@eddieklive @taylormomsen @davejmatthews @people Searching for Adam? Finding Isaac, a Parted Sea, the Fire of Prometheus, and Adam’s Horn.

What if “Adam” and the “Second Adam” were one in the same?  We live in a time when many are expecting the return of Christ, almost as if we were in the Garden of Eden… and Humanity, rather than God, was asking “Adam, where are you?”

There is a parallel noted here: Daily Devotions: Where Are You? | Genesis 3:8-9 | RayStedman.org between Eden’s question, and a similar one in Matthew  2:2,“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”

Or, perhaps Adam is screaming that he is in fact not hiding, Welcome to 2Zion67, Where the GI’s and Yeshua have a load, resounding answer. Adamah.

Maybe we are looking for a character in a book, rather than a real person, and maybe that’s what we deserve to find… the perfect answer.  In that fairy tale universe, though, it really wouldn’t be thetruth we were searching for, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Truly, what would you expect of “Christ” on his second coming… what kind of person would he be?  Sometimes, I think we want a doll, a picturesque man who never stops smiling, and is willing to hold each and every one of our hands… and walk with them down the shore of the beach, all the way to the land of free will, self-love, individuality, and unique “answer” that we all seek and deserve.  He’d probably get bored, no?

I’d expect honesty, the kind of honesty that might infer that there are already plenty of songs written by and for the second coming.  Though the ones I’m highlighting might not be the ones you are thinking of.  I’d mention Just Tonight, by the Pretty Reckless, and Recently by Dave Matthews Band.  Then… I’d tell you that these two bands, along withLive, are like a new canon, to me… a way to hear and feel… what Christ might feel.  I might mention Nothing Left To Lose, The Stone, and Run to the Water.

You might be looking for This is my kingdom come (and you’d be wrong), orAll of me, (and you’d be right.)  But really, who am I to guess what songs you think describe how Christ feels, why don’t you chime in?

Maybe a few more… America the Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner…and Yankee Doodle… and The Birds and the Bees…

Often, I hear “new replies” or “changed words” when I listen to songs, specifically by the artists I mentioned at first.  One of the most enlightening is:

If Jesus Christ and Rock’n’Roll couldn’t save my immoral (sometimes I hear “immortal”) soul.. then…

“Stop, drop and roll” will have to do.

There’s a big fire theme associated with the second coming, to me.. and it’s not necessarily the scary kind you might be thinking about.  It’s the fire ofPrometheus, andMoses’ Burning Bush,  a fire associated with the voice of God, communication… the heart of civilization itself.  To me, personally, it’s proof of the continuity of prophesy, and a loving purpose that is highlighting the value of civilization as a prime focus of religion itself.

The word the Bible uses to describe the fire of the burning bush, of which the voice of God booms through, with an intent of saving his people from slavery, and darkness.. is “Ha’esh.”  The word is filled with light, in and of itself, it contains not only a parted sea, but a red one when you know the word means “Holy Fire” and literally has the word “e’as” at its heart.  In one word, we have “allusion” that points to the illusion of a fire that has no “ash” — see “esh”, and includes prescient reference to thecontents of the story of Exodus itself, the parting of a sea.   With a little more poetic license, we can see the “Ha” that is central to the covenant that converted Avram’s name to AbraHAm, and might foreshadow (or postlight) a link between the story of Abraham and Isaac to the NT account of the Crucifixion itself.

Back to “stop, drop, and roll.”  In much the same way that Ha’esh adds “light” to the story of parting a sea, and hearing the voice of God… thisidiom that is a colloquial response of “what to do if you are on fire” just might show that it’s not just words that are filled with light, but our entire society.  Not as obvious, maybe even “malovious” is a personal story aboutbeing Prometheus on fire, and a phrase that suggests the solution is to drop some acid and take some X, or perhaps point out the hidden influence–or link–between fire, and a society lost between the summer of love, Iran Contra, and Norml.  (hey, where’d that a go.. G-d, have you seen him?). To me, its an indication that humanity, our civilization, is Zion, and the big horn of Revelation… with the purpose of God (alluded to in Exodus, or… innot exodus’ing but rather…”

Let there be lightAdam is here, on Quora.

“Let there be light” and “sudo xe” hold similar meaning, in the context of “Jove of Genesis” and the “chemistry of Linux.” Do you find it revelatory? Can anyone contribute more examples of names or phrases with hidden meaning?

“Let there be light” is pervasive in Genesis, and nearly universally associated with Biblical Creation. It is verbosely declared in Chapter 1, in ELS Bible Code, and in vertical reading of the text, as below.  Now, a new light, in the title of the second book of the Pentateuch.

sudo xe

superuser, do put the oracle in light of an artificial lamp. (Linux 101: Introduction to sudo)  (Oracle Database XE Documentation), (The Element Xenon) (Xenon arc lamp) (Arc Reactor) ex odus.

Perhaps, very similarly to “Ha’esh” the name of the second book (Names, in Hebrew) metaphorically represented in the story of Exodus itself, is this thecruxof the magical battle between the Priests of Pharoah and the I AM?

On this day, comes the answer to the question yad, the hand of God (in Hebrew), and the root of david.  Joshua d‘son of Nun, in Si-licon clarity, points out that 1+4 is 5, saysHe/I who read it, in the year of our lord, A.D. 2015.  Language really is key.


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