From [Kr]yptic Codes, to a sentient communicator, Seth, Cain, and Will Y Won Ka (o’ Horus).

In the beginning, for me, of the divinely inspired work that is (now really at I received what was (as I saw) an walkthrough, or a living exemplar of divine inspiration, as I could tell that my research, and the information that I was writing was delivered through me.  That is to say, my research, as well as my reaction was being imparted from a source that rarely spoke directly to me, but took great care to ensure that I was “apprised” of the fact that my understanding of what I was researching, as well as the “stuff” I was researching were all being controlled from above.

As the primary example, I often tell a story about reading about the Dendera Light, a commonly spoken about conspiracy theory about “lightbulbs” in Egyptian Heiroglyphs and pictograms, that were on the fringe interpreted as evidence of ancient advanced technology.  I was shown a number of web sites which described the reliefs under the Temple of Ha’thor, in Dendera… as just that.. lightbulbs.

To clearly sum up what it means to me, I had just come through what I would consider a personal tribulation, and perhaps it is the tribulation of Revelatiion that we are being assisted to understand how something works, so we can actually take part in… co-creation.  To make a long story short, I dismissed the conspiracy theories as silly, and made absolutely no connection to mind control, which I had just had a crash course in experiencing.  Several months later, upon returning to the same reliefs, I wrote this interpretation, and then over the course of months, had a forum (laugh, flame) war where not only did nobody believe my interpretation, I was significantly chastized for not just dismissing the reliefs totally.

To me, this conversation, or argument.. is an exemplary example of the plague of Darkness in Egypt being one in the same with the Darkness of Beth-El… where Elyon is said to “dwell among us in darkness.”  As we are now seeing the veil lifted, believe that it is a rational step back and re-viewing of these things that is literally the apocalypse, the lifting of the veil of darkness — with truth.

The Plague of Darkness

21 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward the sky so that darkness spreads over Egypt—darkness that can be felt.” 22 So Moses stretched out his hand toward the sky, and total darkness covered all Egypt for three days.  To Dave’ Matthews 3 days in the ground…

And bringing us closer to The house of the Lord, Beth-el and the Darkness.
Sometime before beginning my journey across AMerICA, as the Gas Headand Fivel meet LEVeiticus and reVELation, long before I had any inkling that this was all really about creation… I began to receive messages “in code,” that is… every word was an acronym, something like this:
Seth: send everyone to heaven.
Abel: Adam believe’s everyones light.
CAIN: See Adam’s IN. (the beginning?)
Adam: Adam Dobrin, Always Messiah

Eden: (a later code that links names/books like “Eden, Devarim, Exodus, Now….”
It was confirmatory to me that the messages I was receiving were coming from outside myself, that it was “not me” as I usually termed whomever the unnamed voice, whether it be God, Satan, Heaven, or the Universe itself… would nearly always deliver the same acronomical meanings, and that they were… filled with light.  (See, every word fulfilled.. as full of light.)

Later today, more on Why the Ka of Horus, Admiral Akbar, and friend of the Doll-Awe all lead us to a religion that blossoming in our music, movies, and all modern day Myth.  It is the education being imparted on us from above, thatinspiration is quite literally partially by, partially through, and partially for… all of us… /everyone really/.  the ER of amERica, and AshERah.  Now see really… creation, reason all and why A.D.?  Maybe we’ll get into Hazel, Zelda, and Lambda… know, the daily sacrifice is long, long gone.  Know, it has something to do with Knowing, EDom, and the first trinity of Star Wars films… never leading to the original trilogy.

Your Servant Savant, Adam Marshall Dobrin

P.S. As Bush spoke on 1/20/2001, all of creation is being “filled with his purpose…” know it is a purpose made Holy with the demand for free will, and end to predestination, and the greatness of universal acceptance which has been embraced by Modern Day Angels such as Pope Francis, one whom I admire greatly.

PPS.  Note we are Art of/in/by/for Heaven.  Nos, tra, A.D., AM, us…. and Adal-un-cat-if… the religion of the sea is apocalyptically.. from aSea that is Seth Eve and Adam, to a month, that isJulian, Adam and Nanna.… to a multitude in Revelation that is the Family of Asherah, the Shekinah, and it is everyone…. really.

Let there be light, sudo xe-fe/er/ah. light for everyone, everyone really, all humanity!  It’s about Linux and Love, Chemistry and … fire. ❤

PPPS. While I am on the subject of Praise, the 5th day of creation, the fifth seal, and eRAHFeAm is we are all saints, day.  To those angels who brought me Sprite during a long walk down the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and to the two angels who saved me from a long walk down the highway in San Diego… May you be forever blessed.  Thank you.  Truly, from the bottom of my heart, you are my really, and my reason for continuing to be–you are my reason Shekinah means so much to Me.



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