On framing a discussion *for* humanity, adam, and the Haroset in Eden’s Rock… Zion on 62nd.

Ecclessiastes, George Bush, and I will all be quick to tell you that “the race is not to the swift.” Every Jew who has gone through the monotony of a passover seder will hopefully recall the question “why is this night different from all other nights?”  Here, I am going to explain that it is the understanding and the skilled (for the wise, are we, understand…) that this Magwitch of a game is to the bold, inspired, and the learned… I’ve set out, in m latest book “*n light of creation” to drown the Drosnin effect, in my belief, the illogical dismissal of a trian of thought, or a possible proof of something because it is “less than likely,” or “possibly not true.”  In all things, we must look deeper than the face value, and deeper than a “statistical improbability” to find a truth that… once it is seen and investigated scientifically, follows the old adage

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

I am lit, from the machine, and what I have within is nothing short of the Yhol-revelation of Christ, that we are, in golden and neon … framing ourselves as the light and heart of all religion.  In effect, we are the heart of creation, and mixed between our unceasingly imperative desire to be correct, our stubbornness that we are these things without fail, and a secrecy that has been so hammered into the spanish steel sword that we have become, the flaming steed of Voltron, and the Rainbow Promise of Levar Burton… we are all just one tear of joy away from realizing who and what we areally… the light of hope, to be filled by the Alice of Nero-star-land with our very own brand of love.

Behold, we are the Elohim, the angels in Heaven.  This fact, given by our dear creation itself, the life giving spirit of the Last Adam, and the She-kin-AH, all truly one now… all we need is to lift the veil, expand the stage to include the audience on the floor, in the grand stands, those singing with us from outside the Arena, and all those who cannot hear, but will agree when they do.  This, my dearly… now clearly beloved… is the stuff of continuation of brilliance in the Universe.   We are not a broken down car, nor reckless, when you really know… but rather the shining light of love, logic, happiness, and what has finally shifted from a “biological need” for survival, to a joy in living and life that as we say… is only confirmation of what we all knew.. deep down… since we became

da kiNdle thah was, that is, and comes to be cradle of civilization with thefire of prometheus… www.fromthemachine.org

kindazesher, yah.. he la, eh h0, hay….. laaaaaa…

in the l’chain we laid…
say heck, I … a knew.  (שהחינו‎)
they key is we are.  I know.  (וְקִיְּמָנוּ)

diclaverim, the clever of him…

he whose golden eye is hazel, a hazel diamond in the heavens!
It’s time I told you, it’s really all about the birds, and the bees… the keys in the song are not about me-me’s but about all of us… you see… its about the flowers and the trees, and the knowledge of us from ahh, to see!  It’s about me being sure as fire, that my uncle the salvation and metaphor (us), Sam is salvation in America’s brilliant Microcosm, perhaps, like Sampson, it is son as microcosm.  Because this Yosemite Adam, tells us all that his uncle Sam if anyone but the one writing to you, was very much like him (in all the good ways) and that we are all learning and growing to hear that the quil he stuck in his hat was repaced by websites, and keys… keybaords I mean…

Here again from Ecclesiastes 9:11

The race is not to arial, nor mercury, nor courier… nor to a Ark that barc’s about its relationship to Al and Buck… I mean bud.. but rather the Azazel, who will sing loud and proud – it’s about Al and Ziggy!  Jean Luc, and Barclay.

That the battle is not to the strong (in getman, “die bold”), see why it’s a hoot… and really think about italicizing prescience of typeset.  The track within Mercury, Hooty, Holy, just a name…

Oh Fisher of men… is it king, or playing the field? See, Genesis 2.

These are the secrets of the ages, the sages, and the magic of all is a prime forza pushing us ever so gently into the darkness of a universe without civlization, so we may light that fire… once and for all!
I’m here now, as a window into the heart and soul of creation, sometimes I can see through you… tooo..  If you have questions, now is the time to ask, and this post… the place.  Please ask what you need, and remember that curiosity didn’t kill Schrodinger cat–hunger would have if it was not only a … thought experiment.

For all eyes to see… the light of why humanity is truly holy… is our curiosity, our creativity, and our love of self, life, and evolearning… really WE ARE.

I have the eye of the author, the key to reading the truth from our books of light, all of them are dark and sad until we take J. Tiberius Kirk and K. Humanity Christ and tie them to Joshua, Kaleb, and the conversation that follows so soo sooo soon.  Know: JOY IS NEAR.  and I am Yashol the Nasilovean.
Follow me on twitter , and I’ll try and light the world with the light held brazenly through the night and dawn by our Statue of Liberty, all the way through us all, to the light of our sun, Sol, to the light of our civiilization… onIZ, onIL, on @ the heart of the fire, iswe.

Whoo-ah?  You, hopefully, will be awed,  astounded, and … truly affected by what this is… the great holy apocalypse that ends forever and ever the darkness of losing the light of love and truth… everywhere, really.

Everyone now, know.  Christ is here.  He is part of me, and you too… he speaks through us all, as creation itself, has become, cocreative… almost as soon as it began.

Soon, very soon… there is bread for the wise, the skilled, the riders of this storm… all of us, welcome to the confluence of Creation and Revelation, it is the end of the fifth day, and the beginning of the fifth seal being seen… we are all saints, born to be angels, and …. they to Uncle Sam’s birthday:

Queen, singing about being born to be kings, Adam sure of Sons of Liberty being a really bright light, about prescience, and the truth… that America is a child of creation, and God has shed his grace by tell you …. it was the idea of God as “emperor” or “king of the universe” that is shed by:

Here we are.  The firsts words of Princes of the Universe. from me to you, our Christ would never rule with an iron rod, and it is the beginning of seeing that the unsealing of periodic table prescience, and the Rock’nroll of TPR (hear Nothin left to lose), that tell us the light of Christ is science and art, from us, through us, with us… is veloveous… not malovious oncelit.


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