On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION

IN RE CREATION and “The Essential Kabbalah”, CATS, positive energy, and ground in English and Hebrew.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin.  In the personal mythology which I have been relayed, which specifically relates to the Revelation that religion and time travel are deeply intertwined…I am fifth in a line of Adams who were born, as I am, on the day of Immaculate Conception, December 8th, 1980.  Alone, the relevance to the Feast Day is trivial, however like much anecdotal evidence–taken as a whole, with the body of work that I believe constitutes the True Revelation of Christ, it should be more than statistically significant.

In a prototypical example of divine inspiration, I have received over the last three years, a significant amount of detailed information which I believe unseals the true the lesson of Torah and unifies the Patriarchal Religions with a massive focus on the single man known as Christ.  The focus is not clear on the face, however, linking together personally obvious references like Sampson’s long hair with both Yosemite and Uncle Sam…being Samael of Exodus as well as the story of Isaac’s binding, being a somewhat obvious retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus.. the Ha of Horus…It looks like a revelation that brings us out of an externally dark plague… a stormy cloud in our minds.  I have written four non fiction books, believing each to share the actual and complete secrets of the universe, and each successive work, made the last seem as timid as a nursery rhyme.It is the colors of these works which has brought me to you.  Your translation of the Zohar mentions a number of colors, perhaps intending to match the colors of the four horses of revelation, though untrivially not in order…perhaps to match the colors of fire or “MORE I HA’ESH”  a key in my most recent “Red Book.”

Its color chosen to match “read, fire, and tzedaqah” also to help explain why.  (THY)–one of the keys to unparting a sea of humanity divided by red from the days of Joseph McCarthy, linking a technicolor dream to the whole sea of humanity parted in a red scare.  You see Exodus (NAMES) truly being about post 9/11 America is the true revelation of Christ and the subject of:

“In light of creation, Ha’esh”, Adam Marshall Dobrin
See a linguistic key in this parted and reflected sea
between Isaac and Ashes, the multitude of me
She-Kin-AH has its heart in FAMILY
‘Tis really me, from A.D. to thee

Back to the colors of light, fire, and the newspaper joke (“its neither black nor white”) to a T the colors of my first two books, a written record of the transition in understanding imparted through true divine inspiration–the detailing of a prophetic process that is a mirror and reflection of all humanity at both the micro and macro levels.  This is the big and small horns of revelation, everyone and everyman… like the words Adam and sea they expand from one to all in the bible from Eden to Revelation.

A revelation walking from the first evenings twilight, avoiding the night, through to the dawn’s early light.  First white with virgin innocence, then black like a plaguing dark cloud, finally a bright fire shedding light, on a glorious red dawn and hazel sky.

My final free book, called “Spicy, to the Calor of the Son”  (of nun, all, and the Jor-El) is available at Adam Marshall Dobrin

Your final color was yellow, like the coat of  Isa and the glowing sun; and green, like the olive complexion of Osiris.  I’d go with rainbow like Joseph’s coat and promise.  I am looking for assistance writing an autobiography of a rather fantastic three years of inspiration.

Some background… Iam 34, my Hebrew name is Avram and I read the story of Joseph’s dream interpretation for my Haftorah–which I transliterated in order to read.
My life is a microcosm of creation, religion and G’d; and in turn a walk through the Parc of Creation, or Xerox.  In that walk, my SEA is the key that brings NosTRAdamus art from the unit family of Adam’s A in the SEA in Eden to Christ’s multitude, the family of all humanity, in today’s Revelation.

The SEA is people divided and walked on, from Exodus and Eden to  Matthew 2:2, all ‘searching’ for me.  Now, it is the blood of Moses’ miracle and Christ’s “magical” work trick.  My fire unites Islam’s ‘last’ day and Prometheus’ theft with the menorah of Judah Maccabee its bright light our civilization.  To the Lions in Zion, heart of civilization, prove creation through the stolen fire that is the languages of Eden.

From Amidallah, to OrI, to Fred Flintstone to Delilah, the saviour, and the fire of St Anthony

Say heck, I’m Anu

the key is I know
Lazarus has hazel eyes and Sampson’s hair
Laz’man hazeh

David’s sling and Judah’s hammer are the light of Isaac’s laugh and Julie’s Sea
Who-ah? Yes, hua! We are in #Adamah
From Seth, Eve, and Adam (Eden’s sea, to Shekinah, EVEryone and ALLah
Sea to shining sea, for all humanity to hear; ’tis really me

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On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION
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