Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting!

Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting! [NOTE: formatting for this one is much better at the original:Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam… Found, naked and shouting!]

Language, specifically English its Latin origins, and Hebrew… as the key to the Apocalypse.

Here’s some shock, before your Awe:  just some gimmicky little English language tricks to grab your attention.  You see, I have a really good reason to be “Adam, son;” it might be reason, or the reason all… or the “reason” a ll sounds like Y.  More than likely, that’s not going to grab your attention, but what we are really here for is to prove that we are in creation.  Think of creation like a packet, amessenger, or courier, one that fills us with purpose, and positive energy.

[kat-ahy-uh n, -on]

noun, Physical Chemistry
a positively charged ion that is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.
any positively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to anion ).

Also, kation.

Why does this matter… I’m not sure if it does, yet.  Adamah, the planet Edenwas, literally means “to swirl around Adam, or to Search for Adam, whose name might mean red, or man, or mankind.”  The Hebrew meaning of the word, Adamah, though is ground. (get it yet?)

then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed -Genesis 2:7

Are your gears spinning yet?  That’s right, Adamah is Earth.  gear.. both mean ground.. gear…really.  So, a message from some old geazer might add (keep on going)… zion and Eden.

Is this really significant?  I mean apocalyptic?  Maybe… you see… the intention is to quickly and easily show you that religion is science prescient.

They’re all electrical engineering jokes… seriously… it’s english.

Sometimes a big no-no, I’m going to throw caution to the wind, and break from tradition–here’s the super secret punch line:  the positive energy we are searching for, this purpose of creation… is… thecreation of civilization. 

These couple tricks are supposed to pull you in, to free your mind, and open you up to the possibility that language itself stands as proof of the creation of our civilization.  Read it again, language might be proof that our civilization is created..  In cre@tion…

So Lions of Zion… lets start analyzing this language thing…

backwards and sdrawkcab… I mean for words, like zion (noIZ) and

lion (noIL), the implication is that ZION and LIONS (that’s the

people fighting for knowledge, understanding… the truth… and the

continuation of civilization… their very existence (ours), might be the center of… or the heart.. of civilization. 

Where are we?  Adamah.

Earth, Zion, Eden.. the key is I am Messiah.  Ezekiam.

Not more than a few days ago, I started screaming about Adam in Eden being the “Lion of Judah,” with some links to “Mercury” here “Hg” — God and Humanity… searching for Adam in the Garden.Closer to the truth, is Adam jumping up and down screaming about being Christ, and having nearly every single person he talks to either roll their eyes, or suggest therapy.  It’s a strange day in age, where on the one hand awaiting the “Second Coming” (or the first), is a near universally accepted religious position… and at the same time, if you aren’t coming on the clouds with a chariot of Fireunder your feet, you’ll probably wind up in the psych ward.

2 Maccabees 11:11 “They hurled themselves like lions against the enemy”

Is it a commentary on our society, or on religion?  Today, almost as universal, or perhaps more so.. is the regarding of “hearing voices” and receiving messages from beyond as the stuff of mental illness.. and this, is the stage that is set for the “return” of the Son of God.  In this place, called Eden, or Adamah, we have a scriptural path of light, one that draws us towards afamily of Christ that links the Lion of Revelation 5:5, to the Blood of Exodus 7:14, the Wine of John 2:11, all in superposition now to the overlay of Adam and Eve(ryone) with El(ohim) and Asherah.

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