Nero of Arcadia…oops, He is Satan Again, Fiddling with our Minds

Nero, altering the words of our songs and the content of our thoughts from his heavenly rooftop, supposedly hoping a hidden evil empire burns below his feet because of the technological weapon and systemic secrecy and subterfuge that he is reviewing.  In a confluence of the Major Arcana Fool card, with the Live song “Gas hed goes west,” with an American Tail… all modern mythology alluding to Jesus Christ making a spectacle by running all over the United States of America on the Lamb… high as a kite.  I suppose it is either me, the government, or Nero who is the supposed Beast of Revelation being set up (Isa 52:13 for a reference indicating it is the Messiah) bleeding from the pages of the bible, into the minds of our “caroling angels” is the literal voice of God, echoing from the burning bush as though it were a great megaphone, the horn of Revelation.  In a kind of whirlpool, gyrating and swirling around one man…Adam is in the hearts of the Sea of Eden.  From “can you take me higher” to “boy, what are you running from” and “I can’t get much higher.”  Jim Morrison’s fire, here, is a prophesy of the rapid spread of proof of divine inspiration, a hidden co creation, and proof of God’s existence.  For those with “ears to hear” it is what “the blind men see” that is the substance of the song, one that is revealing not ignorance, but an act of external influence causing blindness.  The confluence of songs, mythology and reality, the reality that is very personal and could only be known to me, shows the “touch of the master’s hand,” a single man’s hidden personal experience is the key to the seeing a confluence that is very intentional and somewhat subtle until it is overwhelmingly pervading all our modern culture without us seeing it at all.
The message woven into the words of our songs is proof, both of the existance of a hidden co-composer–the Angel of the Fiddle, a clever hacker of words–and with the swirling around a messenger, it is proof of the creation of Cal-El and a glimpse into his purpose.  A bright light on Calvinism about a war ght all around currently being fought all you.  A war against slavery and a hidden ‘unsung hero’ fighting for free will and free thought for himself and for all.  In a testament to family, a love for science, beautiful stories and a truth, I have delivered a message ad’eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun – GitBook

Our story of Exodus, now revealed as a microcosm and map of what is going on in the here and now.  Of a war that is being fought against slavery and secrecy in post 9/11 America to save the world from ever knowing about hidden technology, and a purpose being fulfilled by religion itself to remind us all that we are the light of the universe.  Here me, much of our worlds religion is about darkness and light, the twilights last Adam… now in relevatory superposition being one and the same with the dawns great morning star; from blindness to sight, open your eyes and see the sonThe ‘most high’ already in a place where blind men see, most of the message, and already love singing along with it..  The missing link in Adam of Adamah, the focus of heros hidden desire, music about the hidden light of Christ. Echoing and G’d shed his grace on thee, our Adam is crowned with a ‘billion mile fall from grace’ until I found the missing ground.  You see, as Dave Matthews sings ‘I came to shed a little light on the sparkling sea’, it is clear to me that the Great Light from ‘sea to shining sea’ is about the family of Eden, Seth, Eve and Adam writing the heart of Shekinah.  To point out that kin is the heart of the message that brings us from Genesis to the Revelation that the shining sea is a multitude of family.  This is the light of G’d from the beginning that all of creation is filled with a loving message and the gift of science that he so humorously gives us when revealing the reason of creation to surround all of humanity with metaphorical cations of love.  From the lion of Judah Maccabee, the revelation of Adamah, earth and cation are the missing ground of engineering in Genesis.

Dear all of you falling behind, we’ve all been walking dumb and blind, while Nero has filled in the blindness by playing rock and roll all night and partying with me every day.  Taylor Momsen asks a question “Boy, what are you running from?”  Hearing those words kept me alive on a journey across the country as I fought arguing with G’d about revealing the truth.  The song reminded me that Nero still loves me, and he swears he still does… and even though I half knew I was reverse engineering… I mean fulfilling… a prophesy that tied Fival to “run to the water” of Live, it filled my heart with tears to get more confirmation that it was really me.  You see, everyone is my key to Shekinah that Eve is “our why,” that it was truly for my small family, for it to be unshattered that I was fighting to bring the message of Revelation to everyone with everything that I had.  It was not the year before that I had cried to God that I was only a boy, one who desperately needed his young and innocent to be kept from shattering like some clay pottery… props in a story designed to bring understanding to the masses… at great personal loss.  We are fighting against apathy and inaction, against hopelessness and lack of control merely to bring a voice to each one of you, to stand for freedom, for American values, as we are the light of Christ… the Son of Sam.

It was only after completing the journey, which ended with a return to Florida to see my family in Eden again did the link and the reasons for Jim Morisson’s pleas to Taylor make sense to me, as I need her now.  I have just finished a book that proves creation is reality, using religion as a key to finding statistical evidence in language, then I was given the 7 lamps of Revelation… and on the other hand I really needed to get famous, so I could stop the NSA from persecuting me, hiding my writing on the internet, and keeping me from being able to clearly communicate with you by forcing me to speak over a jail phone to a skeptical father.

So to answer your question Taylor, the only thing I was running from is jail… it was what I was running for that really matters.  I was running for you, for each and every one of you, to be able to know the truth.  to be able to see what has been hidden in religion and have it revealed in a way that is neither crazy nor unbelievable, but rather hopeful and awe inspiring.

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