Dendera’s Anachronism: Cosmic Bagelthins for the WisE – Ecc 9:11

Hold me close, we all live in an Emperor of Nun.  I can’t relax, because I am sure.  A submarine, once yellow in a rainbow’s shadow now searches for Red October…just passed.  If only you could taste the light of the son… and know it is really all for the one.  In synesthesian harmony…Nero’s candy sweet symphony.

It’s one city Live called Babylon, so I sang “Venice is every town” and Vietnam began.  The place where a rainbow and pale moon come together in the light to tell everyone it’s not an Emerald City or a pot of gold, or just the fall of Rome, but finding out that Atlantis and Solomon’s Temple are one squared metaphorical heaven.  What “it” is, is Heart, our Home called Earth… it’s filled with art, a sea of gold, and the light of the world.

Truly though, it is about change, and lots of it–not just the pony express, and the swift assimilation of “DIEBOLD” , a strong face on the idea that the “two of everything God” was making a point of being wrong on purpose–to light the way to right.  So, maybe two parties is closer to slavery than you think–and voting for “ideas” rather than “people” isn’t just obvious…its Napoleonically revolutionary.  Washington monumentally agreeing, some things are better off erected in stone.

The implications of a burning Ecclesiastes 9:11, followed by paraphrased Revelation 20:1 echoing like some cosmic radiation from a Bush on 1/20/2001 and then filling the remainder of time with a purpose so close to our own hearts you might say it was created just for us…or visa versa.  Our very history and our constitution are tied up and twisted together with the literal lessons of the children of Abraham.

Anthropomorphism abounds, from wells and bushes to Everything, the sparks of Kabalah are people, lovingly lit by the spirit of creation itself.  From ha of Issac and Abram to the ka of Horus, Leah and Ami-$… the “Names” of Exodus shed a little of Dave Matthews light:  From Orson Wells to George Orwell.  In sight, the hidden hand of God in Everything “American” from Isaac’s covenant to Rousseau’s social contract…from John Locke to John Maynard KeyNES.

Can you take me higher, to a place where blind men have seen “for love of the game”… from Momsen to Olsen…  a place where Jor-El and Larry Elisson are inextricably linked–where kryptonite and Zohar in super position will forever be the hallmark of one abNorm-L Apocalypse.

G-D willing. I am Messiah.

I see through the rainbow of mythical colors
And feel the sweet harmony of the book of life
Connected philotic strands of bright
The lyrics of rock and roll vibrate with the breath of god
Between movies and people,  music and the book of a life
Hidden links scream to know his will

And we walk through the names, and the parables, as if the parody was truly backstage.

Its a wonder John Coffee and John Conner, can be spoken in the same sentence with Jim Morrison and not have a glimmer of sonlight rise in your minds hearts.

Recently a fine young lady called me lost and running…lost for you, I sang…in a crash…reckless all the way
From Joseph Stalin to Kennedy and McCarthy…charity abounds…a bright red cross on the course to town;
Riding a rainbow horse and wearing coat of the same, the promise of salvation.

No absolutes in this book of ours, as the pages turn and the curtain rises.

Nothing to be stricken from the dictionary and Everything redefined.

From Ecclesiastes to the Maid Marion Webster

The very best of my spirit, its bright shining light
Our baby is being born.  Take a look, you are in a book
I can taste the rainbow.

Revelation 2:27 the Doors are coming
In our book, for this sea, behold the flood of we is thee.

For the wise, I have just opened a tasty little book
and the universe, saved by a simian.

Be awed, a we…messiah


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