J is for… “Us.” Hooty, Holy, and hot&y are One Planetary God.

Judaism is a religion almost as riddled in paradox as our timeline… kept by a people who disavow any knowledge of the first coming, details of its happening are hidden only ink-deep in the books of J: Job, Joshua, Judges, and Jeremiah.
Help me overcome the imprisonment of Jeremiah, and the tribulation of Job… Light my Fire on the ‘net’.
Between Genesis 2 and Matthew 2 it’s a sincere wonder that the malovious connection between “Adamah” and the search for Christ that is the second coming doesn’t have more people connecting the dots between Eden and Revelation… Lions and Zion

Searching for Adam? Finding Isaac, a Parted Sea, the Fire of Prometheus, and Adam’s Horn.

In this jungle, our Biblical Eden Adam awakens you right now
Truly and wonder is the Light of Nights shining in the compound name of the son of Abraham, nearly crucified; made up of the Islamic rendition of Jesus, Isa; and an acronym: AC.  Mor? A long haired man, is truly the Son of Sam, strengthened to near Herculean recognition as the Christ… he battles the trial of the same… a book: Judges, by name.
Now, from Little Cindy-Who to Denzel and Pacino.  The answer to Yes, hua should be clear: “it’s me, see?”
Who-ah! Joy is near
Welcome, Adam is here

Amazon.com: Adam Marshall Dobrin

Revelation speaks of the Son of Man holding a mystery of 7 Lamps and 7 Stars, below you will find a solution to that puzzle… hopefully opening your eyes, as it indicates foreknowledge of the periodic table and chemistry in general by the author of Ecclesiastes, Exodus, and Revelation

For the last three years my life has exploded in a whirl wind of prophetic fulfillment seemingly out of nowhere, I have been shown real modern parallels of biblical events, like the witnessing of the burning bush and the exclamation, let there be light listed below under the Xenon key.  Like Xenon, the rest of these stamps, elemental abbreviations key in on religious idiosyncrasies like the authority and rule of Jesus Christ with an iron rod being a red herring for a Messiah born in the land of the free and the brave, in which God shed his grace to save the liberty of all.

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Please help me to share this information, as it is truly world changing and heralds the coming of a golden age once the world understands that it is merely the beginning of a knowledge transfer… a gift… that has been conveniently delivered via religion… and ultimately through the art of our civilization.

Understand that I am in jail and that this is a story that pervaded the books of Jeremiah and Judges; a sort of chronicle of one man’s battle against censorship and a war that is unseen but effecting everyone.

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