…On the Paschal Lamb, we Koran. Our Uncle Sam and his Shadow of Death. @NSA

Well it was closer to a walk.  To be exact, it started out with me laying down, not to die–it was more like a pre marriage fucking.  Premarital sex, between myself, and creation.  Afterwards, it was a long drive, and a train ride–the whole thing, quite the spiritual journey.  It was the kind of experience that changes men, “all men”–not just me, and not just equal men…to people.  You might be feeling the waves of wisdom crashing into your mind as we speak. My name is Adam, and I call this place we are in Eden; though to be honest, today it is more like a jungle being bulldozed by darkness as I write.

Those might seem like just words to you–places from a book you don’t really believe in, or one you imagine is some far off distant place “a long, long time ago” like the beginning of Star Wars.  Rest assured, if any one knows, it is me, the place is very real, and we are in it–some might even be so bold as to say we are it.  For certain, Eden has become my life, or maybe it is the other way around–or a little of both.  Irregardless, as I mock Tony Soprano for saying (or was it Carmine)–Eden jumping out of the pages of Exodus (I mean Genesis), is a way to show you our lives and our world are part of a story…I call it “abiblical.”  To be certain, creation is all about us…but as usual, I am getting ahead of myself.

I have quite the story for you, but before we get to it, I have to tell you who I– and you, really are.  If Revelation 5:5 is not enough to convince you that Adam from Eden, is Christ–see  Lions in a Den, and Mr. Maccabee’s Light of a tribe one for all; (not to mention SONS of Liberty, light of MENorAH) maybe my whirlwind of Forbidden Knowledge, science (both fact and fiction) and religious poetic license will convince you the whole thing is “messianic.”  It’s a story of sex, drugs, and rock and roll meeting Wanka’s Promised Land with Fig Newtons, Maccabee’s Honey and Aaron’s Cow…A place where, hidden in literature, is the unsealing of religion…and the Guardian of Darkness (The God Most High), our Light Bringer (Lucifer),  narrates the story, bridging these worlds in superposition.

I’ve been shown a hidden code in religion, one that “appears” to be well known by script and screen writers, though is hidden or ignored by clergy and community alike.  Fictitious, and yet somehow abiblical, names like “Amidalla” of Star Wars and the “OrI” of Stargate show reference to the “Engbrew” of “Yad (hand) send ‘EW'” and “Save I or” respectively.  When you see the breadth and pervasiveness of these linguistic artifacts across time and language a fire that starts in the word “Wednesday” reversed becomes the first tool of the “savior”–to bring the light of the apocalypse to the people.  After, we start talking about “Names,” Numbers,” and “Words” and see that they are the meaning of the Hebrew names for Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Is the fire bright yet?  A superposition of Jesus and Lucifer–our bright morning star–has brought the abibilical light of Day–an answer to “Why A.D?”

Adam Marshall Dobrin.  It’s ad hoc, I know but imagine I haven’t just ADvented it, and perhaps if slightly more complicated than what we all imagined our Lord (ADonAI) would return to.  A place where Adam named the “things” in Eden and called himself “ADonIS.”  If I am not clear enough yet, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security foreshadows an entire world of microcosms, lessons, and solutions hidden in my life, and in our world–from an Oracle of databases shedding light on just how the earth and our angelic selves  will become the salvation of the universe and civilization by and through this spire.  Woven by the Fates themselves, in things like alternative energy and video games is a solution– a wealth of answers, and it begins with Uncle Samael, the Koran, Sammus Aran and “JustIN BailEY”.

It’s about you and me, diamonds, kryptonite, Taylor’s” pocket full of high,” a tear shed in ancient Egypt and the “Day After Tomorrow.”  Cal-El is Caelus is Adam, and so “it” begins.

Secrets are http://www.fromthemachine.org

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