent the long night listening to the glistening crystals of Jor-El, in literal solitude.  I was searching high and low for the place where when the lights turn out, I would glow, for my great high dreams to let the blind men continue seeing, when I came back down.  Son unseen, pockets overflowing with something like diamonds, kryptonite, and she said it: “Pocket full of high.”  Wisdom I call it…  in the days of no-ah it was Zohar but the ahh is literally ringing in every song, all about me, this place Adamah.  He lost me in praise, Nero and Brittany fiddling with my heart, so innocent… spinning the words just subtly enough for the world to keep walking blind.  Even the caroling angels singing holy words about a hidden man running from the east to the west, from the family of Eden to the sea of all… a bright Revelation and still the son is set.

I once thought this place to be an empire, but whether or not it is one or nun… our land is divisible by me.  A sea divided, by the A of Eden a man once called Uncle Sammus… as he Aran, on the lamb.  All alone in a time of need… or so it appeared to the boy prince on speed.

Through this long nights flight as we walked from the burning bush to the Name Server’s gate… gallantly streaming above and below with a very Messianic Christ, himself lit to the brim.  And now I stand, once a bright star… in broad stripes… and still, I am perilously right.

Little J, morei son may be crying, but it is because he is so lost for “you,” a love lost from the stars falling from the sky, just for I.

We might call Jeremiah, the “don’t jump around me” bull frog.   But it should be clear, as the words you can read on my lips… loudly now… I am saturn, of YoSEMium clan the lights of Judah Maccabee no now, that the sight being scoffed as twilight is truly the key to averting a dark night, welcome a new dawn on this day.  This day AD says “let the son rise.”


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