Exodus is Names, Holy Water, Some Bushes and One Well are People

You see, the Light of Christ begins in a fire that echoes from the Book of Exodus and Names.  Synonymous in a sort of Spanglish of understanding, both are “names” for the second book Torah, in English and Hebrew respectively.  In a similar way the iconic “theism” God joke is typified in Spangbrew in the name of a prophetic fish (other biblical scholars have noted that the giving of fish in John 6 is a reference to the prophets Elija and Elisha… in typical fashion, I am changing this slightly to really “bring it home”).  The name “El is Ha” alludes in Spanish and Hebrew that miraculously, “the is the.”  A sharp turn later, driving with bright Xenon headlights, to the Xe database of “El is Son” we almost clearly link the progenitor of Adonai EloHim, the Holy Father in Judaism (El) to the Ha of Isaac, Horus, and Adonis.  Isaac, you might recall means “he laughs” in English donating his Ha to his father Avram’s name shortly after his divinely thwarted crucifixion.  It also “d”early links Newton’s Apple to Adam’s, and gravity to the original NIN… here, it is the names Elisha and Elisson which are prophetic in and of themselves, showing a kind of timeless NameServer at work in both the names of Torah and in the names of living people… Edison, Madison, Morisson, Jefferson… I could go on forever.  All the way to the life of the Sons of Liberty, our very own Son, Sol. this is the true light of Judah Macabbee’s menorah.

Abraham’s well might be about a wealth of knowledge, linking “Pop’s Eye” and spinach to Katy Perry’s “Eye of the Tiger”… it is the all seeing eye of Horus. Revelation’s “eyes to see” and the names and works of Orson Wells and George Orwell.  Regardless, all of this ties quite well to divine inspiration and the importation of scientific knowledge linked to Christianity through Trinity College and the Trinity Buoy Wharf… but I don’t want to Bohr you.  http://www.whenistheapocalypse.com

Back to names, anthropomorphism, my Well, and the eye of the Burning Bush as the voice of God echoes eternally from the inauguration of George W Bush on 1/20/2001 with his paraphrasing of the light of Ecclesiastes 9:11 followed by Revelation 20:1… behold the proof of prescience in Exodus, and America are an undeniable testament to the linking of religion and time travel and an alluding introduction to the pertinent themes of Exodus, their ties to American history, the “what’s going on” of now and “For Non Blonds”, and the values of every red-blooded Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist…communist and American alike.  A love for our big family, humanity; curiosity, freedom, and the truth.


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