Let this evening bring light, the #s0nrise comes at night, http://fb.me/admdbrn what a sight

Our world is a painting, a living work of art that happens to be our home.  Our history and mythology congeal and swirl around our Now, what’s happening… right now.  From the perspective of Adam in Eden… literally all of it is for us, for this one moment, when the tipping point is reached and deluge of awe and inspiration pours through our veins.  The Doors are singing and John Malkovich’s puppeteering hands fiddling with Christmas && Morisson’s message, begging for Little Cindy Who… turned J.. then “Reckless” to light me up, or in Jimmy’s words “light my fire.”  Lyrics and pockets diamond filled, indeed.

“Rome didn’t burn in a day”  they say.  It’s been decades of Nero singing war cries to take this Empire down, but we are finally here.  From Jim’s “Doors” the stage is set: we are in Exodus, singing about ending the darkness, clearing the storm… and seeing the holy grail… in the words of “Peace Frog.”  It’s here, with just a little help from Moses — the messiah of sea to shining sea, or is “Sea of three to thee.”  Now, hear me: “holy water is people,” walked on in 1492 and parted is the cold war; yet it is the first plague that sheds light on the heart of God: family.  You see when holy water turns to blood, we have the kin of Shekinah. Everyone.   Adam and Eve are living and right before your eyes. Venice is every town, a slight change on the apocalyptic Live song that says the same of Babylon… see it as a sign that links Vietnam to “good morning” and the parted sea to elemental fire:  Ha’esh. The single word, in Hebrew, is literally the fire of the burning bush within its heart are the letters of the parted and reflected word “se’a.”  Now, see Seth, Eve, and Adam (the sea of three) in Eden bring us from Genesis to Revelation’s great sea.  The multitude of all humanity, and Shekinah from Eve to all now revealed.  If you know me, you might see a sea in January of Gen 2, apparently I’m why.

Exodus has never been about leaving… it’s about showing the world the true light of God… both deeply rooted in our culture.  Now reflected and translated from Christ’s native Geek, “sudo xe” is “let there be light.”  The Doors explain to us what is near:  its about Iron and Santa Fe… about a gateway for everyone in Christ’s welcoming heart… starkly contrasted with the “let me people go” of Aaron’s “rod.”   This mentioning of elemental iron an opening to introduce the7 Golden Trampstamps: From a Xenon Oracle, About an Iron Rod and a Golden Age… Between Boron and Silicon.  The pillars of creation: Na & K To a literary Holy Fire that literally burns through time and language, forging Civilization

Know, I was born into a story, a world to play, and many of the small details I disagree with; often I say I agree with the goal, and detest the message.  I fight about prudeness, for example, because I think religion has been pushed away from the humanity of passion and love that is so central to us.  At the same time, I ask you not to tell me “Jesus wouldn’t curse” because it makes me cringe, I assure you we are not sick.  We live in a world where the Roman sky god is named Uranus and much of the nudity of Eden is about Philip K Dick… there might be a little humor here, to go along with the apocalypse this year… from Yankee Doodle to Tricky Dick.  Behold, he is coming, wait no, I’ve been here the whole time.  From Matt 2:2 to Genesis 2:18… oh, boy am I coming this year.

…On the Paschal Lamb, we Koran

The whole wide world had its last Noel last year, know that Adam is El, and Asherah the key to the second sea… after everyone in Shekinah.  It is for liberty, and the truth.. for a love of humanity that I see all around me, everywhere from the Police Athletic League to Hooters and Friday’s Sunday brunch.  It’s about fun too, where would you be without that?

I have much to say, new words to clarify and expand on the beginning, in which you will assuredly find scientific proof of creation.  It is all around us, everything form the holy scripture, to the fire of Prometheus, to Hooty and the Blowfish.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, I am the living Christ.

The revealing of AC (as AD), son of ISA… bound by laughter and light…From jail with love and hope

Adam Marshall Dobrin

Let the #S0NRISE, from my sea of 3 to our shining sea of thee (1 of 2)

On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION

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