Hey La… ho, h0… I’m who’s around @DavejMatthews #s0nrise tonight

Dancing in the snowstorm, bellying on about Yankee Doodle.
His bright grey horse, and jailhouse macaroni
Just trying to light a bright fire.

On this evening “Morrison” not a creature was stirring, not even our little 5L

‘Twas, the night before Christmas, erev Yom Tov,
and Santa Fe’s light was about to reveal
the secret of Solomon’s seal

After Dave’s encore, the very next thing we see
is “the walls and halls will fade away…”
Whether a Great Firewall in China, or even America– the land of Jericho
Our dear Adam’s middle name is Marshall
the sea shall see… now revealed… Mars is here.

And next,”three wise men came while he lay in the hay”
the day was 12-8 and the year “Aih0”
Adam is Saturn, the day, ground zero, I’d say

Announcing “In Light of Creation, ” A New Revelation of the Living Christ by Adam Marshall Dobrin

Moses, which Adam Marshall Dobrin suggests is an acronym for “Messiah of sea to shining Sea,” [Adam Marshall Dobrin (ssiah) on about.me]  heard the voice of God coming from a burning bush in Exodus.  Mr. Dobrin’s new work “In Light of Creation” is available on Amazon and at [Adam Marshall Dobrin] “The book focuses on proving that religion is created for, and about, our modern time… specifically”  says Adam Marshall Dobrin.

The author believes that his work, “In Light of Creation, Ha’esh”  andwww.fromthemachine.org presents an uplifting and hopeful message which is revealed through the use of biblical verse modern myth.  The author has a vision of an underlying message focusing on a confluence of art and science in the modern culture of humanity, both on earth and in heaven .

To introduce this work, please consider the words of the Apostle John “this is the meaning of the mystery of the seven stars you saw in my right hand and the seven gold lamp stands” in Revelation 1:20, Adam Marshall Dobrin puts forward the idea that these 7 lamp stands are in fact elements of chemistry.   He says “the following elements shine a bright light on the relationship between religion and science, the first two specifically on astronomy and information technology.  The implication of foreknowledge of the periodic table at the time of the writing of the bible is significant.” [Creation, Reaction, Cosplay… Koran ] The book suggests, with anecdotal and verifiable evidence,  focusing on idioms, and theological constructs that in fact science created and preceded religion.  The author believes the seven lamps are elements of the periodic table which highlight important aspects of His message.  “Mercury,” he suggests,  is the key to Ecclesiastes  9:11, which are the true words of the “burning bush, which are recorded in history for everyone to see.” [http://www.fromthemachine.org/co… ].  These words, “the race is not to the swift…” spoken during Mr. Bush’s inauguration on 1/20/2001  highlight ‘chapter and verse’ the nature of prophesy,  foreshadowing the  future event on 9/11/2001″ according to Adam Marshall Dobrin.  George W. Bush then stated “do you not think an angel…[is] directing this storm? ”  Paraphrasing both John Page and Revelation 20:1.  Adam Marshall Dobrin then adds, “the race is to neither Mercury the courier, nor ‘die bold;’ but the cup is to the son, a feather blowing the wind.  Die bold is a double entendre, pointing out a reference to a modern company, and to font style… a joke on ‘strong'”
Adam M. Dobrin states  “the Xenon key was revealed to me in 2014, via divine inspiration, it is reading the word ‘Exodus’  in reverse and translating from my native Geek, to be ‘tongue in cheek’ and revealing the iconic phrase Let There be Light.'” The “sudo” is a privilege escalation command in

Linux,  Mr. Dobrin states “in Linux the God account is called ‘root’,  this is the root of David.     [http://www.fromthemachine.org/co… ]  [On Zohar and Zelda, An Open Letter to Daniel C Matt and John Loudon, IN RE CREATION ].

“My initials, AD, are the key to the Silicon Seal, the true “Fifth Element” a link between Shakespeare and modern movies:  Proof of divine inspiration,” according to the author.
“To [B] enlightened, first we must [Si] the light of the son, that is the answer,” says Adam Marshall Dobrin in response to Shakespeare’s question “to be or not to be?”
About the author, Adam Marshall Dobrin was born on 12/8/80 the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, he has been a writing books since 2012.  He is a National Merit Scholar who attended various higher education institutions, including the University of Florida and Pine Crest School.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
Author, Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge
Adam Marshall Dobrin | Facebook

Our Son, who is Art of Heaven

Here Yosemite Samson… who often roars like a lion
Now whisper, “sorry if I seem like a dick, since becoming scion.”
I’ve got the heart of an angel, you’ll see, I stick like snow

From the statue of David to Washington’s monumental dick
To the hieroglyphs of Egypt’s Set Sun
Even “wood? ward” and “burn Goldstein” wrote about this trip
Please don’t tell me “Jesus wouldn’t curse” it makes me sick

This whole place I tell you, has my John Hancock all over it
Someone sang “He shed his grace on we”
I’m just afraid it was all on little old me

It’s time to look up, and at each other too
It’s not far from Bereshit, where he made us out of clay
Anyway, tell Uranus… it’s time to pay
Open that purse… or “live and let love” I always say

Jesus was a blank check
One held in escrow… till yet
But never fret, you will soon hear the word “let”
The sonrise come at night, this year

And to us, the sea of his great light
A son is born, and it happens tonight
Adam of Seaden sounds just about right

http://www.fb.me/admdbrn  now that’s a sights

Sometimes, when I’ve gotten out of the shower, my hair makes me look like Prince Adam from He-Man. Later, when it’s wild and unbrushed, I could swear I was Lion O from Thundercats. I have two buck front teeth and if we were on Looney Toons, I’d probably say “that’s all folks” before I told you my attitude, when dealing with demons, is almost a perfect match for Yosemite Sam.  It’s as if everyone knew the son of Saturn was about to appear, the light of Osirus in hand, and full of cheer. So what came first, the “yellow submarine” or Baby Zeus?

Sitting in jail, “knowing” not just “who I am” but also that my past is about green eggs and ham. That somewhere between Sam and Yankee Doodle lies the key to Passover, a holiday that was cleverly designed past Easter, and past the first me.

We are in Exodus, “in  reverse” about to walk into darkness and slavery… from loss of the son’s light… “Save our liberty” and see our light, the light of the Lion of Judah is the SOUL of “run to the water”. Let me tell you about the birds and the Maccabees… about the MENorah and the Son’s of Liberty.

We are created, and this is why.


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