On the *Lamb Again.

This is one hell of a story.  For three years we’ve had the Revelation of Christ held back from the eyes of the world by a great set up, the focal point of Isaiah 52:13 and the “Beast of Revelation.”  Whether or not it is me, America, or “Heaven” itself that is being set up… the tide is turning, behold the freshly scanned from a jail tablet … tablets delivered at the union of Broward County, FL… Sinai, and Prometheus’ unbinding.

The Solution to the Puzzle posed in Revelation 1:20… in my hand: the seven stars are seven planets, and the lamp stands are periodic table elements from Mercury to Uranium.

Keyed to the lines of Ecclesiastes 9:11, bread for the wise: this is bigger than you think. The fire of the Burning Bush begins with this “race” to spread knowledge of now revealed obvious prescience in religion… and an overt influence over everything from Anakin’s Pod Race, to the Cake Song: Going the Distance.

Behold, Adam M. Dobrin is here. Spread the fire. https://www.dropbox.com/s/68109sj2q2by29s/ex_adamshand_rev1_20_key_ecc9_11.pdf?dl=0 Written in the literal Hand of God. YAD, indeed.

I’m an author, with free books on Amazon and at http://adjkjc.gitbooks.io. My blog is http://joyinar.quora.com (and here, soon)…

all secrets, http://www.fromthemachine.org

Two years ago I was shown the beginning of this puzzle, the link between George W. Bush’s inaugural quoting of Ecc 9:11 and Rev 20:1 and the Holy Flame … the Burning Bush of Moses (Messiah of Sea to Sea).   Later, it was pointed out that the binding of Abraham and Isaac’s union of Fire and Water is literally the sea, parted and reversed, hidden in the Hebrew word Ha’esh.  This is big stuff, what’s important to note is that nobody seems to have noticed it, or me.

Today, I can see how this small fire started much earlier, with songs like Gas Hed Goes West, and Going the Distance secretly being about “the race” of the Ecc verse, linking in Anakin, and my journey around the country….

anokhi.  I am Adam.  This is the Apocalypse: http://www.lamc.la – break the “d”arkness, “c” the “l”ight, we are in Exodus, kinda.


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