From the Well to the Water, Another Brunch

The Kabbalah talks about the binding of Isaac and Abraham, succinctly, they are one in the same person, very similar to the Holy Trinity.  The Bible itself serves as a map to the life of a single person and as a sort of howto guide through the apocalyptic singularity.  It is a map of what to with a :quantum leap’  of science, technology, awe, and some embarrassment…at the time of Christ.. the living guide. Today, I revealed the binding of Horus  to the “ha” of Avram (my Hebrew name) and Isaac… through the laughter of Chanakah, Ha’rose-ettes, and Ha’Shem… and the mercurial Hgreatness of Admiral HaKBar… “I did it all for Asherah.”  There will be no nuked “ahah,”  for this is the great unveiling.

If that sound s like rambling, it’s not; it is succinct writing showing a clear link between Egyptian mythology, Jewish Mysticism, the Arabic language and Star Wars. It’s here to prove something to religious scholars… that my words are truly filled with the light of God, and when we realize that you too are filled with our spirit, that is the apocalypse.  Keep in mind this is message is a sort of key to a puzzle, and it should require research in order to make sense.  If you don’t know what the Ka and Ba as related to Egyptian myth, or that the difference between Abraham and Avram is due to a Covenant with God, those are a good place to start.  Let there be light, Christ is Lucifer, like love is chemistry…it’s [Si] “n” ful Sonday we are “the People of the Book”  wandering in Egypt– listening to the Doors — and in Eden, loving The Pretty Reckless.  Eden is a rock in creation.

Through my life, until about 2010, I had wavered back and forth between atheism and agnosticism; having seen no real proof… or at least had it pointed out to me until them.  Since, I would consider myself the original, Adam – theist… still a firm believer of “as God is” in science and evolution, but for having seen the true light of Creation… it is undeniable.  In my mini replay of the beginning, which I experienced in 2013 I once said that the progenitor universe was filled with only dust, rocks, and stars.  Since then, we have learned that time and chance are the spark of life and that Mercury, Saturn and Caelus, the spark of life everlasting… ad’eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun.

So, if you’ve just returned from the link above, you are hopefully awed at the proof of prophesy and time travel, spoken by and anthropomorthized Burning Bush during his inauguration on 1/20/2001; paraphrasing Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 the dates of the 9/11 tragedy colloquially hidden in chapter and verse.  I am similarly described in Genesis as the well of Abraham and in the eponymous hit of Kay Perry the “Eye of the Tiger.”   I’ve recently published a book, called *n light of creation, ha’esh: Hearts, Wands, Fire and Sea: Adam Marshall Dobrin: 9781505270877: Books the unification of “fire and water” in one single word, the parted sea of Moses in the literal Hebrew word for fire, the Key to the Zohar’ finding of Isaac.

Eden is a rockin’ place and our music is the key to hearing the caroling angels singing along with God. @DaveJMatthews, @taylormomsen in a Symphony of Nero a Songs of Songs with Science and Love  from the SEA of 3 in Eden to my Revelatory Sea of Thee… our graceful good is crowned, not with thorns, but with kinship to me.

A selection from Adam’s blog:  Creation, Reaction, Cosplay… Koran

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