Dear Prudeness, Lay in the Hay Revelation…Adam is Here…In Creation

Up until this moment in time, much of my purpose seems to be an attention grabbing spectacle, but the truth runs much deeper. The “light of Adam” in our music, my writing, and the spiritual journey of understanding, I have begun, and we are all hopefully about to embark on together,  proved something spectacular about the universe around us.  There is hopefully enough anecdotal evidence to statistically prove creation in the examples of language, religion, and art, to show that we are either in the place known as “Heaven or Hell,” if the choice is binary.  Part of the holy message being initiated through all religion, through us, for us, by the “two of everything God” is a clear chastisement of the idea of binary choice, especially polarized choices, like heaven and hell…God and Satan.

At the same time, clearly there are definites, and clearly there are choices we would avoid.  History, for example, bears a clear trend of increasing equality, coupled with a reduction in racism, slavery and subjugation.  At the same time our law and government typified by the constitution of the United States clearly has ignored great technological strides–first throughout the industrial revolution, then the information age explosion– and these maloviously missing keys to secrecy are a defining point of Zion and the purpose and design of religion.  Undeniably, continued secrecy and technological ignorance leads directly to slavery and class inequality and an obvious path away from the will of the people, God, and the purpose of human government and goodness in general.  The biblical story of Exodus is not only a metaphorical description of the problems facing us today, it is both proof and the beginning of a solution to the Revelation of a great disparity in the level of technological progress available, and that which is known by the governments of the world– and an even greater disparity with that of the general population.

It is from this place that a new conversation begins, expanding holy and Hosea to the “whole sea,” the multitude of revelation bringing our civilization proverbially out of Eden and to continuation.  Hello Lions, we are Zion.  Earth is at the heart of civilization.

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